Finding the BEST GORILLA TREKKING Options-Choices Gorilla Trekkers have

Posted by on May 3, 2019

What are the BEST GORILLA TREKKING Options that I have?

What are the Choices and Options for Mountain Gorilla Trekking that one needs to consider

BEST GORILLA TREKKING Options for you? What choices do I have wanting to trek the Mountain Gorillas? Reality is this that your options are minimal – This is not like a Game Drive in search of lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes that you can replicate in many Sub-Saharan African countries, Gorilla Trekking, Mountain Gorilla Trekking can only be done in 3 countries in Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo.  That alone whittles down your options.  Add to that you need a gorilla permit and that unlike most African Tourism Activities is date sensitive and those permits have to be booked six to nine months ahead of the intended Safari.

BEST GORILLA TREKKING Options for you? For you to have any options at all when it comes to tracking the Gentle Giants of the Forest, you need to take some steps that will ensure that your dream to spend times with these rare and endangered primates does not slip away into nothingness if there are no permits.

Gorilla Permit Advice

1. Plan ahead -we suggest based on present realities – 6-months – for peak season months 1 year ahead.

2. Plan your Gorilla Trekking Portion first before booking any other time in other African Countries.

3.  Think beyond Gorillas as you book your Gorilla Tracking – the tour operator will have a lot more incentive create a 5, 7-Day or longer Safari that takes in more than Gorillas that they would for a Gorilla Drop-In only.

4.  Be flexible with your dates, book flights after you have the Gorilla Safari Planned.

5.  Act promptly – Permits may be there one day, but not another.  

 Rwanda Gorilla Trekking  Gorilla Options:

Rwanda was the country of Choice for many Gorilla Trekkers, today you can see the Arsenal British Premier League Team Players wearing T-Shirts with “Visit Rwanda” on them add to that the popular American TV Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres freely gushing about Rwanda and trekking Mountain Gorilla there – the  problem is that most trekkers do not have the means, or want to spend what an Arsenal Player or Ellen DeGeneres can comfortably afford, 1.500 USD for the Permit alone. That Permit price is the same for Rwandans as it is for Tourists.

Rwanda remains an excellent option if you do not  mind spending 1,500 USD for a Gorilla Permit and have the money to stay at an exclusive lodge at a price that exceeds even the high-end Gorilla Lodges in Uganda – Rwanda has a tremendous and well-managed Savannah Park – Akagera, the Afro-Montane Nyungwe Forest, Lake Kivu, the Costa del Sol of Central Africa and then there is the fabulous city of Kigali that is Africa as you did not expect it to be – the city has become one of the premier African Convention Destinations.  

 DR Congo Gorilla Trekking Options:

 Virunga Volcanoes National Park with the lowest gorilla permit prices and trekking in Africa’s oldest Parks that is also one of the most bio-diverse parks on the African Continent might be on the bucket list of many African Travelers there is however the ongoing problem of safety and security.  Virunga National Park was closed for the latter half of 2019 after some nasty incidents, and the final one was two British Tourists being kidnapped by the Mai Mair Rebel Group.  Security wise Eastern Congo remains a no-go zone, that is also the sentiment of the US State Department and the UK Foreign Ministry, the inability to get most Travel Insurance is also a factor.  The March 2019 shooting of another ranger in the park is an indication of the present situation in a park where 176 Rangers have lost their lives.

Unless you are an Indiana Jones-like Character, it is best to see things cool down in and around Virunga National Park-if you still want to check with the Virunga National Park Administration and only use their recommended tour operators.  Hopefully, the park will be a guerilla-free zone in the future.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Options:

BEST GORILLA TREKKING Options- – Uganda is presently the clear favorite among Gorilla Trekkers because it presents the country with the best Trekking options in a safe and secure setting.  It has the Most Gorillas, two Gorilla Parks, low Permit price of 600 USD, more permits than Rwanda and DR Congo Have combines, affordable lodging and easy access to the Gorilla Parks from Kigali, Rwanda. 

Uganda, more than the other two Gorilla Trekking country is a more complete African Safari Destinations with 10 National Park which includes the famed, yet least visited Kidepo Valley Park which is a lost Eden, Africa as it once was.  Uganda has more chimpanzees than any other East African Country,

Uganda is even more than Big-5 Country; it is home to the Big 7, Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes, Rhinos plus Gorillas, and Chimpanzees. The ancient River Nile has its source in Uganda, and it flows through it providing Adrenaline Adventures to visitors from around the world.

If Gorilla Trekking in Uganda is what you want, then make plans and lock in dates and lodging now we will assist making your Gorilla Safari a reality since during Peak Months a Gorilla Permit becomes a rare find.

 Our take as a Gorilla Tour Operator:

BEST GORILLA TREKKING Options-For years Rwanda was considered the best option for Gorilla Trekkers, that has changed drastically, and National Geographic Traveller UK was the best example when it placed Uganda on its “Cool List” for 2019.  The reason was price, People will quibble about Rwanda this or that, in the meantime, the great GorillaTrekker Migration continues into Uganda, and Rwandan Tour operators have followed bringing tourists into Uganda for Gorilla Trekking, that in itself is an endorsement.

Will it remain this way, yes, until someone else makes a decision to change the price of permits and that could happen by the end of 2019.  It would change the present dynamics that are at play, something we would strongly advise against.  In the meantime, get started making your Gorilla Safari a reality.

The bottom line Options you have: If money is not an object, then for you the option is Rwanda.  If you are a daredevil Indian Jones type and fear and caution thrown into the Wind, then DR Congo is your Option.  If you are a person who wants Value+ for your money in a safe setting like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, then Uganda is your option.