Experience the Real Africa with an African Village Stay

Posted by on December 9, 2018

Enjoy a Cultural African Village Stay during your Safari in Uganda -Rwanda

Enjoy African Life and Cultural Traditions in an African Village in Uganda or Rwanda

 An African Village Stay – a Cultural Exper ience like no other, perfect for those on a Family Safari  – where you stay in an African Village – partake in daily Village Life and in many cases without running water – without electricity – get a real feel of life in rural Africa with an African Village stay experience.

Living in the West is different from living in Africa. Besides things like weather, food, nature, one of the main differences is the approach to daily life. In the West, we are focused on the doings in life, the tasks. In Africa, one is first and foremost focused on relationships.

How will it affect others like family, friends, children?  It is the Concept of Harambee – of pulling together.

Harambee is a Swahili word that signifies that coming together relationally, facing life not alone, but together, recognizing the power of one, but also the power of many pulling together easing the burden one might face.

 In Africa there is no welfare, no government aid, churches, and mosques have little, so one looks at the community of family and friends and to the Village.  Come Holidays, there is the long journey back to one’s roots, the Village.

Africans are born into communities, not nuclear families so the concept of Harambee is easier to understand and to practically work out in daily life and for visitors, it is a memorable experience that will be long cherished.

You can experience the concept of Harambee by visiting or staying in a village in Uganda or Rwanda. Some Communities do not have the capabilities logistically, however, they are still great places for a one day visit that is authentic and will long remain with you.

Authenticity:  That is something to be decided by you.  Staged Village Events have become the norm throughout much of Africa including Rwanda and Uganda.  We know the difference and let you know and you can then decide.

You can visit Africa, but never visit African s – you can visit Uganda and Rwanda but never meet Africans while on Safari.  You will not be staying in a 4 Star, or 5 Star Safari Lodge, a village stay in some cases may be a bit of roughing it without the comforts you would have at home.

Spend a night or two in a real African Village, go with the women to the garden where you gather the vegetables, cut down the Matoke Bananas ( kind of Plantain but not quite the same), pick the beans, dig out the Cassava (what westerners use mainly for Tapioca pudding), fresh potatoes, maize (corn-not yellow like in USA) tomatoes, onions, and some papaya, mangoes for dessert.  In some cases you could help in the butchering of the chicken if you are comfortable, most Africans have no qualms about it and children as young as six know how to go about is.

 Your time in a village is simply a unique experience, especially for children who think everything comes prepackaged from the store.

We have had families stay at villages that otherwise stay in up-market lodging facilities but enjoyed their time in a Village Stay and visit the most.

Why – it was the one activity  which created the memories not only of wildlife, of scenery but of Africans, of what life was like in Uganda’s  and Rwanda’s Villages.

You will probably pick up a new outlook on life that is based on the principle of Hakuna Matata – meaning loosely translated don’t Worry, something we can all do less with.

Hakuna Matata is how Africans keep their sanity, their humor and way of life – no worries…

Experience the Real Africa with an African Village Stay in Uganda or Rwanda

 Boomu Village Stay near Murchison Falls Park-Uganda:

This is part of the Boomu Women’s Self-Help Group and here you experience life in an African Village.

Stay in traditional African huts, outside toilet, hot water is brought to you for bathing, and lighting is done with Oil-Lamps.

For meals, you do not just eat here, but you gather from the garden, help in the meal Preparations which is a bonding time with those with whom you are staying.

There is no electricity, no running water, no WiFi unless you have a smart phone with MTN.

Learn how to make crafts, gather flowers for dye making, a weaving of blankets, visit a school, meet a village elder and observe life in an African Village.

 R uboni Village in the Rwenzori Mountain Foothill – Uganda:

Ruboni is home to the Bakonzo People, the keepers of the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon.  The place to stay in is either the Ruboni Community Camp which is right in the village  or the upmarket Snow at the Equator Lodge.  From either lodge, you experience what village life is like for Uganda’s Mountain People.

You can even take dancing and drumming lessons here, walk through the village and meet the traditional healer, a blacksmith making tools like in the days of old. Food preparation for today’s meal. At dinner, see the cultural dancers and drummers perform at sunset. You can take Drumming and Dancing Lessons here.

Be taken to the forest where you learn how to fish with your hands while you see primates, birds and the three-horned Chameleons that are found here.  Ruboni is located near Fort Portal and Kibale Forest and Queen Elizabeth Park.

Ruboni is off-the-beaten-tourist track unless you are plannin to climb the Rwenzori Mountains.  It is a working Village – Visitors do come here, but not in droves.

 N shenyi Cultural Vilage – Border with Tanzania-Rwanda in Uganda:

Nshenyi cultural Village is 3 hours from Mbarara – which is on the main road leading to parks in Uganda.Mo

This is a part of Uganda where they Ankole cow reigns supreme. This is an Ankole Cultural Village where the day starts early with milking, watch Ghee being made.  Take a walk to the Rwandan or Tanzanian border, learn the traditional ways, staying in a traditional hut and eat the local food of the area.

Most visitors have a delightful stay here in this African Village where you can visit a school, watch traditional dances and see an abundance of bird life.

Please, the Cultural Village was created to give Tourists an understanding of the Ankole Cattle Culture. If you are looking for comfort and all the things you look for in  hotel, than this is not the place, rustic African style would be better to describe.  Reviews on TripAdvisor are unfair they  focus on comfort and not on  the Cultural Experience.  Authentic? Yes, but created for Tourism to show Ankole Traditions and Culture.

 Rwanda Village Stay – Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village:

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village offers an adventurous stay in a traditional rural, Rwandan village that has existed for centuries living with and next to mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village gives you an opportunity to meet local people, in their environment, with a taste of our culture and traditions. Some of those that you meet were once poachers and now help in conserving Volcanoes National Park

The community you visit will gracefully welcome you as an honored guest while they proudly present to you with the various aspects of their traditions and beliefs. This will truly be an experience of a lifetime as you homestay with the community and become part of their family.

This Rwandan Village stay could be called upmarket when looks at the cost of the activities and stay.  It goes to a good cause.  In regards to authenticity, traditions are shown but in a managed and staged setting.

 Azizi Life – Rural Life encounters in Rwanda:

Azizi – Life takes visitors to Rwanda and introduces them to Rural Rwanda. The Rural Life Experience is usually one day, but you can extend it and stay in a Rwandan Home in the rural area forming new friendships.

It is a hands-on experience where in the morning you work in the fields, prepare lunch and in the afternoon learn how to make arts and crafts as you are taught by Rwandan Artisans who are part of a Rural co-op.

Sales from the items in the west go back into the local community.  This hands-on program is a one of a kind in Rwanda and has had many visitors who loved their time with Azizi -Life in rural Rwanda.

The rural homestay is only an added plus.  Azizi Life is one of the most authentic experiences where you experience a time with Rwandans in their setting, their home.

 Nyanziibiri Eco-Community Camp:

This is an off-the-beaten Path – away from it all – just 3 African Style Bandas but loads of Activities to do here.

The food received high ratings on TripAdvisor – the cost is lower for this basic, African Camp that is commonly known as Dave the Cave Camp.

Interact with villages, visit the museum, a cave with history, explore 3 crater lakes, hikes galore.

The camp is a Ugandan Cultural Experience at a most reasonable price that allows you to go rustic-basic.

You can even explore a transparent crater lake, hike around it, swim in it, boat on it. Located

We included it in our Village Stays, you are staying in a village, it is cultural and offers authenticity if you want to learn the ways of the local culture in that area. Besides in regards to village stays, it is probably one of the more comfortable ones.

 Incorporating African Village Stays Visits into your Safari:

We know Uganda, Rwanda, we live and work here You simply let us know what you would like to see and experience on your safari and ask to incorporate some village stays along the way.

It is an enriching experience for you, it may not meet Western Comfort expectation at all times but it is made up by cultural experience and new friendships.

Family Safaris with Children will also love, we have Village Stays with various levels of comfort that will meet your needs and the needs of your children should you be on a Family Safari here in Uganda or Rwanda.

We will be adding more village Stays, we have dropped others. The temptations for Africans wanting to benefit from Cultural Tourism is to stage it. They do not realize that in the 21st Century Tourists are looking for authenticity, for hands-on experiences like teaching for a day, working in a village clinic, planting trees, digging wells, call it cultural Tourism with a purpose.

Discover Authentic Africa with a Village Stay in the heart of it, Uganda or Rwanda.

If you like a Cultural African Village Stay during your Time on Safari in Uganda or Rwanda – please let us know