Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda

Posted by on October 1, 2019

Personalized Wellness Safari created with You in Mind

Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-UgandaFinding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda.  Life for many of us can become an endless treadmill where one is marooned in a vast sea of sameness where we need something that will inspire us beyond the present sameness and rekindle the passion for life and living that once we had.

A safari in Africa is just the right antidote to that treadmill kind of life.  You can choose to go unplugged, have no phone, no email, no Facebook, no Twitter,  just you in the African Wild of Uganda.

Around you are inspiring scenes of the Pearl of Africa, Uganda, beyond you, there is the wildlife, the primates, birds, endless lakes, and the longest river in the world. Here in the heart of Africa, you can be refreshed, inspired, and the passion for life renewed and rekindled.

Finding Inspiration on a Wellness Safari, rejuvenate, and gain a new perspective on life. Rekindle your Passion for Life –  Discover your Purpose in Life, Rekindle the flame of Relationships while you area away from the dust of much activity that is so present in your life taking away from you being a Human Doing instead of a Human Being.

Why take a Wellness Safari?Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda

A Wellness Safari is about you. It is about you. It is beyond regular lengthy game drive but about your total wellbeing. It is about connecting you to yourself as well as the African Wilderness surroundings. A wellness safari is an experience that genuinely nourishes and heals your mind, body, and soul.

The heart of a Ugandan Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Wildlife- Safari will always be the incredible encounters in the Wild.  A wellness safari does not replace that.

A Wellness safari helps you to understand and appreciate the primates, wildlife, and the environment more profoundly and take you deeper into nature than you’ve been before.

On a Wellness Safari in Uganda, you find yourself aligning with the rhythm of nature and become one with it. There is no better place to remember your true nature than in the African Wilderness.

Wellness Safaris

Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-UgandaWellness safaris connect us to nature, to other people and cultures, and ourselves. Wellness Safaris recharge the body and nourish the mind, our new Wellness tours offer the perfect balance of awe-inspiring scenery, rejuvenating activities, and healthy food experiences, helping you return home feeling even better than when you left.

Our Wellness Safaris are up made up of different components. All intended to do one thing. Finding your Balance in life, recharging your body and soul with moments of inner and outer discovery.

The word Safari means journey.  Our Wellness Safaris take you on an outer and inner journey. All Wellness Safaris are handcrafted with an itinerary that reflects your wishes. The goal is that you return to your home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-energized.

Take a meaningful Safari Time Out from the Treadmill of life. Let the Journey begin.

Unplug – from Posts and TweetsFinding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda

An authentic African Safari takes place when you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life so you can reconnect with the world around you. This is why we suggest a digital detox, a total disconnect from mobile phones, social media, computers, and televisions—are becoming a popular and worthwhile trend in the world of travel.

Uganda Unplugged on Safari – Get away from the Chaos of the Daily driven by work, incessant Tweets, meaningless Posts on Facebook.

Get away from the harsh winds of Politics and the in search of a Scandal driven Media.  Unplug from the prying eyes of Social Media and Google, unplug from the TV Political Opinion Channels and seeming endless chatter of Talk Radio.

Leave all your connecting devices behind, bring an old-fashioned Journal, pen instead and in the Tradition of Ernest Hemingway, Karen Blixen, Winston Churchill record your Discoveries made on an Unplugged Safari, in Uganda where you can still find Africa as it used to be without the Crowds.

Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-UgandaWellness Safari Lodges: 

Wellness Safari lodges are still not standard in Uganda. Some have emerged over the last few years along with some luxury Hotels in Kampala and Entebbe.

Those that stand out we select as we design a Wellness Safaris. Others are in slowly coming online and with our requests and input meet the minimum requirements when it comes to wellness services such as an in-house spa, swimming pool, massages, and aromatherapy.

Most such lodges have an in-house Spa or offer various rejuvenating massage treatments to guests along with aromatherapy, saunas, and other wellness treatments.

Most Wellness Lodges, except the Gorilla Trekking Lodges, will have a swimming pool for their guests. Soaking Tubs are also available at some lodges.

Your Wellness Lodge will have spaces, places for meditation. Your banda, cottage a spot for journaling and reflection.

There are Ten National Parks, and each one has one or two luxury wellness lodges that will enhance your time on Safari.

Wellness Meals – Eating well on SafariFinding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda

Uganda is East Africa’s Bread Basket. It is said that you can put a stick into the ground and it will sprout soon after that. Pineapples, Bananas came from Asia but were perfected in Uganda. Today there are over 50 varieties of Bananas and Uganda is genuinely the Banana Republic growing more Bananas than any other nation but India. Hopefully, a lodge will use the Gonja variety in a stirfry dish for you.

Avocadoes that rival California’s best. Papaya, larger than you have ever seen.Succulent Mangoes, Star Fruit, Jack Fruit, Melons, and more. Organically grown vegetables and herbs fresh from the garden of the lodge you are staying at.

International Dishes enhanced with a touch of Uganda. Your meals will be a delight to your senses while on a Wellness Safari in Uganda.

Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-UgandaIncredible Up-Close Primate & Wildlife Encounters

Uganda is home to the most incredible up-close Gorilla Encounters. Private Treks where you are in the presence of the Gentle Giants of the Forest for one hour on the regular Trek or four hours on the exclusive Gorilla Habituation Experience.

See Chimpanzees in their natural habitat, Golden Monkeys on the sides of brooding Volcanoes. Participate in a Nocturnal Forest Walk in the Jungle. Be a participant in a Lion Monitoring Research Project.

Take a Wildlife Cruise on the River Nile. Hike up the most powerful waterfall in the world where the River Nile tumbles down the Western Rift Escarpment.

Visit Uganda’s lost Eden, Kidepo Valley Park, the third-best park in Africa. A park where time has stood still, and it is like Africa was 50 years ago. Africa, as you imagine it only better.

Uganda – The Wellness Safari Difference Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda

A Safari, including a Wellness Safari, come with a Ugandan Twist. Unlike in much of the rest of Africa. In Uganda, you are not just an observer in a vehicle, but an active participant.  Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Golden Monkey Trekking, activities where you are hitting the trail and in some cases blazing a new one.

When Climbing one of the Virunga Volcanoes, the Mufumbiro Mountains that Cook,  you are reaching new heights with its challenges. Those on a Wellness Safaris often hit one of Uganda’s many Trails that are inside and outside of Uganda’s Parks.

For the more daring, there is the best White Water Rafting in East Africa. Not on just any River, but the ancient River Nile that flows through the Pearl Africa.

Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-UgandaCultural Encounters – Expanding your Horizon

Expanding your Horizon on a Safari. Most Cultural Encounters in Africa are tourism-related. Often they are planned, commercialized Village Visits. Reproductions of what once was.

Discerning African Travelers do not want to be culturally entertained but culturally engaged in meaningful dialogue and interaction that often become encounters with a purpose.

Many become involved in a Cultural Encounter with meaning and purpose, such as becoming involved with a local school, hospital, water, or reforestation project.

Others choose to learn a local artisans craft of making baskets, jewelry, carvings, pottery, among other things.

Others use their skills as medical professionals, teachers, human rights advocates, computer technicians to empower others while here.

The choices are endless, learn how to dance or drum African Style. Spend time with a traditional healer or learn how to make classic Banana Juice or Beer. All things that are beyond what is considered routine tourist cultural encounters.

Wellness WeatherFinding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda

The weather is unlike what most visitors think that it is like. Though the equator runs through Uganda, the weather is pleasant Holiday like weather all year long due to its elevation, the Great Lakes, and the Rwenzori Mountains and Virunga Volcanoes.

For most of the country, temperatures will range from 25-29°C (77- 84°F). Southwest Uganda, the area that includes Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park, is much cooler. Gorilla Trekking Weather is below 25°C -77°F.

Uganda is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiast due to its pleasant Climate.

Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-UgandaRelax-Chill-Out

The Swahili words Pole Pole means slowly-slowly tie it together with Hakuna Matata – you and No-Worry begin to understand the African concept of time.

Time in Africa not based on tasks performed but on nurturing relationships and that includes the relationship one has with his self.

Time to relax, chill out, unwind. Uganda is a landlocked country, yet it has Lake Victoria, the largest Lake in Africa. There you can spend time on the private Bulago island with Palm Tree studded Sandy Beaches just south of the Equator. Spend a day or two on Ngamba Chimpanzee Island, a chimpanzee sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees.

Choose an Island where the wild waters of the River Nile surround you as you soak in a tub on your private deck. Stay in Africa’s funkiest Lodge with the million-dollar view of Lake Mutanda framed by the Virunga Volcanoes. That is just the beginning.

Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-UgandaA Wellness Safari in Uganda-The Pearl of Africa

A Wellness Safari in Uganda is a vacation that focuses on putting you first, and it’ll help you to come back feeling refreshed and in a better frame of mind, rather than marking your vacation as just another check on the long list of things to do this year.

Uganda gives those that are looking for a wellness Safari the added plus of Affordability. You are dealing directly with a Ugandan-American Tour Operator in Uganda. There are no other layers to deal with.

We know Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. We live and work here and have created memorable, safe, secure, Hakuna Matata – No-Worry Safaris for a decade.

We know Wellness Safari Travelers and their preferences when it comes to lodges, activities, and modes of Transport. Above all we have what is needed most, Experienced Driver-Guides whose primary concern will be you.

Start planning now and lock in the permits and wellness lodges for your time in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

Finding your Balance on a Wellness Safari in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda