Bwana Tembo Safari Camp – Murchison Falls Park

Posted by on April 12, 2016

Bwana Tembo Safari Camp – Murchison Falls Park overlooking  the Nile River and Delta

Bwana Tembo Safari  Camp – Moderately  Priced Tented Camp and Cottages – Wildlife all around – stunning views – delightful food

 In a sea of lodging sameness – Bwana Tembo Safari Camp is delightfully different – not so much in tents and cottages – both of them are great – like other tented camps and lodges it has a beautiful view the River Nile and the Savannah Delta that leads to it – but if one reads the various accounts by former guests at Bwana Tembo Safari Camp on TripAdvisor where most everyone raves about the delightful food with a genuine Italian touch.

When it comes to food one could call it a Caffee Roma (Italian Restaurant in Muyenga – Kampala) in the Bush – simply delightful three course dinners that delight the senses and leave you satisfied as you spend the rest of the evening on the deck of your tent or cottage and take in the African evening and night in the African Wild.

Bwana Tembo Safari Camp – Murchison Falls Park is just outside of the northern border of Murchison Falls National Park and a short drive into the park and about 30 minutes from the game drive tracks.  The location of the camp is a former wildlife reserve and there is an abundance of wildlife that can be seen from the camp and wildlife such as Elephants come into the camp to the delight of the guests that are staying there.

Bwana Tembo Safari Camp – Murchison Falls Park is a moderately priced and there are four cottages and four tented cottages, the tents are on platforms and have a thatched roof over them, both the cottages and the tents have en-suite bathrooms and solar lighting.  Charging of your cameras and other electronic equipment should be  done at the Main Loge at the reception where the dining room is also located.

From Greeting to departure – you simply feel well attended to and your needs met in some cases before you ask.  The rooms, tents, bathrooms are clean and well maintained and most everything you might need is available here at Bwana Tembo Safari Camp at Murchison Falls National Park.

From this delightful location you can easily explore Murchison Falls National Park and you have no ferry-crossing in the early mornings and can easily begin your game drives quite early from here.

Got to Trip-Advisor and see what others have written about Bwana Tembo Safari Lodge – I found the commBwana Tembo Safari Camp – Murchison Falls Parkent of one former guest quite unfair.  The moderate price for the lodging facility represents good value in Uganda for mid-range lodging especially when you consider the food on top of the quality lodging.

Enjoy your time at Bwana Tembo Safari Camp – Murchison Falls Park – great food,comfortable cottages and of course the River Nile is always before you to enjoy- you are a reasonable distance from Game Tracks – you can request that we include it in your itinerary for Murchison Falls National Park…

Bwana Tembo Safari Camp – Murchison Falls Park -If you like to include in your safari with us – please let us know.