Discounted Gorilla Permits End – November 2017

Posted by on July 7, 2017

 Discounted – Promotional Gorilla Trekking Permits end November 2017

Discounted Gorilla Permits End November 2017 in Uganda

Discounted Gorilla Permits End November 2017

 The Discounted Gorilla Permits End November 2017 in Uganda.  All Good Things come to an end and 2017 is the year that the Discounted and Promotional Permits end.  Rwanda has doubled the Price of its Gorilla Permits to 1500 USD while Uganda remains at 600 USD for Permits.  There is already a 900 USD difference in Price and Uganda gives a lot of Value for 600 USD Permits while Rwanda with its upmarket strategy is looking for those that have ample finances to pay for the Luxury Lodging and increased Permit Prices. 

The discounted Permits have become obsolete in light of a new market reality created by Rwanda and there is no reason for Uganda to further reduce its permit prices during the off-season.

Discounted Gorilla Permits End November 2017 and we suggest that if you want to take advantage of the 450 USD Discounted Gorilla Permits that you book now.

Please Note:  Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits are not discounted – they remain at 1500USD even during the discounted permit months.

The Discounted Gorilla Permits End November 2017, you have one more month to take advantage of the 450 USD promotional Gorilla Permits in Uganda, you simply need to plan now in order to save some extra money

 You can fly into Kigali, Rwanda – driveGorilla-Permits-Availability-Summer-2012.jpg 3-hours plus to the Rushaga area of Bwindi and save money, have no long drive-times from Entebbe and use the East African Tourist Visa for both countries.
You can extend your safari in Uganda and see the fantastic wildlife found in Queen Elizabeth Park, Chimpanzee November, we automatically pass on the discounted price of 450 USD Permits to you as part of your safari package. We purchase the gorilla permits on your behalf as part of your Safari Tour with us. We make it easy to obtain the Discounted Permits for you, they are part of the Safari Package and it is the first thing we secure for you.

Plan now your Safari with us that includes the  Discounted Gorilla Permits of 450 USD in Uganda – and we will put together an Itinerary that you like in Uganda, even combine it with a Rwanda visit during the month of November 2017 – it means a savings to you – upmarket lodges often discount their rooms during those times.

Contact us not about a Safari that includes Discounted Gorilla Permits – November 2017 – Uganda