Choosing the best Safari Tour Guide for your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on May 20, 2017

You Deserve the Best – Choosing the best Safari Tour Guide for your Safari 

We Choose the best Tour Guide for your Safari in Uganda and R Swanda

Choosing the best Safari Tour Guide for your Safari – Here is what we look for in a driver – Tour Guide for your Safari in Uganda and Rwanda.  Drivers abound in numbers, countless of drivers are looking for jobs.  Seasoned Tour Guides are another story and we look for someone with right skills, customer service orientation and has you in mind.  The Safari Tour Guide is one of the most important ingredients to a successful Safari in the Heart of Africa.

Choosing the best Safari Tour Guide for your Safari – Our Tour Guides need the following Characteristics:

1.  Safe and Sane Driving Skills – a Map in their Head:

Driving in Africa, in Uganda and Rwanda is different from your home country.  In the case of Uganda, quite different.  You need someone who knows the rules of the road, both written and unwritten.

Our Tour Guides do not have a GPS system but have a map in their heads, know how to move past collapsed bridges, deal with with road obstacles, simply know Uganda and Rwanda.Choosing the best Safari Tour Guide for your Safari in Uganda - Rwanda

2. Be a passionate and confident Communicator:

A Tour Guide needs to know what they are talking about, whether it be wildlife or the cultural and historical background. They need to be a good communicator, need to know when to give some a response and when to keep quiet.  They definitely need a sense of humor, no one likes to be lectured but Tourists like to be engaged and entertained on their dream safari. Simply put, they need to be personal.

3.  They need to be Flexible:

You are in Africa, things here have a tendency to change – a bridge is washed out, a road is under water.  The Tour Guide needs to be flexible, adjusting the safari with a confident approach that makes the Client feel safe.  They also need to adjust to that those spontaneous moments that often occur

4.  On Time and Organized:

Our Safari Tour Guides are organized and follow the itinerary you have chosen.  Start times and activities are done in a timely fashion. We may be on Africa Time, but not on Safari.  (Africa is based more on relationships than task orientated – we incorporate both.)

5.  Must be Sensitive to Client’s Needs:

Our Tour Guides are sensitive to the needs of our clients.  They are also the advocate of clients at lodges and restaurants.  This sensitivity is from having the music in the vehicle either off or on low, knowing when to put on AC such as when driving on a dusty road, snacks, water,  simply learning and knowing the preferences, likes and dislikes of our Clients.

6.  Honest Tour Guides:

We are in Africa and the need and greed factors can be overwhelming brining the temptation to be dishonest.  We use only Tour Guides with a record of Honesty and Truthfulness.

7.  Tour Guide needs to keep Clients informed of any changes:

There is the tendency to just keep quiet in Africa.  Our Tour Guides keep our clients informed of any changes that may occur (rarely).  Hakuna Matata – worry-free safaris are our Aim.

Things that can happen on Safari – taken from the Internet – we do everything for such things not to occur.


  • You are on a 10-day safari with a Driver who simply does not speak and answers questions with maybe a word.
  • Your driver does not speak English and communication is via sign-language.
  • Your driver is never on time – coming hours late with no excuse.
  • Your driver stops to meet some friends – having tea – leaving you in the vehicle.
  • Your driver takes you to meet his family, never asking you if that was ok with you.
  • Your driver goes off-road – straight toward the animals which is a no-no.
  • Your driver throws out bottles and litter while on a game drive
  • Your driver asks for more money for things that have been paid for.

Choosing the best Safari Tour Guide for your Safari  -Our Safari Tour Guides are handpicked, experienced Guides with over 5 years of experience, haveChoosing the best Safari Tour Guide for your Safari in Uganda - Rwanda a safe driving record, a congenial personality, knowledgeable about Uganda, knowledgeable about wildlife, birds, a guide who knows those special places, who knows things beyond guide books, whose passion for Africa and Uganda is clear.

The one who takes you on Safari is the key to your safari, they either make it that once in a lifetime African Adventure or they have the ability to make it a safari nightmare from hell.The choice is yours – a driver – or an experienced Safari Guide with driving skills plus– go for the best – or settle for the lower price and potential safari nightmare…enjoy your time in Uganda – make informed choices.

Enjoy your time on Safari with one of our competent Tour Guides in the Heart of Africa – Uganda and Rwanda.

Get the best the best Safari Tour Guide – if you have any questions – please ask us.

Choosing the best Safari Tour Guide for your Safari in Uganda - Rwanda