Gorilla Safari Planner – Gorilla Trekking or Habituation Experience

Posted by on January 19, 2019

Gorilla Trekking Safari Planner for 2019 in Uganda – Rwanda

Planning your Gorilla Trekking or Habituation Experience Safari in 2019

Your personal Gorilla Safari Planner – Planning for your  Gorilla Trek or your Gorilla Habituation Experience in Uganda and Rwanda.  This is the page where your Time with the Gentle Primates of the Forest Begins.

Gorilla Permits, especially the Gorilla Habituation become a scarce commodity during the peak seasons of the year which are June through October and December through March.

The very reason we suggest to plan it now and use our Gorilla Safari Planner well ahead of the time that you will be on a Trekking Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

You might also want to compare other things about Trekking that differentiate Rwanda and Uganda from each other when it comes to Gorilla Trekking – judgments that only you can make after researching.

Along with permits, the other shortage during the Peak Season months are upmarket, luxury and especially the exclusive Lodges.  They, unlike mid-range lodges, are often booked well ahead of time by Tour Operators.

Gorilla Permits are 1,500 USD in Rwanda since May-2017 – Uganda remains the T.J. Maxx of Gorilla Tourism with 600 USD Gorilla Permit Price causing the Great Trekker Migration from Rwanda to Uganda. 

Gorilla Trekking with 600 USD Permits or the Gorilla Habituation Experience – 1,500 USD Permits – Which one is right for you?

The two Gorilla Encounter Activities are similar, in both cases, you spend time with a Gorilla Family.  On a Gorilla Trek you are more of an observer, and for most take on the role of a photographer – 8 participants- 1-Hour Visit

During the Gorilla Habituation Experience, you become an active participant in the Habituation Process.  If you want to learn more about the Mountain Gorillas than you might want to consider the Habitation. 4-Participants

Both experiences take place in the wild, the success rate of seeing the Gorillas is 99% but what takes place on your Gorilla Trek or Habituation may be different from what you imagined it to be. For 99.9% it is the experience of a lifetime.

Much of what you find on the Internet regarding the Gorilla Habituation Experience is plain Bunk, opinions by those who have never done it. Our Feed is near perfect – 2 complaints in 5 years, one had to do with time with Gorillas – corrected by Uganda Wildlife Authority – the other a complaint about trek too tough, 

Your One Stop – Complete Gorilla Trek Planner:

Gorilla Trekking and the Gorilla Habituation Experience is unlike a wildlife Safari anywhere else in Africa.  It is not only the most expensive Tourist Activity but a one of kind experience that can’t be done elsewhere in the world.

For over a Decade we have acted a sort of Gorilla Matchmaker for our clients from around the world.  We set up the date, the encounter with the Gentle Giants but then it is up to the Gorillas and you as for how that date goes.  Always remember that you are in the wild and not in a controlled setting – even the rangers and trackers are mere guides as you enter the living space of a gorilla family.

Mountain Gorillas, their conservation, their well-being is on our minds, your experience with them is a joy for us that is beyond any monetary gains.  Making real the dream of a lifetime as you trek Gorillas is our privilege.

We Take the Confusion out of Gorilla Trekking – Permits – Choosing the right Lodge near your Trek and more.

 What we do not do:

Because of Quality Control – We do only one thing – Fully Packaged, Private Mid-Range & Luxury  Safari Tours in Uganda and Rwanda.

  • We do not have scheduled group Safaris that you can join. (Private Safaris only) We will be testing a luxury Safari in 2019 for viability max – 4 participants on an 8-day Safari from Entebbe to Kigali.
  • We do not book lodges only,
  • We do not sell Gorilla or Chimpanzee Permits only.
  • We do not supply a driver guide and vehicle only.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris consistently offers you Whole Safari Tours with Value-Plus Service & Price and all the information you will need for a successful  Gorilla Safari.

Our Gorilla Safari Planner – includes both Gorilla Trekking and Habituation Experience

We respect your Privacy – The information you entered on the Gorilla Safari Planner will not be shared