Brochettes – the National Dish of Rwanda

Posted by on May 29, 2018

The Dish of Choice in Rwanda is Goat – Beef – Chicken – Pork – Brochettes

Brochettes – the National Dish of Rwanda – Meat on a Skewer with Green Peppers and Onions.

Brochettes – the National Dish of Rwanda.  Rwandans love their Goat – Beef – Chicken – Brochettes – try it at least once while visiting  Rwanda – you will become a convert rather quickly.  It has been said that “Brochettes define the Cuisine of Rwanda.”

In Rwanda – from Village bar to upmarket Restaurant – Brochettes will be on the Menu along with halved potatoes, Fries, Roasted Bananas.

Brochettes – the National Dish of Rwanda – the meat on a skewer can be Goat – Beef – Chicken – Pork -Fish even vegetable ones here or there.

Brochettes can always be found from Up-Market to a Corner Bar.  If there is a National Food Obsession, a National Dish in Rwanda – it is Brochettes. The smell of meat being roasted is a good sign that you can eat a Brochette.

Rwandans love their Goat – Beef – Chicken – Brochettes – Goat  being the Brochette of choice, followed by Beef, Pork and in better restaurants, you can find chicken or even fish Brochettes.

Brochettes are available most anywhere and one is told that the best Goat or Beef Brochettes are those in the little bars with the big Primus beer sign outside.

You might have to wait up to an hour for your brochettes to arrive, but at the end of the day it is satisfaction all around and the price will be just right compared to a meal in an expensive restaurant.

Unlike in the West, in Rwanda vegetarian brochettes are not often found, this is carnivore country and goat is king here in Rwanda and goat brochettes are the brochette of choice and as said, no matter what part of the Land of a Thousand Hills you are in, Brochettes will be on the menu and of course roasted over red-hot coals.

Uganda is known for its pork joints and muchomo, in Kenya it is Nyama Choma and in Rwanda Nyama Choma has been refined into a Brochette, bite-size pieces of meat on a skewer, at times laced with some vegetables or even liver, along with a side-dish of potatoes that are  roasted on an BBQ (Rwanda’s version of a baked potato), or deep fried bananas, fries, a salad in restaurants and you are set. Rwanda’s fun food on any night out in Kigali or elsewhere.

The cost for a few meat on the stick brochettes is a bargain, Rwandans will add a bottle or two of Primus Beer along as they savor the taste of their Brochettes, roasted potatoes, roasted Bananas and in some cases a salad.

When you visit Rwanda, visit Kigali will often ask “have you tasted a brochette” yet?

At the very sight of a plate of Brochettes, Rwandans will start salivating with the joys of anticipation of eating Rwanda’s National Dish – Brochettes.

As a Visitor to Rwanda you have to try a goat, beef, chicken, or fish brochette, otherwise, you have not tasted the Rwandan Cuisine and National Dish of Choice.  Most visitors love brochettes and enjoy them like Rwandans do. One cannot just eat one brochette but at least a couple, add a Primus Beer and you are in Rwanda’s version of heaven…you want a bite of Rwanda – try a brochette in the land of a Thousand Hills.

Brochettes – the National Dish of Rwanda – just try a few – you will love them too.