Boomu – Experience an African Village in Uganda

Posted by on July 29, 2017

Boomu  – Experience an African Village in Uganda near Murchison Falls Park

A Village Visit or African Village Stay with the Boomu Women’s Group

Boomu  – Experience an African Village in Uganda in the Kigaragara Village near Murchison Falls National Park. You can either take part in a Village Visit or stay overnight in a traditional African Banda while learning how rural Uganda lives each day.

Boomu  – Experience an African Village in Uganda with the Boomu Women’s Group (there are actually some men who belong to the group) at Kigaragara Village near Murchison Falls National  Park and Budongo Forest allow visitors to Uganda a look at life in an African Village.  Not in some touristy way, but just the way it is, the way that they live with their families at Kigaragara Village.

There is no electricity, no running water, not even solar lighting, it is the way it has been in Africa and is in many African villages, including Ugandan Villages such as Kigaragara where you can visit for a tour of the community or overnight and you are part of the team gathering and preparing the food, everything is fresh, there is no refrigeration.

It is from the garden to the stove and to your plate and you are involved in the process from beginning to end.  Boomu means “together”  and by the time you leave here you will have more of an understanding that it does “take a village working together” to survive and thrive in Africa. On a side note – normally villagers in Uganda eat with their hands, you wash your hands before and after but at Boomu you are offered the optional fork.

Your stay here is in African Banda (round cottage”) on well-maintained grounds.  Your Banda is surrounded by trees, including fruit tree, plants, shrubs and flowers in bloom attracting lots of butterflies and tropical birds creating a peaceful and relaxing setting as you sit there and see a colony of Weaver Birds in a tree near you.

Showers are open air ones and hot water can be supplied to you in a Jerry can – a bit different but think of this way – most do not use hot water when they shower but cold water.  The toilet is Eco-friendly and the composting kind.

 Most meals are traditional Ugandan ones – even though you might have cooked be sure to thank the host “thank you for cooking.”  If you do want a more Western Meal it can be prepared for you and Vegetarians and Vegans can be readily accommodated.

If you want that real African Hut like feeling, one of the Banda was created as a traditional mud hut and you can stay there.  At night there is a campfire and a sharing of stories as in the days of old since African History and Traditions were not written, but they were woven into stories that were handed down from generation to generation.

At Boomu  – Experience an African Village in Uganda where you take a guided walk, hear tales of old from the elders, as well as the Banyoro People courtship rituals and birth celebrations.

Get a firsthand understanding of the obstacles and difficulties that villagers face because of the lack of education, the lack of infrastructures such as electricity or running water, the population growth and its impact on land and pressure for more food ( average Ugandan woman gives birth 6.7 children in her life).  Learn by seeing the traditional farming methods and how those crops are processed.

Boomu Women’s group also creates some fine bed spreads and other woven products, dyed with colors collected from nature around the village, you can see some beautiful basket weaving done and buy a few items that will keep the memories coming of your stay of Boomu Women’s group which taught you what it means to be and work “together.”

Visit Boomu  – Experience an African Village in Uganda – where the Village Stay or Village Walk are not a touristy kind of event, but you see and experience an African Village firsthand as it is from day-to-day in rural Uganda.

African Village Stays in Uganda and Rwanda:


If you are interested in a Village Stay or Visit with the Boomu Women’s Group – Kigaragara Village near Murchison Falls National Park while on Safari with us, please let us know.