Drinks and Refreshments on Safari in Uganda – the Pearl Of Africa

Posted by on June 7, 2019

Drinks and Refreshments on your Safari

What will I drink on Safari – Drinks and Refreshments on Safari

 Drinks and Refreshments on Safari in Uganda –  What will I drink on Safari?  The refreshing Tastes of Uganda found in the beverages, sodas, juices, and bottled water that is always available on Safari in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

Drinks and Refreshments on Safari – Safari Visitors enjoy the Beverages Uganda has to offer from its World-Class Coffees and Teas to its Tropical Juices. 

Sodas are available most anywhere, not always cold, but there.  No one on a Safari can go without Bottled water, and that is something we always provide for our guests as the Tour Uganda.

At most mid-range and luxury Lodges you are even welcome with a freshly squeezed libation such as the favorite Passion-Fruit Juice. 

We can assure you of one Thing -Thirsty you will not be on Safari in Uganda.

Drinks and Refreshments on Safari in Uganda

 Bottled Mineral Water on Safari:

Bottled Mineral Water, a must on a Safari is available everywhere.  Two Liter is the requirement for you to go on a Gorilla Trek.

We provide bottled water for our clients in the Safari Vehicle.  Upmarket Lodges will have it in your room, and it can be ordered at Lodges, Restaurants everywhere.

Rwenzori Mineral Water is the largest and most popular brand in Uganda.  It is also the brand most often offered at most establishments.

Rwenzori has become synonymous with bottled water, and Ugandans will ask for it rather than say they would like a bottle of water.

Avoid Tap Water for your well being and stick with bottled water, and that applies even when it comes to brushing your teeth.

Stay Hydrated on Safari – drink lots of Bottled Mineral Water.

 Fruit Juices on Safari:

If you enjoy Freshly Pressed Juice than you have come to the right country, Uganda.

You are often welcomed with a refreshing juice as you arrive at a lodge.  You will also find it on the Table for Breakfast.

Juices will also be offered on the Drinks Menu at a lodge, bar or restaurant.

Passion, Pineapple, mixed fruit juices, Orange Juice, are the most common ones offered.  You can also purchase Juices at Supermarkets.

If you purchase Juice at a supermarket, you will find that many, especially those made in Uganda have Sugar added to them.

The Dell Monte Ceres Juice Brands are pure fruit juices and are reasonably priced.

 Sodas on Safari:

Coca-Cola and Pepsi Products are most everywhere in Uganda.  Diet Sodas are not as readily available.

Stoney Tangawizi spicy Ginger Soda is a Coca-Cola and favorite in East Africa, including Uganda.

Krest – Bitter-Lemon Soda is another Coke Product that you will not often find in the West.  It often becomes a favorite with Safari Goers,

7-Up and Moutain Dew have also found their way to Uganda but are not available everywhere like Coca-Cola Products.

Alvaro Malt based. Sodas are also unique to Uganda and come in Pineapple, Pear, and Passion Fruit Flavors.  It is a non-alcoholic Soda but made by a Ugandan Brewery. Alvaro is not always available. The Pineapple flavored Alvaro has become popular with many Ugandans.

Energy Drinks such as Red Bull and a slew of others are also wildly available.

  Ugandan Beers on Safari.  :

Ugandan like their beer, we suggest that you stick to the bottled kind on a safari,  You can buy the most popular brands such as Nile and Bell at most lodges.

Nile Special is one of the most popular kinds of beer.  Moonberg Laget is made following German Purity Laws.

Additives are used in many of the Beer.  The taste of Ugandan beers makes it a welcome refreshment on a Safari.

The Cost of a Beer will be a lot less than what you would pay in your home country.  Most Beer is sold in half-liter bottles

The Kenyan Tuskers Beer is available in most restaurants, lodges, and bars.  Heineken and Stella are more limited in distribution.

Ugandans, enjoy their beers, Safari Goers concur – Ugandan Beers taste great.

 Uganda Waragi on Safari:

Uganda Waragi, the Word Waragi is a new Uglish term (Ugandan English) meaning War Gin.  Ugandan Soldiers that served the British Military were given Gin Rations before battle who called it Waragi.

Many years later, the term has stuck.  Waragi is Uganda’s favorite drink in one version r another.  Uganda has also become a brand of Gin that is sold widely in Uganda and beyond its borders.

When lodges have a Safari Sundowner waragi is one of the drinks offered.  It is also used in the making of Cocktails.

We suggest you try it with a Krest Bitter Lemon Soda.  We also recommend that you do not consume local Waragi where Methanol is at times added, such local Waragi is also called Enguli which is a local term for distilled alcohol, Kasese in Western Uganda, and Lira Lira in the North.

Uganda Waragi that is bought in Stores, sold in lodes under the Trademark of Uganda Waragi or as Leading Waragi is triple distilled ad safe for consumption.  It also comes in a Coffee or Coconut flavored version.

Whiskey, Scotch, Vodka, Tequila is available at most Lodges in addition to Waragi.

 Wine on Safari:

Wine has become more popular with upscale and middle-class Ugandans.  It is, for the most part, imported.  The best Wines available at Lodges are from South Africa.

Wine, unlike Beers and Uganda Waragi, is much more expensive.  Good Bottled Wine is primarily available at Luxury Lodges.  Most often, lodges will use Boxed wine to serve guests by the glass.  The quality of wine varies from lodge to lodge, and at times in mid-range lodges, the condition can be dismal.

If on a safari you like a good glass of wine, the kind that you would consider buying at home we have a page that gives you advice getting a good glass of wine on Safari

Wine Shops have sprung up in major towns such as Kampala, and some Supermarkets have extensive Wine Sections.

 Coffee on Safari:

Uganda is one of the two cradles of Coffee in Africa, the other being Ethiopia.  Some of the best coffee varieties are grown in Uganda.

The Problem is that most Ugandans do not drink coffee but drink one version of Tea or another but not coffee.

Instant Coffee is often seen as enough for guests, but for coffee aficionados that is like dancing without music.  We have come up with Coffee Lover Survival Instructions that you might find helpful.

Great coffee is served at most Luxury Lodges, at moderate lodges it is still hit and miss though it has dramatically improved in recent years.

Uganda produces World-Class Coffee. However, it is not always available at Ugandan Lodges, which we find somewhat ironic in one of Africa’s best Coffee Producing Countries.

Take advantage of our Coffee Lover Survival Instructions.

 Tea on Safari:

Great Tea is grown in Uganda, including Green Tea, the latter is not always available at Lodges. Let us know that you prefer Green Tea and you will have it for the duration of your Safari.

Try some UgandanChai that is called African Tea, which blends, tea, milk, sugar, and ginger. In Ugandan Homes, it is brewed in one pot.

You will most likely see the Tea Fields in Uganda on your Safari, and you will be able to taste it as you like it at the lodges where you are staying.

Iced Tea can be made by arrangement. It is not common in Uganda

Tea, grown in Uganda with its perfect weather, elevation, and Mountains provide the ideal setting for Great Tea. Even if you are not a Tea Drinker, try a cup of African Tea in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

 Taste Uganda – Enjoy a Drink on Safari:

Drinks and Refreshments on Safari – Taste Uganda.  Be sure to Relax and Chill out after Gorilla Trekking with a drink and a good book.

Want to find out what you will eat while on a Safari in Uganda?  Be sure to check out our Safari Food Page.

Uganda is a country of many pleasant surprises, and that includes the drinks and refreshments that you will find here as you come on a Safari.

We did not include Milk, which is found here in abundance, the only oddity is that Milk is sold in Plastic Sacks.

You will not go hungry on a Safari, and you will not go thirsty – none of our clients ever have…Enjoy the Taste of Uganda.