Discover Our Uganda-the Pearl of Africa-Africa as you Imagined only Better

Posted by on May 22, 2019

Uganda – the Pearl of Africa – a Tapestry of Natural Wonders

This Year Discover Our Uganda – The Pearl of Africa – Africa as you Imagined it – only Better

 Discover Our Uganda, Africa, as you imagined it, Only Better. Uganda, a country that is rightly called ‘The Pearl of Africa.” A phrase that best encapsulates the beauty of this country. Something that  Winston Churchill saw in 1907 and wrote. The Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale. The scenery is different, the climate is different, and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa.”

It is no wonder that he called it “the Pearl of Africa,” popularizing an expression that had been used by others before him.

Uganda has not lost its incredibly Beautiful Luster, a Reason that CNN, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Rough Guides. Fodor’s Travel Guide all picked Uganda as a Must-Visit Destination.

Uganda is a Fairy Tale is what Winston Churchill wrote. Lonely Planet shared that sentiment when it called Lake Bunyonyi, a scene from “Lord of the Rings.’ The scenery in Uganda is undoubtedly different from other East Africa Countries.  It is like nature splashed an extra dash of the Color green most everywhere except in the far northeast corner of Karamoja, where Green is replaced by stunning, rugged beauty rarely seen elsewhere in Africa.

Discover our Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, which is like a magnificent Tapestry woven together by nature.  Some have called the Country gifted by nature and that it is.  Uganda, a country the size of England or Oregon, is one of the most bio-diverse nations on the Planet. Visitors are drawn to Uganda by its Mountain Gorillas, not realizing that they will be trekking in what CNN Travel in 2019 named the most Beautiful Place on Earth, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and also as one of the Best Hiking Trails in the World.  This is our Uganda, an incredibly beautiful country like no other in all of Africa. 

Uganda, though the Equator runs through it, is not hot and humid like one might imagine.  Uganda means Holiday like weather all-year long because of its elevation and Lake Victoria that gives Uganda a temperate climate that Safari Goers love, 


Discover Our Uganda – Africa as you imagined it only better as you spend a while on the Nile at Jinja or Murchison Falls Park.   Discover the Scenic Beauty of Uganda as you sit in a lodge overlooking one of its beautiful, pristine Crater lakes in Western Uganda, take a boat cruise up the River Nile to the most powerful waterfall in the world, Murchison Falls. It is Uganda that provides one of the most Scenic Backdrops to an African Safari that will with Postcard like Scenes most everywhere that are beyond comparison and amaze Visitors from near and far.

Discover Unbelievable Beautiful Uganda that was used as a Backdrop to the famed Black Panther Movie in depicting the fictional Wakanda, which is in Uganda where they used the fabled Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and stunning Lake Bunyonyi. The Beauty of the Country seems to be never-ending. Wherever you turn, arrive at, pass by, the Pearl reveals itself in a new light. It is no wonder that Winston Churchill wrote The Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale. Visitors are often surprised by

Discover Incredible Beautiful Uganda, a country that is different as Winston Churchill wrote: “ from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa.”

Discover Uganda – the Pearl of Africa – A Place of Natural Wonders

Discover Our Incredible Beautiful Uganda – Africa is a vast Continent, Uganda, its Pearl is one of Africa’s most Bio-Diverse Countries, it is Africa condensed into a small country with +lake, Lake Victoria that is as vast as an Ocean, with an ancient, historic River, the River Nile that is the Longest river in the World.  26% of the country is made up of Lakes and Rivers in what is called the Great Lakes Region of Africa.  The Western Rift Valley provides scenic wonders all of its own,

The Scenic Diversity of Uganda is, for most, a surprise. They did not expect to find the Uganda that they did, and such a mindset is due to the misinformation that one finds on the Internet. It is also is a reflection that Uganda has missed the mark in promoting itself relying on what we call Accidental Tourism, where people find out about Uganda from a website such as ours and decide to come to the Pearl of Africa.

Once they are amazed as Winston Churchill and  Kanye West and his wife, who wrote on Snapchat, “Dear world, there is another heaven in Uganda. Everything is real as soon as you enter this beautiful, peaceful country, the air is so fresh, the amazing water bodies and too much green forests and bushes are so relaxing to watch every minute, then the very anxious welcoming beautiful people with real smiles, eagerness to help,”

 Uganda awaits you, Authentic Africa at is best, Africa as you imagined it, only better. where a road-trip seems like a slide-show of amazing sceneries that you did not realize existed. A reason that after visiting many exclaim – Uganda was amazing, beyond my wildest dreams.

Not a week goes by when we do not hear that phrase in one way or another from one of our Clients after they finish their Safari in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda, the country that gives you the best of Africa in scenic Wonders and we have not even talked about Gorillas, Chimpanzees and the abundance of Wildlife.

Discover Our Incredible Beautiful Uganda this year Spend awhile along the River Nile. Witness its calming gentleness and hits raw power at its tumbles down the Western Rift Escarpment and them continues through the Wildness of Murchison Falls Park which in itself is a place of scenic Wonders that even Idi Amin used as a retreat during his turbulent rule of Uganda,

The ring of extinct and dormant Volcanoes that Frame Uganda in the East and West of the Country.  They are Mount Elgon, Mount Moroto, and Mount Morungole in the East and the Mufumbiro Mountains, the mountains that cook in the Southwest known as the Virunga Volcanoes. Mountains that you can climb and even garner a more incredible View of Uganda and beyond into Rwanda and DR Congo.

Uganda, not only does the River Nile run through it, but the Equator and yet due to its elevation, the vast Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga all contribute to a mild climate with Holiday like Weather all-year long, even during the rainy Seasons of the Year.

Discover Our Incredible Beautiful Uganda – its peopleWinston Churchill wrote, The Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale. The scenery is different, the climate is different, and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa.”  People are different – Ugandans are beautiful people inside and out. 

They are counted as some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in all of Africa. In spite of what you might have read about Uganda, often written by people who have never set foot inside of Ugandans are some of the most tolerant people who you have ever met. They may not agree with your lifestyle, your ways, and traditions, but they will accept you, welcome you realizing that what we have in common is more important than that which differs us.

 Discover our Uganda – Africa as you Imagined it – only Better – We live here and work here and introduce visitors from around the world to Uganda – the Pearl of Africa. Even to us, it seems as Mother Nature placed some of the most incredible Beautiful Scenes and wove them together into a Tapestry called – Uganda. 

We often write about Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Wildlife but leave out the beautiful Scenery that nature seems to have gifted Uganda with. Even UNESCO has placed Bwindi Impenetrable  Forest and the Rwenzori Mountains on the World Heritage Site list.

The mistake that most visitors to Uganda, so our clients tell us that they did not plan for more time in the Pearl of Africa – a landlocked country and yet it has according to Lonely Planet some of the most beautiful tropical Islands in the world. 

This year includes the Pearl of Africa, Uganda, in your Travel Plans.  You will be glad that you did.

 Discover our Incredibly Beautiful Uganda – the Pearl of Africa- Africa as you Imagined it only Better