Fabulous Getaway Places from busy Kampala

Posted by on November 24, 2015

The Top Getaway Places from the hustle and bustle of Kampala

Here are some of the Best and most Fabulous Getaway Places from busy Kampala

You have been in Kampala for a week or two, busily working – you need to unwind, relax, take a break, go for a getaway from Kampala.  Below you will find a few examples of fabulous getaways from Kampala where you can find inner and outer refreshment, where you can relax and be – in the African Wilderness at Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo or you can immerse yourself into the sounds of rushing Nile. Getaways that are an investment in simply you, celebratory places, destinations in themselves.

Here are the Fabulous Getaway Places from busy Kampala:

Mihingo Safari Lodge in Lake Mburo National Park

Just a 3 1/2 hour drive from Kampala – there you find what you cannot find in Kampala – a tranquil – restorative oasis – Mihingo Lodge – overlooking the rolling Fabulous Getaway Places from busy Kampala Savannah hills, studded with various kinds of acacia trees – the majestic Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon in distance overlooking it all.

The welcome is genuine and friendly, you are guided to your tent – tent?  Well, something out of 1001 Arabian Nights with an African Accent – your tent even even has a fabulous view from the bathroom.  Quiet you want – each tent is uniquely set  for maximum privacy in the African Bush. A crystal clear pool beckons you and even that has a view of the park below and in the distance the Lake and Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon.

Mere Words cannot prepare you as to what awaits you at Mihingo Lodge at Lake Mburo National Park.

The Lodge itself – rises majestically with its African thatched roof over the savannah, the view of it or from it is stunning and everything harmonizes with the grand African Landscape.

  • You have your private – exquisitely furnished tent – with bath – a lovely deck on which to sit and gaze across the savannah while having a refreshing drink or a morning cup of coffee.
  • Swimming pool to cool off from the equatorial sun
  • Food that is thoughtfully prepared and presented in  a lovely way to both delight your eyes and taste buds.
  • Private Tent with thatched roof, deck, bathroom with view, all furnished with pieces carefully chosen to blend in.
  •  Boat Ride on Lake Mburo which simply a beautiful treat of sights, sounds all blending together creating symphony of nature.
  • Nature Walks and or Bike Safaris
  • Horseback Riding safari across the savannah- zebras, eland antelopes, buffalo herds, warthogs – all from your horse
  • Nocturnal Game Drifes

2-Day Wildlife Safari staying at Mihing Lodge

Chobe Safari Lodge – 5 Star Luxury and Comfort in the African Wilderness along the River Nile

Just a little over 3 hours from Kampala – there is this luxurious new Safari Lodge – located on the River Nile, near Karuma Falls – here a 5 star resort awaits you. Chobe Safari Lodge Murchison Falls Park This lodge has risen from the ashes of the past like a phoenix only to shine more gloriously than in the past. Once again Chobe Safari Lodge is destined to become a premier destination for those who would like a taste of the African Wilderness and yet  some comforts and style – Chobe Safari Lodge gives all that and more.

Rooms here mean choices, there is the standard room, the standard Tent (most up-market lodges do not come close to the standard tents at Chobe Safari Lodge – including the reasonable price), There are suites, deluxe Tents and even beyond that.  The Tents are situated away from the lodge along the Nile and you can hear the hippos munching on the grass at night- at the same time go to sleep with the gurgling of the river.

Everywhere your eyes turn, there is quality of design –and quality of decor. Chobe means Spear in the Acholi language and Chobe – the spear has certainly hit the mark – giving guests one of the best experiences in Uganda.

What awaits you  at Chobe Safari Lodge at Murchison Falls National Park?

  • Choice of rooms Standard, Suites, Standard Tents, Deluxe Tents, Super Deluxe Tents – total luxury with exquisite bathrooms including in the tents.
  • For extra privacy choose a tent – you are in the resort but it feel like you are all alone in the Wild.
  • Swimming Pool overlooking the River Nile.
  • Outside and Inside Dining
  • Health Center with sauna, massage, aromatherapy
  • Superb presentation of meals, excellent and attentive Staff
  • Game Drives, Nature Walks, and fish for the giant Nile Perch.

Chobe Safari Lodge – the Gem on the River Nile – a 5 Star Experience in the Wilderness.

Wildwaters River Lodge -Nile-Jinja

What can one say – one has to simply experience Wildwaters River lodge – a feast for the senses- sights – sounds – the white waters of the Nile – your private rainforest on the Island – no words  can do justice – Wildwaters River Lodge can only be experienced in person – and hopefully with a spouse or dear friend.  Wildwaters River Lodge is located in the newly created Wildwaters Sanctuary on the Nile and it is simply one of the most incredible places in the world and that is not an overstatement.

Where else can you take a luxurious bath on your private deck and enjoy the river Nile up close – surrounded by the sights and sounds of this ancient river.  No where in the world but at Wildwaters River Lodge in Jinja – Uganda.

The things that make Wildwaters River Lodge Delightful and Memorable

  • One of the most luxurious lodges in all of Africa
  • A day and night on a private Island on the historic River Nile
  • One of the most incredible Cottages you have ever stayed in.
  • An Australian Chef preparing unique International Dishes – graced with local ingredients – presented in a stunning manner.
  • Attentive Staff that is not intrusive.
  • Ultimate Privacy
  • Natural Swimming Pool
  • Well stocked Wine Cellar
  • Nature walks through the Island rainforest
  • views of the River Nile which are incredible

Wildwaters River Lodge – on the Nile in Jinja – a Celebratory Destination

3 Day Wildwaters Lodge Safari

Mabira Rainforest Lodge – less than one hour from Kampala – in the only Rainforest in Central Uganda

Less than one hour from Kampala is Mabira Rainforest and within this Rainforest is a jewel of a eco-lodge called Rainforest Lodge – a lovely overnight getaway fromMabira Rainforest Lodge Kampala – every room has an exquisite view of the Mabira Rainforest – the lodge is the perfect oasis to refresh oneself and yet be close to Kampala – it is a celebratory lodge with food presented in the loveliest of manners – it is also a venue that is perfect for airline staff on a lay-over in Kampala –even from Entebbe we are speaking of 1 1/2 hours – Mabira Rainforest Lodge is just the place that provides you with a relaxing environment in the rainforest of Mabira.

Why is Mabira Rainforest Lodge such a wonderful place?

  • Close Proximity to Kampala
  • Rainforest in which to take guided walks in
  • Lovely rooms with balconies overlooking the ancient rainforest.
  • A perfect place for birders with limited time on their hand.
  • Pristine Swimming Pool for your comfort
  • Staff that understands your needs for privacy and comfort
  • Food with local ingredients prepared by International Standards
  • Nature Walks in the Forest with primates – birds – butterflies – plants and trees that are amazing.

Mabira Rainforest Lodge – a place of rejuvenation just for you in Mabira Forest.


Papaya Lake Lodge – simply one of the Lodges in Uganda


Papaya Lake Lodge is located near Fort Portal and Kibale Forest, a 4 1/2 hour drive from Kampala. We can time so that you arrive at lunchtime at Papaya Lake Lodge overlooking two crater lakes, each of the exquisitely furnished Chalet, done in Afro-European fusion style that is most unique and not seen in other lodges in Uganda.

That Afro – European Fusion can be seen everywhere including at mealtimes which becomes a simply wow sensation to the palate.  The vegetables are from the gardens of the lodge, meat, fish, chicken is brought in, but here the creation miracle begins – Africa meets Europe and they are joined together in a most fantastic way where the food is not only a taste treat but it also about presentation.

You will be delighted to have come here surrounded by real African art, not the usual souvenir stuff, but created by Artisans.  Papaya Lake Lodge is simply a must experience for those that are looking for a Fabulous Getaway Places from busy Kampala.  Papaya Lake Lodge is just the right lodge fore you.  The lodge is family owned with the owners on the premises and part of teh team that makes your stay here a total success.

The things that make Papaya Lodge so unique:

  • Just 4 1/2 hours drive time from Kampala
  • 360 degree view from a location on a ridge overlooking two crater lakes.
  • Each Cottage is in its own private setting’- overlooking the crater lake
  • Swimming pool is available.
  • Nature, Village, Waterfall Walk, Vanilla Plantation walks – hikes can be done from here
  • Real Art decorates the lodge and cottages
  • 40 minutes drive to Kibale Forest or Bigodi Wetlands
  • Family owned with owners on Premises
  • Afro fusion with European Elegance

Amuka Lodge in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary:


The upmarket Amuka Lodge is just a 3 hours drive from Kampala, it is tucked away inside of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and many do not even know that it is there.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is just before Masindi and of course Amuka Lodge is within.

It was built with lumber from an abondaned sawmill, local tented material, and other local items, today this affordable upmarket lodge has become a favorite with our clients that have stayed here.

There are two kinds of tented cottages here, standar and deluxe and are nicely decorated and furnished for your comfort.

The food at Amuka Lodge is simply superb, one of repeat upmarket clients stated that it was the best food in Uganda as she traveled with her family and children.

The things that make Amuka Lodge

  • The Lodge is family owned and managed
  • Comfortable tented cottages with bath
  • fantastic food
  • A small swimming pool
  • safe and secure within the Rhino Sanctuary
  • Rhino Trekking on foot
  • Nature Walks and Birding Walks
  • Birding in Lugogo Swamp – one of the best places in Uganda for Shoebill storks.

If you are interested in one of the Fabulous Getaway Places from busy Kampala and want us to create a two or three day mini-Safari – let us know and tell us whether you just want to relax and chill out or also do some activities suh as game drives for example.