Coffee Lover Survival Kit while on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on June 13, 2017

 Getting a Great Cup of Coffee on Safari

Practical Tips and Advice for Coffee Lovers on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Coffee Lover Survival Kit while on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda. Coffee was born and raised in Coffee Lover Survival Kit while on SafariAfrica. Today some of the best Arabica Coffee is grown in Uganda and Rwanda. Visiting here, outside of Kampala, you may never know that and neither does anyone else as you are served tepid water in a thermos, sugar, often powdered milk or creamer and the worst thing one can do to a coffee lover, Instant Coffee.

It is easier to buy a top quality Arabica Bean Cup of Coffee anywhere in the world but not in a lodge in Uganda or Rwanda.

Costco sells it, Starbucks has a variety of beans from the heart of Africa on Sale, but the version of Java served here often remains “Star, Africafe, or Nescafe Instant Coffee” made from Robusta Coffee Beans and not from the more flavorful Arabica Coffee grown in the Land of a Thousand Hills or the Pearl of Africa.

Coffee Lover Survival Kit while on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda. You are on Safari in the midst of World-Class Coffee growing Advice for Coffee Lovers visiting Uganda - RwandaCountries and you are served tepid water, along with some lousy Instant Coffee, the person serving you has no clue that instant coffee is like “Dancing without Music.” They do not know how much of an insult “Instant Coffee” is to a lover of good coffee.

Like most Ugandans or Rwandans the person bringing their morning joe, have had their cup of Chai, Tea that you will see grow in parts of Uganda and Rwanda.

Recently I came across this on TripAdvisor in a review by a visitor to Uganda “The coffee is weak and terrible, just like every place in Uganda. I am used to that.” Recently I came across this on TripAdvisor in a review by a visitor to Uganda “The coffee was weak and terrible, just like every other place in Uganda. I am used to that.”

Coffee is something many of us who travel enjoy, and not just any coffee, but a good morning brew, not instant, not weak stuff, but real Arabica Ugandan or Rwandan morning brew which we have read about, which is grown and produced in this country but often not served by Tea-loving Ugandans and Rwandans who think that instant coffee along with tepid water is just fine.

Icoffee-no-instant-350s Instant Coffee just fine?

The Answer is a resounding no, after all, you are traveling in a World-Class Coffee Growing Country and one cannot settle for Nescafe’ or some other form of Instantwhatever, even if it is served with a smile.

The Safari Experience – that visit to Uganda – Rwanda loses something without a Good Cup of Arabica Bean Morning-Joe.

Yes, you can get a great cup of Coffee, espresso in Kigali or Kampala, even in smaller towns in both countries, now even on the equator, but you are looking for that of coffee in the morning with which you watch the waking of the wild of Africa as the sun arises, but often are disappointed to get a crusty tin of Instant, Ersatz Coffee that just does not go along with the occasion – your African Dream Safari.

Uganda might be the Pearl of Africa and Rwanda the Land of a Thousand Hills, Countries filled with scenic Coffee-2nd-sunrisewonders, home of the mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, great wildlife viewing and fantastic birding, however, if the morning Java is lousy. it is not a great way to start the day on Safari in countries where coffee is one of its greatest exports, where some of the best varieties in the world are grown.

To a coffee lover not serving the Country’s best is plain insanity and it also reflects something else. Lodge owners are clueless to what his or her guests want – it is for sure that 99% of guests do not tepid water and instant coffee, but the real thing, grown and exported all over the world, except to some hotels and lodges.

The Safari Experience – the visit to Uganda – Rwanda loses something without a Good Cup of Arabica Bean Morning-Joe, that is why we came up with the Coffee Lover Survival Kit  while on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

The Good news is coffee-hemingwaythis, you have an alternative in Kigali and Kampala and even other larger towns – Good Coffee Shops are on the increase – you can even get good coffee on the Equator in Uganda, now….Things are getting better but far from meetings the needs of a guest who loves good coffee and yet even Ernest Hemingway got a good cup of coffee on Safari in Africa.

Uganda and Rwanda both want to showcase their country, its primates, wildlife, and scenery, they spend millions of dollars promoting their count.  They do not realize that they can take pride in their World-class Coffee and promote it by serving it at hotels, restaurant lodges and sell packages of it as souvenirs to their home country, family, and friends.

The safari goer keeps drinking Ugandan or Rwandan Coffees found at Starbucks, Costco, many other coffee outlets, long after leaving. Every cup of Ugandan and Coffee they drink beyond the Safari is a huge plus for either country and through Coffee, Rwanda and Uganda promote tourism.

The decision makers that promote tourism are most likely Tea Drinkers and not Coffee Lovers. Coffee was born in and is raised in Africa – Ethiopia is the home of Arabica Beans and Uganda is the home of Robusta coffee that grew here in the wild. UgandaRwanda beyond Primates and Wildlife are Coffee Growing Countries.

What you may not know – the Rwandan Coffee Shop Chain “Bourbon Coffee” has opened successful outlets in the USA that not only sell Rwandan Coffee and food but tell the story of Africa, getting people interested in visiting the Heart of Africa.

coffee-cup-smallOur Coffee Lover Survival Kit  while on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

A Coffee Lover’s Survival Guide in Africa – Uganda – Rwanda

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – What we do for Coffee Lovers on Safari with us:

kabiza-brown-tan-logo-250Our Coffee Lover Survival Kit  while on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda, plus other tips. For a start, let us know that you love good coffee that is step number one and will allow us to book you into lodges where good Arabica Coffee is served. Unfortunately that is mostly in moderate and upmarket lodges and even then it is hit and miss depending on the owners of the lodge or hotel.

As a Safari Tour Operator, we realize the importance of a hotel or lodge that serves real coffee, not the instant version which is like an Ersatz Coffee. If coffee is a must have beverage in the morning, we will do our best to make sure that your coffee cravings are quenched with the real stuff.

Just let us know ahead of the safari that you enjoy a great cup of coffee in the morning.

Creating a Coffee Lover Survival Kit while on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

  • Avoid using Shoestring or Budget Hotels and Lodges in Uganda – Rwanda. Even if they are located next to a Coffee Plantation, most likely you will get the instant kind.
  • Use Moderate or Upmarket Lodges the chance of getting instant diminishes when you use better hotels or upmarket lodges.
  • French Press:  Coffee Lovers must-pack Survival Kit item – a small French Press coffee maker.  We can buy one here for you.
  • Purchase quality, ground Ugandan – Rwandan Coffee in a larger supermarket or a coffee shop. In Uganda, we recommend the hand-roasted Big Gorilla Coffee and Star Cafe’ Bugisu or White Mountain Coffee. In Rwanda stick to the world-class Bourbon Coffee or Maraba variety, all of them made from Arabica Beans. Be sure to order very hot, boiling water. Decaf coffee is not made here, you have to bring it.
  • Emergency Plan: In case you did not bring a French Press and cannot find one locally, there is another way. Take two cups, put the right amount into one cup, add boiling water, let sit for a short time and pour the coffee through a fine sieve into the other cup. Voila – a great cup of coffee.
  • If all of the above fails, try a great cup of Tea in Uganda or Rwanda – it is actually quite good. You may not like African Tea with milk, sugar, ginger all boiled in one pot, you can get a cup of plain tea.