Equator Snow Lodge – Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon

Posted by on October 11, 2016

Equator Snow Lodge in the Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountain -Ruboni

Stunning Setting – Scenic Wonders all-around – off the beaten path

Equator Snow Lodge is a most Welcoming up-market Mountain Lodge in the foothills of the  Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, a place that you will not soon forget, more than a lodge but an experience. The perfect place to spend a few days, even if you do not want to climb the Rwenzori Mountain.

This is a great Honeymoon Spot – a place to relax and be, to chill out, to experience the Rwenzori Mountains.

Equator Snow Lodge is simply a experience of comfort in the Mountains of the Moon surrounded by the stunning views, the bubbling Mubuku River below you, the sounds of birds creating a symphony and harmony in the Mountains of the Moon Foothills.  There is nothing to compare to this perfect getaway lodge at the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

People who come here simply do not want to leave – after a long safari ride – there is nothing like the peace and serenity of Equator Snow Lodge and its cottages filled with genuine, natural comfort unlike any other lodge in Uganda.

The Main Lodge – Restaurant


Simply stunning, extremely well designed to harmonize with its surroundings. A cozy fireplace adds comfort and warmth during the chilly Mountain Evenings – you feel like you are just in the forest and yet you are in one of the most comfortable and cozy cottages in the Pearl of Africa. The décor just blends and creates this ambiance that is not soon forgotten a harmony of nature and creative design.

The food like is a fusion of local grown ingredients with a blend of spices prepared by Chefs who enjoy the art of creating a meal that touches both the eyes for presentation and the palate for taste – the service is exemplary and you will enjoy the meals here more than in most restaurants in Kampala.  Breakfast – Lunch and Dinner are events here to delight you…enjoy and bon appetite.

The Cottages

Equator Snow Lodge – The cottages are most intriguing, built with round, river rocks – there are sky-windows that allows you to view your natural surroundings through the roof and makes you feel that at oneness with the natural environment around you that has been carefully preserved in creating this intimate four cottage lodge.

Inside of your Cottage

Amazing you say – find another cottage like Equator Snow Lodge anywhere in the world.  What is found here in the Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon cannot be replicated anywhere else – it is simply the comfortable cottage at the lodge.  you have a fireplace to warm yourself by, adequate lighting day and night, a most comfortable bed and tasteful décor – once you arrive here – you will probably want to spend a few extra days in the Shadows of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, an area that is unlike any other in Uganda.

The bathrooms in your cottage

You have never seen a bathroom such as this one.  Simply amazing – one will have to love the open window view while showering. The  Lodge is simply a one of a kind lodge in East Africa – even from the Bathrooms you can enjoy your fabulous mountain foothill surroundings

 Your Private Deck at your Cottage

Your private deck at your cottage at the Lodge – drink in your surroundings, journal about your African Safari in the Pearl of Africa, read a book like Abyssinian Chronicles as you relax for the afternoon.

Equator Snow Lodge Surroundings and Things to Do

Equator Snow Lodge – Even if you do not plan to hike and climb Mount Stanley – there is lots to do and see here in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon.  Day-hikes of all kinds – learn how to fish with your hands, interactive cultural visits in nearby Ruboni Village – hike up a mountain for the best view of the Rwenzori Mountains or simply be and relax – learn how to be a human being once again instead of a human being while at at the Lodge.

Equator Snow Lodge, what else can one say – but enjoy your stay in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon at this fabulous lodge…

If you are interested in using this lodge in your safari itinerary with us – please let us know.