Creating Family Memories on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on December 2, 2016

A Family Safari in the Africa bonds a Family and creates shared Family Memories

Make your Safari Meaningful by Creating Family Memories on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Creating Family Memories on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda. A Family Safari is the Ultimate Gift to your children creating lasting Memories.  It is a time of education and learning that your children would never find in a school in their home country. It is an encounter with people of other cultures and learning their traditions and ways.

Creating Family Memories on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda.  Africa is the perfect destination for you and your family to go on safari  and create lasting family memories. Disneyland or Disney World, Universal Studios, an Amusement Park, the State Fair, the finest zoo, all grow faintly dim when you compare with a family vacation in the African Wild of Uganda with its wide open savannah, herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, Warthogs, Antelopes, Zebras, exotic birds, real jungles, rainforests, volcanoes, crater lakes and all that is just the beginning.

Your family safari holiday in Uganda – Rwanda is without cookie cutter motels or hotels, but family friendly Tented Camps, lodges, tree houses in the jungles, Geo-domes overlooking one of the most pristine lakes in Africa.

Eat meals that have a different  touch, a different taste but appeal to all, such as Nyama Choma – roasted meat, taste some mashed bananas called matooke, the sweetest pineapples in the world (even the center can be eaten), luscious mangoes, perfect small eating bananas – Uganda is the perfect place for the family. kid-friendly, adventurous safaris creating family memories never to be forgotten.

Beyond the magical scenery, beyond the fabulous wildlife – there are the people – the children in particular – a different culture, different ways – an exchange of ideas, dreams, and hopes – as you visit a school, an orphanage, a village, home, you will have an amazing time – rich with meaningful content creating memories for a lifetime and giving your children an education in life beyond their neighborhood, their town and their country that is priceless.

You are allowed two suitcases – in one put some gifts for children from deflated soccer balls to  children books that will enlarge the dreams and imagination of that one child to see beyond his hamlet where need is the daily bread – give the gift of hope…you and your family can do a little to impact one child, one family, one school in Uganda.

Your children can learn new skills, as to how to fish with their hands in a creek in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, how to play the drums, how to make necklaces from beads, or weave a basket, learn to dance African style, a walk in the forest with the original people of the forest – The Batwa Pygmies, learn how they hunted, gathered, used berries, bark, and plants for medicine, prepare a meal over an open fire in the African tradition – the list of things to learn is endless –

Creating Family Memories on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda – We have lots of ideas, ways to create that perfect family safari in Uganda – some of it is based on  taking my own children to places in Uganda and seeing their responses – both leaving lasting memories and in the case of my son leading him to work in the field of prosthetics – all after his African encounters. Along those lines – I never forget looking for my son as we stayed in a lodge, only to find him engaged in a game of soccer with a team playing another village…amazing – the possibilities of a family safari are endless.

Often families combine their African Holiday with what is referred to as voluntourism or volunteerism by others – all it means that a portion of your time is spent in giving back some of the joy you have received while on safari in Uganda – it will enrich your children – understanding that not all children have the things that they have, that basic needs unmet can mean life or death –a day at a place like Sanyu’s Babies Home is life changing, is enriching, and if I could say a spiritual experience, spending time with the least, the last and the lost, one can never be the same.

Go on a family safari in Uganda or Rwanda – create memories that will never fade…Be sure to read our Family Safaris Tips and Advice.

Creating Family Memories on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda – Contact us if you have any questions about a Family Safari with children.