Do I really need to use a Safari Tour Operator in Uganda?

Posted by on April 5, 2019

Choosing the right Tour Operator in Uganda – like finding a Needle in a Haystack

Do I need to use a Safari Tour Operator in Uganda? – why not do It myself?

Do I need to use a Safari Tour Operator in Uganda? We live in the time of the Internet where booking  whether, a car, hotel, activity has become easy, why not just do the same planning my Safari in Uganda and save money and time?

Welcome to Africa, Welcome to Uganda, where planning, booking that Dream African Safari, that Gorilla, Chimpanzee Trek, Wildlife Safari are not as straight-forward as in your Home Country. 

Just the other day I had a conversation just about this topic and was asked the question – “Do I need to use a Safari Tour Operator in Uganda?”  My answer was simple – “As long as Uganda Safari is chaotic, confusing, changes from day-to-day, difficult to complete online requests – “Travelers – Tourists, Safari Goers will need a Tour Operator Just like us.”

There are hundreds of Tour Operators for you to choose from, finding one that meets your criteria depends on you and your preferences.  We are not a Jack of all Trades, and we do only one thing – “Memorable Safaris in Uganda.”

Do I need to use a Safari Tour Operator in Uganda? Reasons why you do!

 1. In Planning Save Time without the Frustrations:

Most likely your Safari Planning will begin with Research, and that is where thing immediately become confusing since much of the information is outdated or simply wrong.   This starts with erroneous Visa Information and other requirements to enter Uganda as a Tourist.

If you do not use a Tour Operator such as ourselves, you will be challenged logistically, not knowing the best lodges for your money, not knowing where to stay for your Activity, not knowing the best routes, missing the off-the-beaten Track Places.

There are reasons we exist and have been in business for over a decade, and it starts with saving you time, taking away the frustrations often associated with self-planning.

 2.   We remove the Confusion and Figure out the Safari for you:

Attempting to plan your own safari becomes  Confusing, often the advice you might receive will be more confusing than helpful. You turn to Forums, do endless searches resulting in a State of Confusion.

Which Airport do I fly into? Where do I stay?  How do I connect Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife, Chimpanzee Trekking?

Distances, Drive Times (different due to road conditions) – finding a driver, vehicle.  Maybe you are ready for a one-stop shopping experience, book your safari with us instead.  We are not confused, we know the country quite well, we live and work here, Safaris with a good outcome are our business.

One only has to look at the itinerary requests we receive, wanting to do both Kidepo Valley Park in the Northeast Corner of Uganda and Gorilla Trekking the in Southwest Corner of Uganda in 5 days.

 3.  We Save your Money – We Stretch your Dollar:

Many make the mistake of thinking that using a Safari Tour Operator will cost more money for a Safari.  They see an itinerary, see the price and think they can do it at a lesser price.

We negotiate Lodge prices and pass on the savings to our clients.  Our Safari costs are inclusive (some tour operators sell stripped down versions), we do our best to book quality lodges.  We include all park and activity fees at a minimal profit.

If you book the same Safari through a Travel Agent in your country, your cost will be much higher.

One sees the words tossed about “Doing Africa on the Cheap or Cheap Gorilla Trekking Safaris.”  There is noting Cheap about a Safari, and we can stretch your money further than you can.

 4.   Free Expert Local Ugandan Advice:

Advice – when you are spending thousands of Dollars on a safari you want to make the right choices.  Unlike Forums where you receive comments that are iffy, from us you will get the latest since wish to make your safari a success.  As Changes arise in permit fees, entry requirement in most instances, we do not wait a day.

The reality is that you can only get so much information on the internet, especially about things that are unfamiliar to you and that you know about very little.  A travel Agent in the US, such as, may charge you for that advice, we, however, we live here and we are in the Safari Tour Business and have been so for over 10 years, Personal knowledge goes back over 20 years.  The advice that we give our clients saves time, money, the right lodge for them and activities off-of-the-beaten path.

 5.   We help you Avoid the costly mistakes you would make:

How much do you know about Uganda?  I was reading the latest edition of the Bradt Guide, and I noticed a wrong fact about the number of participants in a Gorilla Habituation Experts and that is like the Travel Bible of Uganda Tourism.  I daily read articles that give the wrong figures about this or that including the number of permits.

We receive the latest updates.  We know which Lodge is close to the activity that you want to take.  We know the minimum age for Trekking Primates in different venues.  We know to get you from point A to B either on the fastest route or the more scenic route.  Someone who is planning their Ugandan Safari in Seattle Washington does not.

We help you Avoid, at times costly mistakes you would make.

 6.    We have the right connections you need for a Safari:

When we prepare a safari we use the relationships – the network we have created over the years.  Connections that one planning from abroad does not have.

We belong to the best professional Organizations such as the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, and we network with better lodges, local game wardens, and rangers to create the safari right for you.

Uganda is an African society based on relationships, and connections are everything. We have rightly connected which a person planning their own safari would not be.

We have developed a Network that makes our Safaris work as planned.

 7.   Your Safari comes down to the Fine Details.”

You can create a safari in your living room anywhere, and we make it happen.  A safari is broken down into details.

An enjoyable holiday is often all about the details – dates, times, distances, flights, transfers, dietary needs, medical issues…the list goes on.  Your Africa Travel Specialist not only helps plan the best safari itinerary for you…but also makes the arrangements that make it connect, hang together as it should – joins the dots so to speak.

Without that attention to detail, things could go horribly wrong! Then there are the visa requirements, vaccinations needed, issues of tipping, what to take on safari, what to wear, will there be Wi-Fi or phone signal, what electrical plugs you need, how much cash to travel with…the list is endless!

 8.   We give you that extra Level of Protection – including Backup Plans:

Do-it-yourself Safari planner is like a Trapeze Artists without a net.  We give you that added layer of protection. We are here in Uganda, and the Driver-Guide is in contact with our Office and Staff.  I something goes wrong, and things at times go wrong we know what to do to rescue the Safari.  Just last week a Hot Air Balloon operator closed down an unexpected move.  We gave the refund of 380 USD to our clients and another satisfying activity.

Uganda can be chaotic when you want things done. Our roads are not for novice 1st-time Drivers in Africa.  We are seasoned by everything you can imagine, and we always have dropped our Clients safe and secure at the end of their Safari. We have had to be creative at times, devise an on the spot backup or alternate plan and kept the clients satisfied.

 9.  Enjoy Uganda  and focus the Primates and Wildlife:

Have someone else do the and realize that your home-planned itinerary often is a recipe for disaster. Stick with a Tour Operator, leave the Driving to someone like us.  Let us do the planning, implementing and your focus can be on what you came for, the Wildlife, the Gorillas, Chimpanzees and other Primate, the incredible Scenery and some of the Friendliest People in Africa – Hakuna – Matata Style.

Remember, even though you can find a Huffington Post Article entitled “Doing Gorilla Trekking on the Cheap.”  There is nothing Cheap about a Safari, and it is about the quality of experience.

If you want Cheap – Remember the cheapest Car “the Yugo” – it is no longer around, it needed more repair work than the initial Sales Price.

Hakuna Matata Style – No Worries Safaris

 10. Safety and Security on a Safari in Uganda:

Uganda is safe, secure and stable.  President Museveni has been in power since 1986 bringing a level of stability to the country.  There is the police, the army, rangers in parks and the Tourism Police.  There have been no security problems in the country, and there is no Security Advisories for Uganda by the US or the UK.

Travelers including those who attempt to do a self-drive safari are targets of con men and thieves.  A Safari Tour Operator such as ourselves knows their ways and keeps you save from petty thievery and con-artists.

Lodges usually are safe, have on-premise security and honest staff.  Again is your Tour Operator who knows how to create a safe and secure safari that is worry-free.

 11. Choose Kabiza Wilderness Safaris:

We live here, work in Uganda, Safaris are our Business and our Passion. For over 10 years we have introduced Clients to the Pearl of Africa.

Licensed and registered, and tax-paying in Uganda, a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, partnering with Uganda Wildlife Authority in the promotion and Sales of Gorilla Permits,  the Uganda Tourism Board in the effective marketing of Uganda through our website.  We are also registered with the Uganda Ministry of Tourism.

Being a Tour Operator comes with a deep sense of responsibility for our Clients.  As a Responsible Tour Operator, our Focus is not profit, but that those with us on Safaris get full Value, an out of the ordinary Experience on Safari with us in the Pearl of Africa.