Current Security Conditions for Travelers to Uganda

Posted by on July 12, 2018

Unofficial Security Travel Advisories for Uganda

Travel Information – Stay informed regarding Current Security Conditions

Current Security Conditions for Travelers to Uganda – the Safest Place to be in Uganda is on a Safari.  Uganda,Current Security Conditions like most nations, has some flare-ups that could cause problems for Travelers unless you are with a seasoned Tour Operator such as Kabiza Wilderness Safaris.

We live and work here, we know the current conditions that might be problematic for Visitors and cause inconveniences and Security Concerns. Similar things can happen in your home-country such as a protest in Kampala or a border issue that gets blown out of proportion in the International Media.

Uganda remains one of the safest countries to visit and has no cities listed in the top African Crime Cities like places in South Africa and Nairobi Kenya.

Since we live in an age of 24-hour news cycles we list events or situations in Uganda from a local perspective keeping in mind that our Clients are International Visitors who know little about Uganda and Africa except what they read onlne or in Newspapers whose reporters are often not inside of Uganda.

Current Safety Conditions for Travelers to Uganda-2018

Current Safety Conditions -July 11 – Social Media Tax and Mobile Money Protests in Uganda:

Current Security Conditions – On July 1 -2018 the Government imposed a 200 daily Social Media Tax of 200 Shillings – 5 cents.  The tax was imposed in part that the President felt that Social Media was a hotbed for false rumor spreading.  The role of the President in an African nation is more paternalistic than it is in the West.  President Museveni frequently advises the nation on things like not eating before going to bed, gives Bedroom Advice as to what is culturally accepted norms there, and on using Honey instead of sugar for one’s tea to give a few examples.

The Tax on Mobile Money – a system that is used here as a form of banking, payments of services, sending money to relatives caused even more consternation to the Wananchi – the people

The President and the Government who infrequently use Social Media were more than surprised at the response of the people.  90% were against it, and 90 % use Social Media to stay in touch with friends including Skype and WhatsApp.  Services for those who had not paid the tax were cut for them.  The Payment of the tax could only be made with Mobile Money and not everyone had an account.  VPN usage increased.

One might be reminded of the Tax on Tea by the British on the American Colonies.  Here, on July 11 was a protest March in downtown, led by the Singer Bobi Wine who is also a Parliamentarian.  The Police responded with Tear Gas and shots into the air.  Some were arrested, Bobi Wine protected by his Fans was not.

The government is already reviewing the Taxes, blindsided by the outrage of the populace – 200 Shillings may seem small but that is 60,000 a month and when you only make a 150,000 Shilling it is substantial.

Advice to Travelers:  Stay away from any protests – we bypass downtown Kampala during times of protests for our Clients and none of our Clients have ever incurred any Security Problems as being caught up n protests.

Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo Spats on Lake Albert and Lake Edward:

During July there were two incidents that involved the Military of Uganda and the DRC in clashes resulting in the death of both Congolese and Ugandans.  Lake Edward and Lake Albert are both patrolled by DRC and Ugandan Military Boats.  Over the years there have been spats over oil right, boundaries and citizens fishing in another countries waters.

The incidents were on the two lakes and did not involve Tourists in any way.  The incidents were over fishing rights and Congolese accused of fishing in Ugandan Territorial Waters.

This happens from time to time.  Currently, a mission from the DRC is coming to Uganda to resolve the issues at hand.

Ironically the Ugandan Military is joining forces with the Congolese Military Operations against Rebels inside of the DRC.

Uganda remains a Guerilla-Free Zone:

Current Security Conditions in Uganda for Visitors and tourists mean that you are safe and secure.  Avoid any Protest Rallies and do not fish on Lake Albert until things are resolved.

Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee Trekking, Wildlife Game Drives, Lodges, and Hotel are as safe or even safer than your home country.  Uganda needs the Tourism Dollar and will do whatever it takes to make Uganda Safe and Secure for Visitors.

If you are concerned about Safety and Security, contact us and ask us about your concerns.  Uganda in 2018 is one of only two countries where you can safely track Gorillas in the Wild. Virunga National Park in the DRC remains closed for the duration of the year.

This page will be updated if there are any Safety and Security Concerns inside of Uganda that could be problematic for Visitors.