Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda

Posted by on October 25, 2019

Hakuna Matata- No-Worry – An African Safari Attitude

We Know your Concerns-That is why we Create Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in Uganda

 Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. What is the reason that we offer such Safaris?

We know the Concerns, Fears, Worries that Travelers have about Africa and Uganda in particular. Much of the information about Uganda is based on anecdotal myths, outdated myths often related to what is best known African besides Nelson Mandela, Idi Amin. 

Many of those considering visiting Uganda are held back by fears. Fears about Safety and Security in Uganda. Concerns about Ebola, Malaria, or some other Tropical Disease. Worries about Guerrillas. Doubts about what one might eat or drink. Others worry about Visas and whether they will obtain one on arrival In Uganda. 

The expectations from African Travelers for things to wrong are higher for Africa, for Uganda than they are for other parts of the world. We understand your worries, doubts, concerns. We know that to most Africa, Uganda, in particular, is the great unknown. 

That is the reason why we create and offer Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in Uganda.

Hakuna Matata- no worry Safaris are rooted in the long tradition of Welcoming, Friendly African Hospitality. In the African Tradition of Hospitality, it is not just “my casa – your casa” concept. African Hospitality means that the host takes on the responsibility for your Well-Being, Safety, Security. 

When you are on a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, we act like an umbrella shielding you from the Equatorial Sun, from the African rain showers, meaning we’ve got you covered. 

That is our business, and 99% plus of the time, things do go better than expected. Hakuna Matata- No Worry Safaris are the norm and not the exception. Your Encounters with Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Wildlife are unpredictable since they are not staged performances in a Zoo, but take place in the Wild, and in most cases, the encounters exceed expectations.

Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in Uganda means you can focus on what you came for, the Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, the Wildness, and Scenic Wonders because we’ve got you covered on your Safari in Uganda the Pearl of Africa. 

Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in Uganda-The Tales of two Travelers to Uganda:  

 Katharine Hepburn

Africa, you either love it or hate it, there is no in-between. The first is none other than Katharine Hepburnwho came to Uganda for the Making of the “African Queen Movie.

She hated her time in Africa, in Uganda, and the Congo. Hakuna Matata – No Worries African Travel? Just read what she wrote.

“The country is like a great sponge—it finally absorbs you. Eventually, you will get malaria, or you will get dysentery, and whatever you do, if you don’t keep doing it, the jungle will grow over you. Black or white, you’ve got to fight it every minute of the day.”

Katharine Hepburn, The Making of The African Queen, or: How I went to Africa with Bogart, Bacall, and Huston and almost lost my mind

Katherine Hepburn hated Africa. Some others in her party, such as Humphrey Bogart and director John Huston endured with the help of large quantities of Scotch. Africa, Uganda was a negative experience for her, and Katherine Hepburn lacked the Hakuna Matata Safari Attitude.

Katharine Hepburn – not a good Poster Woman for the Uganda Tourism Board.

 Winston Churchill 

Winston Churchill, in 1907, fell in love with Uganda, calling it “the Pearl of Africa.” He, like Katherine Hepburn, wrot e the book “My African Journey”, which was published in 1908. Below is an excerpt that shows how he felt about Uganda, quite different from Katharine Hepburn.  

The Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale. The scenery is different, the climate is different, and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa….what message I bring back….concentrate on Uganda.”

 “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for the profusion of brilliant life — bird, insect, reptile, beast — for vast scale — Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa.” 

Winston Churchill, on his 1907 Safari in Uganda, had the Hakuna Matata attitude. He stayed not in luxury tents as he hiked along the Nile to Murchison Falls Park but in huts made from grass and Banana leaves. Winston Churchill did not have running water, or any other amenities found in tented camps today in Uganda. Yet, he was exuberant about his Safari in Uganda and yhowevergave it a 5-Star Rating by calling it “the Pearl of Africa.

Straight Talk about Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda:

 We know Uganda, we live here and work here, and we know all about Safaris. The Swahili word safari means journey, not the destination, it is the journey, at the time on bumpy and dusty roads, at times the trip may be longer than what the itinerary indicated. Our Advice, Hakuna Matata No Worries here in Africa, take in the tour, sounds, smells, sights of Africa as others, including Winston Churchill, have done.

Life on Safari is enriching, it is also relational, and when most East African speak of going on Safari, it is a journey to family, village, and friends. Your Driver/Guide will always have a smartphone with him in case of emergencies. Keep in mind that the likes of Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, even Katherine Hepburn, and Humphrey Bogart all visited Uganda unplugged.

Visitors, primarily from the West, are often almost obsessed with the Destination. They will curse the bad roads, the dust, the heat, and miss the journey and all that entails.

The key to enjoying your time in Africa is a dash of Hakuna Matata – that inner attitude that focuses not on what you do not have, but on what you do have. You are in Africa, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Wildlife all around. Wherever you go, you are met by friendly and welcoming people, scenery such as the crater lakes, the western rift, vast savannas, jungles, rainforest, the sunrise and sunset, and the star-filled sky…Hakuna Matata – Don’t worry, an inner attitude on Safari, we will take care of everything else, from Permits to lodging…enjoy your Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris and remember we’ve got you covered.