Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Rwanda

Posted by on June 22, 2016

The Best Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Rwanda

Family Friendly Lodges and Hotels in Kigali and Rwanda

The Best Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Rwanda that past Family Safari Clients of ours have greatly enjoyed with their children while on a Family Safari.  The best Lodging choices for families, especially in case of a Family Safari with younger children since serve families better than most moderate or budget lodges or hotels. Limited lodges are shown – incoming flight hotels can be arranged in Kigali.

Here are some of the best Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Rwanda

 Lake Kivu Serena Hotel:

The Lake Kivu Serena Hotel is an upmarket Hotel located on Sandy Beaches on Lake Kivu.

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel has great rooms for families with all the comfort of homes, including Satellite TV, WiFi, Swimming Pool, Gym, Massage Therapy.

For kids there is the swimming pool, the diverse menu, a great breakfast, walks on sandy beaches, take a boat ride, a walk to town, nature walks,

There is the home of Rosamond Carr that you can visit, watch the Intore Dancers perform some of Africa’s best dances.  There is lots of things to do and see for your family staying at the Lake Kivu Serena Hotel.

Things to do and see Lake Kivu

 Waterfront Resort – Lake Kivu:

The Waterfront Resort in Gisenyi on Lake Kivu is a moderately priced Lodge that is perfect for families with children.

Stay in one of the made of Stone round African Cottages – with a walled – private garden bathroom, different but nice in comparison to many others in Africa.

The Resort is located on a gentle ridge, studded with palm trees, flowers throughout the garden, views of Lake Kivu where you can relax in the sun on  a sandy beach.  There are no hippos, no crocodiles and no bilharzia in the lake.

Food is great here and represents some of Rwanda’s favorite dishes such as Brochettes, halved potatoes, French Fries, chicken, fried fish to name a few.

Activity wise there are many lake activities, you can a short walk to the hot-springs nearby, trails abound and biking is possible.

 Ruzizi Tented Lodge – Akagera Savanna Park:

This is an upmarket lodge in Rwanda’s only Savanna Park with its Wildlife.

The lodge is located on Lake Ihema where you can watch hippos, water birds as you have a meal.

This a tented lodge that even has a Tree-House for families, something unusual in either Rwanda or Uganda but loved by those who stay in it.

You are staying right inside of the park and close to game drives, boat launch trips on Lake Ihema. Your family will be enjoying from Lions to Giraffes while staying here.

Things to do and see Akagera National Park

 Akagera  Game Lodge:

Akagera Game Lodge is a moderately priced lodge within Akagera National Park.

Moderately priced, a great value for many families who want to bring their children on a wildlife safari in the park.

Spacious Rooms, a swimming pool, tennis court, views of Lake Ihema and you are near to the game tracks where you can see the wildlife within the park.

You can also see Water Birds, including the Shoebill Stork, hippos and crocodiles while you take the boat safari on Lake Ihema.

The park is a relative short distance from Kigali and you can easily spend one or two nights here without long drive-times.

 Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village and Lodging:

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village is an immersion in the Culture, Traditions in Rwanda’s present.

It is a great place for a cultural village visit, it is even better for a family to spend a night in a traditional Rwandan dwelling, participate in the day’s and evening’s events, see dance performances, drumming all while you are eating traditional Rwandan Food.

The Village is located in short proximity to Volcanoes National Park and Parents can trek gorillas while the children enjoy cultural activities and are taken care of by our Kid-Friendly Driver Guide until your return.

 Nyungwe Forest Lodge:

Nyungwe Forest Lodge is set in a tea-plantation with the forest in the distance.  This is a luxury lodge with spacious rooms, bath, swimming pool and many other things that a family traveling on Safari will appreciate, especially the excellent food that is served here.

There are activity restrictions for children in their park such as chimpanzee trekking which like Kibale Forest in Uganda does not make the forest a primary family safari destination.

There are some other activities like a tea-plantation walk where you can see some primates in a forest abutting Nyungwe Forest Park.

 Family – Kid-Friendly Lodges in Uganda

Uganda has greater lodging choices since it is more diverse than Rwanda in what you can do and see.  There 10 National Parks, each one with family friendly lodges, there are 5 Savanna Parks including one where we have never taken a family on Safari which is the remote Kidepo Valley Park.

If your plans include Uganda on a family safari, take a look at the lodges.  You can fly into either Rwanda or Uganda adn fly out back home from the other country.

See more, drive less while staying in some great family lodges in Uganda.  We love to help you with preparing a family safari that is just right for you and your family.

Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Rwanda -Please contact us about a family safari in Rwanda and where to stay