COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists to Uganda

Posted by on October 24, 2020

What you need to know about the COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines

Must read – COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines for Tourists going on Safari in Uganda

COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists to UgandaImportant Information: The COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists to Uganda going on a Safari. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in our lives, including how you go on a Safari in Uganda.

There are new requirements in Uganda on Safari as there are elsewhere in the world. Conditions for the Wellbeing of the Safari-Participants, Tour Company, Lodge, and Wildlife Park employees. Beyond that, the health of the animals, especially the Great Apes, is everyone’s focus on Tourism.

Some of the Coronavirus prevention measures will cost you a bit more. However, they also give one a piece of mind.

Any of the new measures and directives have been placed there by Health, Security, Wildlife Officials not to harass but prevent the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus.

Africa and Uganda have survived the COVID-10 pandemic better than countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. That does not mean that Uganda will lower preventative standards, directives, and measures. Everyone’s Wellbeing focuses on the newly implemented rules and guidelines to guide International Tourism in the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda’s Borders and Entebbe Airport will open for Travelers.  A valid COVID-19-Free Certificate is required.  The test must be taken within 72-hours of arrival in Uganda. You will be directly taken to parks avoiding the public as directed by President Yoweri Museveni.

Tourists will have to weigh the risk factors and make a choice that they feel comfortable with.

COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists and Visitors to Uganda

Arrival and Departure at Entebbe International Airport:COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists to Uganda

Going through Entebbe International Airport has always been a more rigid than usual experience for the average traveler. The COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists to Uganda will make your check-in and check-out even more cumbersome. Like elsewhere in the world during this time.

You can be sure of one thing; your extra efforts will be worth it. Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is well worth the added inconveniences brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March, President Yoweri Museveni directed the Entebbe Airport’s closure and other entry/exits into and out of the country to halt the Coronavirus spread. The directive was initially for 32 days but has since been extended indefinitely after several lockdown extensions.

But, as re-opening gets closer, passengers who had got used to airport security officials rummaging their packages and bags, removing belts and shoes before being subjected to thorough body checks, look set for even more challenging times. For a start, passengers will have to arrive at least four hours before their flight.

COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists to UgandaArrival:
In addition to all the other things, you will need to have a valid COVID-19 certificate issued within 72 hours issued by your country of origin. Like in other countries, Ugandan Health Officials will administer a new test at your expense.
You are required to wear a quality Face Mask. You will have your hands sanitized, and temperature will be taken.  Should you have symptoms or test positive, you will be quarantined at your expense. Everything has been done to expedite the process, including putting up testing-tents for arriving passengers.
Entebbe International Airport will re-open on October 1, 2010.  Getting here will still be problematic due to current travel restrictions placed on some countries.
You are required to be at the airport fours before your plane’s departure. You will be checked for COVID-19 symptoms as you enter the airport.
Glass Separators have been installed for Distancing. Washrooms have no-touch faucets installed. No-Touch Doors are in the planning stages.
Uganda Wildlife Authority COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines 

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has implemented guidelines for visitors to parks and wildlife reserves. Additional ones may be implemented as the need arises.

  • The mandatory temperature screening using non-contact infra-red thermometers at the critical tourism
    gates and trailheads in the different protected areas.
  •  Mandatory hand washing or sanitizing at the entrances of all UWA premises and protected areas.
  •  Wearing a face mask while inside the protected area is mandatory. On Primate Treks, at least two N95 masks, surgical masks, or double-layered cloth masks with filters.
  • The UWA Staff will enforce social Distancing for the protection of all concerned.
  • The Government guidelines for carrying half capacity to observe social Distancing shall apply to vehicles and boats in the parks.
  •  Saloon car vehicles shall not be permitted to carry out game drives activities in the parks and protected areas.
  • Visitors to parks are encouraged to carry their hand sanitizer and masks.

We’ve got you covered during COVID-19 Times:COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists to Uganda

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is committed to keeping you well and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We abide by the rules set by the Ministry of Health, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Tourism Board, and beyond.

Uganda is one of the safest destinations in Africa.  Forbes Magazine recommended a visit to Uganda during October 2020. We follow all the rules put into place by various agencies for tour operators.

We only do private safaris.  There is not mingling with other guests in a safari vehicle since there are only your party and your driver-guide.  Our Driver-Guides are tested for COVID before each Safari.  The vehicles and our drivers meet and exceed all COVID-19 requirements and standards.

No one can guarantee that you will not contract COVID-19 wherever you are. /we will do our best to ensure that you are not exposed to the virus while on Safari with us in Uganda.

You will receive a complimentary personal protection kit while on Safari with us. Washable masks, sanitizers, disinfectant hand soap, and a copy of current guidelines since they change as the Ministry of health updates them.

We love to answer any questions about a safari in Uganda during the COVID-19 times.

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