Comparing Safari Prices in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on October 19, 2016

The Fine Art of Safari Price Comparison in Uganda and Rwanda

Getting the Best Deal by Comparing Safari Prices in Uganda – Rwanda

 When you see the word “Cheap”  used to advertise a Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Wildlife Safari it is time to take another look at what really is being offered to you.  Chea – It is loosely used, one is teased with a low price that seems great but turns out to be a bad deal for you due to the unforseen surprises it may bring.

Getting the Best Deal by Comparing Safari Prices in Uganda – Rwanda means that you need to take a second and third look at what you are really being offered and hopefully that is a full-service, quality safari.

Tricks of the Trade that make the safari offer look too good to be true:

  • Gorilla and Chimpanzee Permit Prices are not included in Safari Price: Gorilla Permits Uganda-600 USD – Rwanda 750 USD – Leaving out the  Permit Prices would make a huge difference in Price Appeal.  Chimpanzee Permits vary in price -depending on location of the the trek.
  • Stripped down Safaris that seem to be lower in price:  Some Safari Tour Operators have resorted to Bed and Breakfast Style Safaris to make their safari price more appealing.  One tour operator advertises what seem to be very low-priced safaris, on second look you find that Wildlife Game Drives are an option at 30 usd a person.
  • Inexperienced Driver-Guide:  Experienced Driver – Guides cost more – you are paying for years of experience and it is well worth it.  The Safari Vehicle should be equipped with pop-up roof for game drives and no shaded windows.

Our Advice – Remember the Yugo!

Comparing Safari Prices – Who- old enough, does not remember the Yugo – the world so-called cheapest car.  We  realize that most Visitors to Africa, to Uganda and Rwanda, seldom buy something purely based on price, and that applies to Safaris, otherwise we would all be driving Yugo Cars and the Yugo Car Maker would still be in business, it however, died as fast as it came on the market.

If you are coming to Africa, to its heart which is Uganda and Rwanda, you are coming to experience the African Wild on are looking for quality, an out of the ordinary, full-service safari using quality vehicles, tour guides, licensed, tax paying, a company that knows the Tour Business and does not just exist to make a profit.

Using a Association of Uganda Tour Operator is a must – they are licensed, have a track record, and operate by a Code of Conduct.  In Uganda there are hundreds of free lance companies, foreign tour operators selling into the country, our advice go Local.  Most of all – compare prices – ask questions – and remember a cheap price without a good Safari experience is worthless.

 Kabiza Wilderness Safaris- our take on Safaris:

Comparing Safari Prices – There is only one thing that we do – create memorable Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda with the Hakuna Matata – no worries – difference.

Everything in the Safari Itinerary is included except alcohol, sodas, tips, laundry.

We take the pain out of the permits, lodge bookings, planning.  We are not the largest Tour Company in Uganda and neither do we have any aspirations for that, our aspirations are our clients and we focus on them – one at a  time and we have done so for over a decade.

Our Private Safari prices, are competitive, fair to you and there are no hidden costs.

We love introducing you to Africa on a safe, secure, fair priced safari, that gives you the best value for your money, besides our Tour Guides are some of the best in the Business.

Compare the prices – and we might suggest – go with your feelings and experience that you have had thus far with the Safari Tour Operator.

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