Best Places to see Rothschild Giraffes in the Wild

Posted by on November 18, 2018

The endangered Rothschild Giraffes of Uganda

The Best Places to see Rothschild Giraffes also known as Nubian – Baringo or Uganda Giraffes

 Best Places to see Rothschild Giraffes in the Wild in Uganda – Murchison Falls Park and Kidepo Valley Park and Lake Mburo Park – The endangered  Rothschild now Nubian Giraffes, also known as Baringo or Uganda Giraffes are thriving and growing in numbers in their Natural Environment, especially in Murchison Falls National Park where there are now well over 1,250 Rothschild (Baringo, Nubian or Ugandan) Giraffes. That is one of the comeback stories in endangered Wildlife Management  and it is happening in Uganda.

There are over 1,250 Rothschild Giraffes in Murchison Falls Park alone, a much smaller, (50-Plus) but thriving number of Rothschild Giraffes in Kidepo Valley Park and less than 50 in Lake Mburo National Park.

There are no Giraffes in Queen Elizabeth Park due to adaption issues the vegetation and other conservation issues. 

The endangered, Nubian formerly Rothschild Giraffe, the tallest Giraffe is thriving in the Wild of Uganda in Murchison Falls Park, on both sides of the Nile, in Kidepo Valley Park and Lake Mburo National Park.

Best Places to see Rothschild Giraffes -Drive along a game track in Murchison Falls National Park and you can come across across large herds of Giraffe,  up to 50 and according to Phil Briggs who writes  the Bradt Guide for Uganda.

There is no other place in Africa you can find such large numbers and Groups.  Murchison Falls Park is certainly one of the Best Places to see the what is now referred to as the (Nubin Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis camelopardalis) formerly known as the Rothschild Giraffes,  in the wild.

According to the Giraffe Conservation Foudation (the foundation works in Uganda with UWA) there  are presently over 1,250 Nubian Giraffes in Murchison Falls making it the largest population of Nubian (Rothschild) Giraffes in Africa and in the World.

The Nubian or Rothschild are also called Uganda Giraffe and Baringo Giraffe found in the wild in limited places in East Africa such as the Nakuru National Park in Kenya, Murchison Falls Park and Kidepo Valley Park in Uganda – located in the remote North East region of the country.  es.

In Kenya they have been reintroduced in several parks and wildlife reserves and in Uganda the Rothschild Giraffe was reintroduced into Kidepo Valley Park  and Lake Mburo which had been its natural habitat in times past.

The Nubian – Rothschild Giraffe i s the tallest Giraffe in the world (also the tallest animal) measuring up to 6 meters in height (20 feet) when fully matured, they can weigh up to 2,800 pounds, with the males weighing more than the females by several hundred pounds.

There are some features that make them stand out from other Giraffes – they have white socks up to their knees, They have 5 horns on their heads, two of them are in the same place as other giraffes at the top of their head.

The third horn is in the center of their forehead and the other two behind each ear. They are also different from other Giraffes in the coloring of the coat which consists of dark patches and then areas of creamy white through them.  In fact, their markings are along the lines of that of a leopard and the markings on their coat are as unique as the human fingerprint.

You might see them moving slowly along through the savannah, but don’t be deceived – these creature can move at a speedy clip. In spite of their great height and gangly appearance the giraffe is one of the fastest species of animal, reaching top speeds of 35mph (56km/h) when running over open ground.  For longer distances, the giraffe can lope along at about 10mph (16km). They have one of the longest and most mobile tongues reaching an average length of  45.6cm

Giraffes are browsing animals which use their huge necks and their long and mobile tongues (45.6 centimeters long) strip the leaves and bark from trees on the African savannah. They also graze and have a series of special valves and a complicated network of elastic blood vessels in the neck, not only to prevent the animal from passing out when it bends down to drink or graze, but also to ensure that the blood is successfully pumped along its long neck to the brain.

Another amazing fact about Giraffes is that they can go for months without drinking liquid water – instead they receive their water via the leaves such as from acacia trees that they eat and you can always find them nibbling away in top of the trees that dot the savanna.

Best Places to see Rothschild Giraffes – There is no more beautiful sight than to see these gracious animals moving through the savannah in numbers. It is always a most memorable moment for visitors to Murchison Falls National Park – Kidepo Valley Park and Lake Mburo Park.

What is with the name changes from Rothschild to Nubian Giraffe?  They are Genetically Identical – so call what you want – Nubian – Rothschild – Baringo or Uganda Giraffe:

The Nubian giraffe is the nominate subspecies, meaning its Latin subspecific name is the same as that of the entire species, because it was the first specimen recorded. Recent research has shown that the two subspecies previously known as Nubian and Rothschild’s giraffe are actually genetically identical. As the nominate subspecies, Rothschild’s giraffe have been subsumed into Nubian giraffe. The current estimate of Nubian giraffe is 2,645 individuals, ranging across eastern South Sudan, western Ethiopia, northern Uganda and west-central Kenya. Large herds have been reported in South Sudan, but this information is extremely difficult to confirm and their numbers might be much lower due to ongoing poaching in the region. Interestingly, the majority of Rothschild’s giraffe in Kenya are outside their natural range (extralimital), in contrast to those in Uganda.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation 

Best Places to see Rothschild Giraffes in the Wild of Uganda’s Parks

 Murchison Falls National Park:

Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda is the best location for seeing the Nubian or Rothschild Giraffe in the wild.  With a population of over 1,250 Giraffes there is nowhere else that you can herds of up to 50 Giraffes roaming the Savannah of the park.

Due to a recent translocation of giraffes to the other side of the Nile where no Giraffe have ben, Giraffes can now seen on both sides of the historic River Nile.

The story of the Giraffes of Murchison Falls National Park is a conservation success where the population of Giraffe has been used to foster up the Rothschild Population of Kidepo Valley Park and start it in Lake Mburo National Park.

There is northing like seeing a herd of 50 Giraffes together on your Game Drive in Murchison Falls Park.

 Kidepo Valley National Park:

Kidepo Valley Park is one of the Best Parks in Africa and when it comes to the endangered Rothschild Giraffes  it is the second best place to see them.

The park was originally restocked with Giraffes from Kenya and in recent times Giraffes from Murchison Falls Park were brought here. The population of Giraffe is growing here and it is hoped that it will soon reach 100 in number.

This unique park – that is like Africa was 50 years ago.  You have that all alone feeling since there are less than 20 new visitors per day.

When you encounter the Rothschild – Nubian Giraffes here it is an experience like nowhere else in Africa since most likly no one else will be around.

 Lake Mburo National Park:

15 Rothschild Giraffes were taken from Murchison Falls Park and transferred to Lake Mburo in order to restock the park with giraffes that were killed during the violent times in Uganda.

The environment of Lake Mburo Park is suited for Rothschild Giraffes since there are many Acacia Trees for them to feed on.  Lake Mburo National Park is now the only park in Western Uganda with Giraffes.

There are now about 20-plus Giraffes found in Lake Mburo National Parl.  It is the only Savannah Park with the Rothschild Giraffes.

The reason for them being in Lake Mburo is that the conditions are right for them, plenty Acacia Trees for them to chew on.

 If you are interested in visiting the Best Places to see Rothschild Giraffes in the Wild while on your Safari in Uganda – please let us know.