Enjojo Lodge – Ishasha Plains – Queen Elizabeth Park

Posted by on August 8, 2016

Discover the Tree-Climbing Lions at Ishasha staying at Enjojo Lodge

Moderate – Budget Enjojo Lodge – Ishasha Plains – Queen Elizabeth Park

Enjojo Lodge – Ishasha Plains – Queen Elizabeth Park is a newer Lodge  and Camp located next to the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth Park providing Budet and moderate Lodging those that want to explore the Ishasha Plains, the Tree-Climbing Lions and vast herds of buffaloes, elephants, antelopes including the Uganda Kob and Topis.

The Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth has had limited lodging accommodations, that has and is changing with Enjojo Lodge and Safari Camp being another choice for you in Ishasha.

 Enjojo Lodge – Ishasha Plains – Queen Elizabeth Park is on the border with the Ishasha region of Queen Elizabeth park.  It is located on a large property in an acacia tree forest, there is the lush vegetation of palm trees and patches of Savannah.

Wildlife and Birds are found in abundance at the lodge and you will see your share of elephants, buffaloes, antelopes visit the lodge property.  Residents include Vervet Monkeys, Baboons, and Black and White Colobus.

The lodge offers comfortable accommodations suited for most budget. There are 3 en-suite thatched cottages and the Safari House (sleeps up to 7-even has its own outside kitchen) that is great for families or those with children on a family safari.  There is also the unique, private outdoor shower with hot and cold water, giving you that added being in the Bush Feeling.

Budget Accommodations are in Bamboo Huts and furnished Tents with shared bathrooms.

The cottages and Safari House are connected by e levated walk-ways and you can walk to the main lodge where you have your meals, cold drinks, morning coffee and the evening fire outside of the main lodge where you can enjoy the scene of a lake.

Enjojo Lodge has been constructed by local builders using local material to blend in with the surroundings of the park.

Guided Walks can be taken on the lodge property and bicycles are for rent for you and you explore the surrounding hamlets and villages.

Enjojo Lodge – Ishasha Plains – Queen Elizabeth Park gives you value and choice.  The choice that you can choose between en-suite cottages or budget lodging with shared bath.  The Value is that you are offered a lot for the favorable price asked.

The Lodge and Camp is receiving great reviews from guests who enjoy their time in what was the un-visited region of  Queen Elizabeth Park – Ishasha.  Visitors had the choice of a luxury Lodge, a moderate priced lodge away from the park and a campground.  Things have changed and you now have more of a choice in the Ishasha region of the park.

Ishasha has fewer visitors than the norther Mweya area of Queen Elizabeth giving you more of being alone in the wilderness.

There are many things you can do and see in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

From this lodge you can hike along the Ishasha river with armed guides, see the elusive shoebill stork along the marshy shores of Lake George, game drives, cultural dances and much more.

Enjojo Lodge gives you value for the money, gives you good food and service in the wilderness.

Enjojo Lodge – Ishasha Plains – Queen Elizabeth Park – if you like to stay here on Safari with us – please contact us.