Best Ways of Staying in Touch with Home while on Safari in Uganda

Posted by on February 7, 2020

Tips and Advice on how to Stay in Touch with Home while

Here are the Best Ways of Staying in Touch with Home while on Safari in Uganda

Staying in Touch with Home while on Safari in Uganda is easy. While we may think that the best way to experience a Safari in Uganda is unplugged. Most Safari Goers prefer to stay in touch. The easiest and least expensive way is with WiFi. Most Hotels and Lodges provide WiFi for guests. 

Stay Connected with connected with Family and Friends and share your experiences on Safari in Uganda firsthand. In the digital age that we live where social media and connectivity mean so much, we understand why you want to remain connected with home.

Please be aware that connectivity depends on location. Some remote areas mean no Internet connections. A reality that is becoming a rarity, nevertheless, it still exists, and you may get a no-network signal.

We suggest that in using Voice over Internet Apps such as Skype or WhatsApp, you consider others. This is especially true at lodges where others might be gathering.

Tips and Advice on Staying in Touch with Home while on Safari in Uganda

Using a Smartphone in Uganda:

Getting a local Sim Card in Uganda used to be easy. For those going on Safari, it is not worth the time and effort. There are too many hurdles in place because of security measures that the government has taken. We suggest that you use your Smart Phones WiFi Options relying on WhatsApp, Skype, and similar devices instead of paying costly roaming charges.

Some large Phone Companies have favorable International Rates, but WhatsApp and Skype will remain your best and most affordable way of voice and video communication.

A smartphone is the best device for Staying in Touch with Home while on Safari in Uganda. It is compact. It can easily be packed gives you mobility.

Using WiFi on a Safari in Uganda:

Whether you are using a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, WiFi is the solution to Staying in Touch with Home while on Safari in Uganda. The quality of the WiFi Connectivity varies from lodge to lodge to lodge and hotel to hotel. Not every lodge and hotel uses quality routers that can take a maximum number of users

4-G exists in cities like Kampala, but when you get to the countryside, the quality of transmission diminishes. It all depends on the transmission towers and networks. Significant improvements have been made, but it is not up to standards elsewhere in the world.

WiFi at most Lodges will be in the main lodge area only. That has to do with the location of the cottages, which are often distant from the main lodge.

WiFi Connectivity Tips while on Safari

  • Switch your Smartphone or Tablet if it has a Sim Card to Airplane Mode to avoid costly roaming charges.
  • Pack chargers for devices you are bringing. Electrical Plugs in Uganda are the UK kind. Many lodges have charging stations at the main lodge. That is especially true where lodges use Solar Power.
  • Your Driver-Guide will always have a phone if you need to make an actual phone call in case WhatsApp or Skype does not work.

WiFi – Smartphone – Connectivity Etiquette on Safari:

  • You are on Safari. You and others unplugged best enjoy it. We strongly suggest that you turn on the airplane mode on your smartphone while in the dining area of the lodge, on game drives, on hikes, or a gorilla trek.
  • If you are making a call, do it away from others. Use common sense. How would you feel if someone else disturbed your dinner with a loud phone conversation?

Security Suggestion: 

You have left your home. You are on Safari in Africa. Your posts on Social Media let people, including evil people, know that you are away. Security experts suggest that you post when you return home.

You are staying in Touch with Home while on Safari in Uganda. It has never been easier. We will assist you in every way possible while you are on a Safari with us.