Hakuna Matata – No Worries – The Right Attitude for Your Safari

Posted by on March 22, 2019

What you need most – Hakuna Matata – The Right Attitude for Your Safari

Pick up your Hakuna Matata – No Worries Attitude on Arrival in Uganda

What you need most when you arrive for your time in Africa, In its Pearl,  Uganda is the Hakuna Matata –  The Right Attitude for Your Safari.  Visitors from Africa come from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures, and circumstances, one wishes that as part of a safari itinerary, as part of the advice, one would be to leave everything behind, your worries, expectation of thing going wrong, and most of the Western Task orientated mentality of doing this and that, ticking off things on your list, making check-marks besides the wildlife that you have seen.

One could only wish that upon your arrival at Entebbe or Kigali airport in Africa, besides immigration, customs and whatever else there was a Hakuna Matata – Right Safari Attitude Desk where you pick up a dose of it. 

Safari means journey, not the destination, it is the journey, at the time on bumpy and dusty roads, at times the journey may be longer than what the itinerary indicated.  Our Advice, Hakuna Matata No Worries here in Africa, take in the journey, sounds, smells, sights of Africa.

Hakuna Matata -The Right Attitude for your Safari – The outcome of your safari is dependent in part on your Attitude.  Your attitude determines your focus, let us worry about the logistics while you focus on Uganda’s spectacular scenery, primates, and wildlife.

 Most adjust on Safari from the everyday tasks and routines to Safari Life and acquire the Hakuna Matata no worries approach, a Safari attitude quarantine might be right for others. Australians followed by Canadians and South Africans seem to have the easiest time adjusting to Africa, to Safari Life.

One can plan a safari, lay out an itinerary but one cannot guarantee what happens on the journey.  One thing that helps if you decide to go on your Safari unplugged, no electronic devices, no internet, no Facebook or Twitter.

Being unplugged is actually therapeutic for most, you might go through a temporary withdrawal, but the new experiences, the different cultures, foods, drinks, sight, and sounds will soon replace the urge to be online.

Life on Safari is enriching, it is also relational and when most East African speak of going on Safari it is a journey to family, village, and friends.

Your Driver-Guide will always have a smartphone with him in case of emergencies.  Keep in mind that the likes of Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, even Katherine Hepburn, and Humphrey Bogart all visited Uganda unplugged.

Visitors, primarily from the West are often almost obsessed with when will we get there.  It is amazing of what you will encounter and see along your drives between parks, things that you would totally miss if you taking a flying Safari.  That obstacle in the road is a wayward herd of Ankole Cattle, cows with horns longer than the esteemed Texas Longhorns, there they are obstructing traffic on the main road.  A young boy appears and herds them off to the side or the road,  An experience not in the itinerary but part of the African Safari experience along the way, like learning to eat Mangoes the African way, enjoying a toasted Banana, tasting some Matooke, plantain mashed Bananas, or having a Rolex,, not the watch but a Chapati with rolled eggs and Vegetables.

The key to enjoying your time in Africa is a dash of Hakuna Matata – that inner attitude that focuses not on what you do not have, but on what you do have.  You are in Africa, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Wildlife all around.  Wherever you go, you are met by friendly and welcoming people, scenery such as the crater lakes, the western rift, vast savannas, jungles, rainforest, the sunrise and sunset, and the star-filled sky…Hakuna Matata – Don’t worry, an inner attitude on Safari, we will take care of everything else, from Permits to lodging…enjoy your safari…

 What you need most – Hakuna Matata – The Right Attitude for Your Safari. Call it Hakuna Matata Attitude, others might just call it Common Sense when it comes to Travel in the Heart of Africa, it is Pearl – Uganda.

We know Uganda, we live and work here and know all about what it takes to create a Hakuna Matata Worry-Free Safari.

We actually enjoy introducing our Clients to Uganda with its sights, sounds, primates, wildlife, culture and friendly people.  Hakuna Matata…