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Uganda – Rwanda – Primate and Wildlife Photography Safaris

Personalized Gorilla – Chimpanzee -Wildlife Photographic Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda

Private Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife P hotographic Safaris – Uganda – Rwanda. Photography Safaris with no schedule but yours. We create your Photographic Safari with your advice and wishes in mind.

Uganda and Rwanda, in the heart of Africa, are the perfect countries for the Amateur or Professional Photographer to find those great shots of Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Tree Climbing Lions, vast Elephant herds, large groups of Giraffes, stunning scenery and some of the friendliest people in all of Africa.

Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife Photographic Safaris with no schedule, but yours. It is your

There is no schedule, other than the one that you choose.  You make up your safari.  Just tell us what you would like to see and photograph and we will get you there.  The vehicle stops, goes, wherever you choose. There is no moving from one group of animals to another unless you decide to do so.

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  • Privacy:  It is just you and whoever is with you.  Since you are the only occupants, there is no jostling for  a place with others on safari.
  • Time:  There is no need to move around the next bend, and there is not just the emphasis on the what is considered the “Big Five” of Africa, but whatever animal or scene you want to photograph.  If you need to sit for an hour, there is no problem.  Patience is one of the keys to get the best photos of any animal you have spotted.  Unlike a typical safari, it is not about how many animals one places on a game drive but to get the best photos of an animal such as lion stalking an antelope.
  • You have complete Independence:  If you do not perfect in one day, we can make adjustments if necessary so that your needs are met.  Usually, it is not essential, but we aim to make sure that you get the accurate shots you have in mind.
  • Your Choice of Wildlife – Birds – Scenery – People:  The choice is yours and no one else. You are in charge.
  • Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Golden Monkey Habituation Experience Treks:  You have more time to take photos of Chimpanzees and Gorillas on a Habituation Experience.  You are all-day with the chimpanzees, and 4 hours with a gorilla family.

When you go on Photographic Safari with us you will provide the following for you:

  • 4 Wheel Drive vehicle with a pop-up roof: Choice of 4 wheel drive Toyota Land-Cruiser  converted to Safari use or Safari Van – large non-tinted side windows that open nicely. You have all of your equipment in the vehicle, and you do not have to worry that it will get in the way of someone else.  It is your vehicle, and you do not have to consider others on safari since this is your private Photographic Safari in Uganda.
  • Your Personal English Speaking Guide:  Who understands the needs of a photographer and has only one goal, and that is to make sure that you get the best Photo opportunities during your time.  Sensitive to your needs he will move the vehicle as per your instructions to allow for the best possible pictures.
  • Private Boat Rides:  In cases such as the Murchison Falls area, Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park. Lake Mburo, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Victoria and one of the many other bodies of water in Uganda we can arrange private motorized boats or canoes to give you the same privacy that you would have in a vehicle.
  • Private Nature Walks:  We will arrange private walks in most instances.  In the case of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for Mountain the maximum group size is eight.  In most other instances it will be a private walk with a Ugandan guide who knows the area, the wildlife intimately and can point out things you might otherwise miss.

 Our Take:

We are here to create and implement the photographic Safari that you wish.  We will help you pick the right parks such as Kidepo Valley Park which is the most remote Park in East Africa, Our Parks with gorillas and primates, mountains, volcanoes and the different requirements for a photographer.

The most important person for a photographic Safari is your Driver-Guide.  He is the one that makes it happen for you, and we will give you the just right match, someone who knows the needs and wishes of Photographers and point out what is best.

We will help you with every phase of your safari from getting here, protecting your equipment, and getting you to the right spots, parks, and places, the right lodges, and hotels while in Uganda and Rwanda.

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