Best Wildlife Park to see Cheetahs in Uganda

Posted by on October 2, 2016

Kidepo Valley National Park – Uganda’s best Best Wildlife Park  to see Cheetahs

The endangered Cheetahs are making a strong comeback in Kidepo Valley National Park

 Best Wildlife Park to see Cheetahs. Cheetahs, the fastest Land Animal (short distances speeds of up to 70 miles an hour in the shortest time) can often be found in Kidepo Valley Park.  In recent years people have spotted Cheetahs on he Northern side of Murchison Falls National Park. Best Wildlife Park  to see Cheetahs in Uganda is in East Africa’s remote Kidepo Valley National Park.

Cheetahs prefer the open grasslands, savannas, even hills, and mountains – all terrain found in Kidepo Valley National Park.  The openness of the park with its grasslands fits the Cheetahs lifestyle and manner in which they hunt, where they run instead of stalking and pouncing like other cats. (Cheetahs can even swim necessary)

Cheetahs – you will find most beautiful cats as you spot them in the wild of Kidepo Valley National Park.  They are quite tall and seem quite sleek, yet muscled – seemingly build for speed.  The cheetah coat has this gold tone to it and a pattern of black spots. They were often hunted for their pelts in years gone by.  In spite of the fur appearing silky to the touch, it is not,quite to the contrary, it is coarse. The most unique feature is the black tear-mark that comes down from the eye to the corner mouth.

A mature Cheetah weights from 85 to 145  pounds – similar to the leopard.  They  reach a height of over 30 inches and it is the height that sets them apart from other cats.

When it comes to reproduction, the Cheetah is the most productive cat, few of the cubs survive predators,illnesses that come from the lack genetic diversity – it is said that about 20% of the cubs survive and grow into adulthood.

Females, mothers are  solitary animals, while males will partner with two or three other males and go on the hunt and there are lots of animals to hunt at Kidepo Valley National Park, the best place in Uganda to see Cheetahs in the wild.

KidepoValley Park is the African Wild as it used to be, it is one of the most remote parks in East Africa and home to Cheetahs.

Kidepo Valley Park -Remote-Unvisited 

Things to do and see at Kidepo Valley Park – Uganda

If you like to visit the Best Wildlife Park  to see Cheetahs – Kidepo Valley Park – Please let us know and we will include it in your safari with us.