Getting to Uganda – By Flying to Entebbe or Kigali

Posted by on June 21, 2019

There are 2-Ways of Flying to Uganda – Choose Yours

Getting to Uganda – Choose your Airport Gateway – Entebbe or Kigali

Getting to Uganda for the African Traveler, Primate Trekker has become more accessible.  You can fly into Uganda’s Gateway, Entebbe International Airport from all over the World, including other African Countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and go on a Safari that includes Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Wildlife in parks with incredible Scenic Wonders all around.

The other non-official Gateway to Uganda, especially the Southwest of Uganda. Is Kigali International Airport.  No one else is calling Kigali Airport a Gateway to Southwest Uganda. Kigali International Airport in Rwanda is the most convenient Airport to land if you are trekking Gorillas and other primates in Uganda.

Both Entebbe and Kigali Airports are safe and secure.  Security is probably at a higher level than at other International Airports.

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Getting to Uganda – Fly to Entebbe – Uganda or Kigali – Rwanda – Uganda’s official and un-official Gateways to what Winston Churchill popularized as “the Pearl of Africa.”


Your Best Ways of Getting to Uganda by flying there:

 Fly into Entebbe International Airport – Uganda::

Entebbe International Airport EBB – is the official Gateway to Uganda.  Located on a Penisula, it is a most attractive location. A new roadway now links Entebbe with the capital Kampala.  Presently it is an hour’s drive from Kampala depending on Traffic.

Tourist Visas can be bought on arrival. Yellow Fever Certificate is required for you to enter.

You Driver-Guide will meet you outside of the Arrivals Area since no one is allowed into the actual arrival area except Passengers and Airport-Staff.  This is done for security reasons.

Entebbe International Airport is the only International Airport in Uganda.

International Airlines Flying to Entebbe International Airport includes Ugandan Airlines, KLM, Brussels, Emirate, Qatar, Kenya Airways, RwandAir, Ethiopian Airlines, El Al, South African Airways, Jambo Jet, Turkish Air, Egyptian Airlines and other local African Carriers such as Precision. Aerolink.

 Kigali International Airport – Rwanda-The Gateway to Southwest Uganda:

Kigali Airport is rated number 2 in all of Africa for excellence.  Presently Rwanda is building a new International Airport, 45 minutes from Kigali.

Kigali International Airport has been to our Clients the unofficial gateway to Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda.  We have popularized the “Fly into Rwanda and Trek Gorillas in Uganda. Today the majority of our clients fly into Kigali and either fly out of Kigali or Entebbe depending on their Safari.

Visas can be obtained on arrival at Kigali Airport – this applies to all incoming passengers no matter what their nationality is.  This is new as of January 1, 2018.

RwandAir has direct flights to London several times a week, which makes it easier for residents of the UK to trek gorillas in Southwest Uganda.

International Airlines flying into Kigali are KLM, Brussels, Emirate, Qatar, Kenya Airways, RwandAir, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Turkish Air, Egyptian Airlines and other local African Carriers

 Getting to Uganda from Nairobi-Kenya or Arusha for Gorilla Trekking:

You can now fly directly with Kenya’s Airways Dreamliner from NYC to Nairobi.  From Nairobi to Entebbe it is a 1-hour flight and a bit longer to Kigali.

Several daily flights from Nairobi can be taken to both Entebbe and Kigali Airport.  Perfect for those who have been on Safari in Kenya and now want to add Gorilla Trekking.

There are more flights from Arusha to both Entebbe and Kigali, making it easier for those on a Tanzanian Safari to add Primates to the African Travel Experience.

Going on Safari in Kenya or Tanzania does not mean that you cannot track Gorillas; it has just got easier.

 Daily Direct Flights from NYC – to East Africa:

As of October – 2018 Kenya Airways will be flying directly from NYC’s JFK airport to Jomo Kenyatta Airport arriving at 10:20 am.  From here you take a one-hour connecting flight to Entebbe Airport or 1 1/2 hours to Kigali.

Entebbe Airport is the official Gateway to Uganda and Kigali Airport is the unofficial airport to Southwest Uganda for Gorilla Trekking, Volcano Climbing and more.

Hopefully, soon, there will be a direct flight from the US to Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.  In the meantime, take a connecting flight from Nairobi.

The Direct Flight opens up another way of getting to the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

 Combine the Great Wildebeest Migration with Gorilla Trekking:

You can now fly from the Masai Mara to Entebbe.  A short two-hour-plus flight through Kisumu, Kenya for Immigration Clearance.  Have breakfast in the Masai Mara and dinner in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  It does not get any easier.

You can also fly from Entebbe to the Masai Mara through Kisumu in Kenya.  This adds a lot of convenience to those that want to combine the Great Wildebeest Migration and Gorilla Trekking, plus Chimpanzees and Wildlife in Uganda.

This is one of the best options for Gorilla Trekkers who want both Kenya and Uganda.

Getting to Uganda by flying there for you African Dream Safari has become more accessible.  Uganda is even talking about reviving Uganda Airlines with flights to Europe and the Mideast,  For those coming to Uganda for a Primate Safari that includes Gorillas and Chimpanzees you can get to Uganda by flying either into Entebbe International Airport or Kigali International Airport.  We will recommend the choices that are best suited for you.