Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trek Photography made simple

Posted by on February 28, 2018

Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trek Photography made simple in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Volcanoes National Pa

Taking the difficulty out photographing Mountain Gorilla sand Chimpanzees in Rwanda or Uganda


Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trek Photography made simple – Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Golden  Monkey Habituation Experiences were not created with Photographers in mind.  They are however exactly what the photographer has in mind giving more time for quality pictures.  We are glad to assist with a Habituation Experience Safari in Uganda.

Choose the Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Golden Monkey Habituation Experiences and have more time with the primates.  More time to get those special pictures that you would not have on a normal Trek.

The Key is taking many pictures while you are with the Primates in the Forest.  Keep the ones that you really like.

A Mountain Gorilla or Chimpanzee Trek is a trip of a lifetime for most and most want some lasting memories like photos of their hour with the Mountain Gorilla s of Uganda and or Rwanda.

Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trek Photography made simple. You do not have to be an expert photographer to take some great photographs of your time with the Mountain Gorillas and or Chimpanzees if you spend some time preparing for your gorilla trek in Rwanda or Uganda.

There are some basic things you have to take into consideration and that is that you will be in the forest where there may not be the light that allows you to take good pictures and the fact that gorillas and chimpanzees are very dark in color and at the same time their surroundings are bright – green foliage.

To begin with – use a porter to assist you with your Camera Gear – that will allow you to concentrate on the Trek, the Gorillas and taking great photos.

Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trek Photography made simple – tips and advice:

  • Be familiar with your camera and read the instruction manual for best picture taking.   You can always find a copy of it online.
  • Focus – set your focus so that you can get clear pictures of the Mountain Gorilla and or Chimpanzee group you  are visiting.
  • Turn the facial recognition feature off in your camera settings otherwise, you might have distorted pictures of the mountain gorillas.
  • Set your digital camera on maximum pixel strength and at the same time make sure that you have enough memory on your digital memory card or have extra memory cards with you.
  • Since most of the time you will be in the forest when you are in the presence of the Mountain Gorillas and or Chimpanzees –  set your camera ISO to 400 if at all possible.
  • Camera speed shut is set to the fastest possible like 1/200th of a second – that will ensure that you get clear pictures of the mountain gorillas or Chimpanzees.
  • Practice and experiment with your camera before your gorilla and or Chimpanzee Trek – go into a forest and try out your camera while there.
  • Please note that when you are Gorilla or Chimpanzee tracking – you cannot take pictures with flash.
  • Take numerous pictures of the gorillas or chimpanzees

Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trek Photography made simple.  Most Gorilla and or Chimpanzee Trackers will be able to take some great pictures while tracking our closest relatives.

Even if you do not have the greatest camera you will get some memorable shots of the Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and other primates such as Golden Monkey while on the adventure of a lifetime…