Experience Welcoming African Hospitality on a Safari in Uganda

Posted by on March 12, 2020

Welcoming African Hospitality at its Best on a Safari

Welcoming African Hospitality on a Safari is like a Security Blanket

Experience Welcoming African Hospitality on a Safari in UgandaExperience Welcoming African Hospitality on a Safari in Uganda with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris. An African Welcome is not just a verbal greeting, a handshake, or an embrace. It is a welcome that takes on the responsibility for your wellbeing. That is what we do for our clients when on Safari.

To us, welcoming African Hospitality is more than just entertaining a guest. It is something that we live out daily in Uganda since the concept of African Hospitality is a deeply ingrained cultural value in Uganda.  

Welcoming African Hospitality is one of the values we put into practice with our clients on Safari. To us, it is an ethical duty, a way of life, a core value. The Swahili word “Harambee,” which means pulling together for the common good, says it best.

We as a Tour Operator pull together, lodes, rangers at various wildlife parks, guides, lodge staff. All done to extend the African Welcome to you while you are on a safari in the Pearl of Africa.Experience Welcoming African Hospitality on a Safari in Uganda

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The concept of Welcoming African Hospitality begins with acceptance. The Host, Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, assumes responsibility for your wellbeing, safety, and comfort. While you are with us on Safari, your welfare, safety, security is our focus.

Uganda is one of the friendliest countries in Africa. It also one of the most welcoming countries, with over a million refugees from neighboring countries, which shows how open-hearted and welcoming Uganda is.

Eritreans, Ethiopians, Congolese, Rwandans, Burundians, South Sudanese all have come here and established new homes, new communities in a most welcoming, friendly, and hospitable country. All that makes Uganda the most culturally diverse nation on the planet.

Experience Welcoming African Hospitality on a Safari in UgandaThere are over 40 languages spoken in Uganda. English is spoken by many, and Uganda is considered the Best English Speaking Country on the Continent. It might help to learn a bit of Uglish, Ugandan English.

No Holiday Travel, including a safari, is risk-free. However, we do our all to create Hakuna-Matata Worry-Free Safaris in the Pearl of Africa. That brings added comfort and peace of mind during troubling travel times, such as the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. We take it a step further in the spirit of welcoming African Hospitality. Should an unforeseen situation arise such an Ebola Outbreak that might be harmful to our clients? We will take the initiative and advise you that it would be unwise to travel to Uganda on a safari and reschedule your Safari with us.

We look forward to showing you the country’s Welcoming African Hospitality as shown by your driver-guide, the staff at lodges, park rangers and guides and even airport staff. Safe and secure Safaris in Uganda are the norm and not the exception. Enjoy and discover our Uganda.

Experience Welcoming African Hospitality on a Safari in Uganda