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Posted by on September 18, 2018

Choice – Select Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda

Out of the Ordinary – Upmarket – Luxury Honeymoon Spots in the Pearl of Africa

 Here are the Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations and Lodges in Uganda and for your Honeymoon Safari with us.

They are Upmarket, Luxury Lodges because since they add that romantic ambiance to a Honeymoon Safari.  There is no comparison between a Romantic Luxury Safari Lodge and a midrange lodge. 

While they might be fine for a normal Safari they normally do not meet the standards of a celebratory Gorilla – Wildlife Honeymoon Safari in Uganda.

The Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations Luxury Lodges will add those special Memories as you celebrate your Relationship on an African Gorilla Safari in Uganda. This includes the extra services offered, the quality of meals and those extra touches one receives at Luxury Safari Lodge.

Luxury Gorilla Honeymoon Safaris are something that we love creating in Uganda.  We are romantics at heart and creating and implementing a Honeymoon Safari comes naturally to us.

We know the best luxury and romantic Lodge Destinations in Uganda, the lodges that add that extra touch to your celebratory time in the Pearl of Africa.

It is the Honeymoon Lodge Destinations in Uganda that provide that backdrop for your time on Safari.

 Wildwaters Lodge – an incredible Romantic Experience on the Nile – Jinja 

Wildwaters Lodge, your stay is on a private island in the midst of the rushing River Nile.  You stay in a one of a kind incredible, romantic setting in one of Uganda’s most superb lodges.

Tented Cottages that lack nothing, private decks with a tub, excellent food, nature walks on the island, a place where you can relax and simply – enjoying the tropical sun on one of the most celebrated rivers in the world, the River Nile.

We include this lodge in our celebratory Safaris such as Honeymoons.  The Safari, however, has to end or begin In Entebbe to be logically included in a Honeymoon Safari

Wildwaters Lodge is one of Uganda’s Best Honeymoons Lodges.

 Mihingo Safari Lodge – Ultimate Luxury in the African Bush of Lake Mburo Park 

Mihingo Safari Lodge is a favorite among honeymooners visiting Uganda. It is simply an amazing lodge, each tented cottage is private from the other, great views, even from the bathrooms you have a most splendid view of the African Bush.  Horseback-Riding Safaris, Swimming Pool with a view.

The Meals here are incredible and you can even have your own private bush dinner by your cottage.  The lodge caters to those on a honeymoon or other romantic, relational times spent here.  They will cater to couples in some incredible ways

Mihingo Safari Lodge is one of Uganda’s Best Honeymoon Lodges and is visited by many of those on a honeymoon safari with us.

 Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Luxury Lodge inside of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest 

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is one of those perfect honeymoon lodges inside of the ancient Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest is one of those unusual Honeymoon locations, an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world –  you have to come to Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – home to over half the Mountain Gorillas in the World. The Perfect location for Gorilla Tracking, great food, and exemplary service – it simply does not get any better and you just might have some visitors – gorillas from the forest which makes the experience even more amazing.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is one of Uganda’s Best Honeymoon Destinations Lodges.

 Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge-Luxury at Nkuringo in Bwindi Forest

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, the highest elevation lodge in Uganda,  in the southern area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Exquisite, Luxurious Comfort in the southern area of the forest with splendid views of the Virunga Volcanoes all the way into the Congo.

Your cottage is a suite – a patio overlooking the forest and the Volcanoes in the distance.  It is one of the Exclusive, Premier Gorilla Lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and beyond.  This is probably the best lodge in all of Uganda.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is truly a luxury lodge with all of the comforts that you do not have at home

The lodge is not a mere room for you to stay in for a night or two but an experience with 24-hour butler and maid service, a fireplace to take off the Bwindi Chill and superb meals and service.

 Chameleon Hill Lodge – No other Lodge like it in Uganda 

In a sea of sameness – Chameleon Hill stands out as a one of a kind lodge in all of Uganda.  This up-market lodge along one of Africa’s most stunning lakes with architecture that is certainly not the norm, your imagination can go free here, obviously the dear owner has made real what envisioned within and since it is brand new – there are just a few reviews on TripAdvisor – but all of them are a hearty thumbs up for excellence.

From here you can explore Lake Mutanda, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and the southern sector Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Though none of our clients have stayed here – we add them to our list as best honeymoon spots in Uganda.

Chameleon Hill is one of Uganda’s Best Honeymoon Lodges..

 Ishasha Wilderness Camp in the Unvisited Ishasha Region of Queen Elizabeth Park

Ishasha Wilderness Camp is one of the favorite lodges for honeymooners on safari in Uganda.  It is definitely a Wilderness Camp – however with all comforts you might desire – simply an amazing lodge along the Ntungwe River for you to enjoy and the perfect base in search of the tree-climbing lions of Ishasha.

Lunchtime and during the afternoon enjoy the wildlife in the river such as elephants coming to bathe, it does not get any better.

Here we can schedule a romantic Bush Breakfast or a later afternoon Sundowner.

Ishasha Wilderness Camps are one of Uganda’s Best Honeymoon Lodges in the midst of the Wilderness in Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth, the perfect tie-in lodge with Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Gorilla Trekking.


 Kyambura Gorge Lodge – Exclusive Luxury Lodge $$$$

This classy lodge is located near the Kyambura Gorge which is a giant gash in the Savannah of Queen Elizabeth Park.  The lodge was created by taking an old coffee shop and giving it a new life as an exclusive luxury Lodge.

Today it is one of the finest lodges in Uganda, but still has that rustic look to it. Exquisite Bandas as the cottages are called here.  There is a swimming pool at the main lodge where you take a drink and hear the stories about today’s Safari adventures that various guests had.

Excellent service is a trademark of the Volcanoes Lodges and certainly true at Kyambura Gorge.

Trek in the Gorge and spot a Chimpanzee in the valley of the Apes, Game drives and the boat safari on Kazinga Channel.

 Mweya Safari Lodge – Luxury $$$$ – $$$:

Mweya Safari Lodge has one thing over all other lodges and that is its location.  It is on the Mweya Peninsula and the Kazinga Channel with its wide variety of wildlife and numerous birds.

You have the choice of rooms, suites, luxury Tents and cottages that come with two bedrooms – a living area and two bathrooms.

Our clients prefer the cottages like the Queen’ Cottage or the Luxury Tents that are near to the famed  Kazinga Channel.

The Luxury Tents are the best option for most of our clients since it gives that Safari Feeling to your Stay here at Mweya Safari Lodge.

It is a large lodge but in a Tent or cottage, you have that sense of being in the Wild.  There is also lots of Wildlife that you will see from your Tent.

 Equator Snow Lodge – in the Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon
Equator Snow Lodge is another one of those – one of a kind – unique – out of the ordinary lodges in Uganda.

The Lodge is located in the Foothills of the Mountains of the moon, you can simply take in the views of the mountains, take various hikes, learn how to fish with your hands, enjoy a crackling fire in your room.

Equator Snow Lodge is off the beaten path with only four cottages, Equator Snow Lodge is a unique experience for the honeymoon couple in Uganda making it one of the highlights of your time in Uganda.

Equator Snow Lodge is one of Uganda’s Best Honeymoon Lodges.

Discover the Foothills of the Mountains of the Moon on your Honeymoon

 Papaya Lake Lodge overlooking two crater lakes

Papaya Lake Lodge is a new one of a kind lodge in the Kibale Forest area, it is a fusion of Africa with Classical European Style.  That is from the art decor from African Artisans used throughout the fusion of the food.

They have great and spacious cottages, set apart from one another for privacy, a fantastic swimming pool from where you can see the Rwenzori Mountains, crater lakes and the surrounding area.

From your cottage, you have a direct view of the Crater Lake below to which there is a path.

The European Touch here, along with the Cuisine make this a most special Honeymoon Lodge Destination.

This is definitely a gem of a honeymoon lodge…

 Kyaninga Lodge Ultimate Luxury Comfort overlooking a pristine Crater Lake

Kyaninga Lodge – we had one couple – they arrived at Kyaninga Lodge – they loved it so much we had to change their safari all-around in order that they could stay 4 nights here at this incredible log-cabin lodge overlooking a pristine crater lake, swimming pool, lawn tennis court, food to live for.

It is the perfect honeymoon place near Kibale Forest and Fort Portal. The views alone are worth a stay here.

Kyaninga Lodge is one of Uganda’s Best Honeymoon Lodges, its fame has gone far and wide as one of the premier, honeymoon lodges in the Pearl of Africa.

Kyaninga Lodge  – the only long cabin luxury Lodge in Uganda.

  Chobe Safari Lodge-Murchison Falls Park-5 Star Luxury in the African Bush 

Chobe Safari Lodge located along the Nile River in Murchison Falls Park above the falls is a 5 –Star plus Safari Resort that caters to every one of your needs in an exceptional manner.

Honeymooners love it here and find Chobe Safari Lodge a superb place to spend a few days on a honeymoon in Uganda. There is the River Nile, fishing, nature walks, game drives, swimming in the pool, and delightful meals that are served here.  This includes vast selections at breakfast and lunch times.  Chobe Safari Lodge is a 5 Star Resort that you will love.

Chobe Safari Lodge is one of Uganda’s Best Honeymoon Lodges.

Chobe Safari Lodge – Luxury along the River NIle

 Baker’s Lodge – along the River:

Baker’s Lodge is one of the new lodging choices in Murchison Falls Park. For those who are looking for an out of the ordinary lodge experience in Uganda, in Murchison Falls Park, Baker’s Lodge is just right for you.

You will enjoy your time here along the River Nile with a splendid view of the River, wildlife, and birds that are all around you.

There are 8 tented cottages that await, enjoy a romantic Dinner along the Nile, a bush breakfast while here and the wildlife in one of Uganda’s best all-around parks.

Baker’s Lodge is one of the best luxury lodges in all of Uganda the downside is that you have to cross the Nile by ferry for game drives.

Baker’s Lodge is one of Uganda’s Best Luxury Honeymoon Lodges and it has received numerous recognitions.

 Crater Lake Safari Lodge:

Crater Lake Safari is when it comes to Luxury lodges is an affordable option for those that want that added comfort, extra service, and delightful meals.

There is a swimming pool for you to enjoy as well as a massage.  The Crater Lake itself is an attraction and the lodge has provided a beautiful gazebo where you can have a cool drink after a day of Chimpanzee Trekking.

The lodge has been featured in various international publications including Vogue Magazine as one of the best lodges in Uganda.

Enjoy the view from your most comfortable and Luxurious Cottage, the crater lake just below you, the rolling hillsides in the distance and the color green everywhere. Kibale Forest and Bigodi Wetlands are 20 minutes from the lodge.

This is the Lodge chosen most often by our Clients near

 Pineapple Bay Resort – Island Paradise on Bulago Island 

Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island – the perfect spot to end your honeymoon in Uganda on a tropical Island in the Sun – a honeymoon cottage is there, swimming pool, nature walks, times for reflection – dinners on the beach..swimming pool, and those nightly lightning storms in the distance…there is nothing like it…Uganda’s version of Zanzibar.

You have a cottage right on the beach, overlooking Lake Vitoria, watch the sun rise and set.  Palm Trees all around, nature walks, sail the lake, fish here, swim in the pool, enjoy the gourmet meals served here.

Pineapple Bay Resort is one of Uganda’s Best Honeymoon Lodges.j

 Our Honeymoon Safaris in the Pearl of Africa Uganda:

Here are not only our Best Honeymoon Places in Uganda, here are our best Honeymoon Safaris in the Pearl of Africa are simply a once in a lifetime experience with lasting memories – a great way to start your life-journey together by celebrating your relationship in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

There are lodges that will just amaze with their level of comfort, the beauty of the tent, cottage or room, the service, and food.

Though we are a landlocked nation we have our hidden tropical with sandy beaches on Lake Victoria and private cottages overlooking Africa’s largest lake.

Honeymoon Safaris – something we love to create with your input and wishes and you will enjoy the Pearl of Africa…and you will know why Winston Churchill popularized that term.

 Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations –  Your Honeymoon Safari in the Pearl of Africa is something we create with your advice.  We do not book individual lodges, but full Honeymoon Safaris, where every aspect of your Honeymoon is considered and included.

We realize that your honeymoon in Uganda is a special occasion as you celebrate your relationship on an African Dream Safari here in Uganda.

We include everything, from the time that you land to when you leave and we include some things that will make your time more fun. 

Contact us for a Honeymoon that can be customized to your liking – there is only one thing we do, “create memorable Safaris.”

We can also create a moderately Priced Honeymoon Safari that uses the best moderately Priced Honeymoon Lodges in Uganda – some with swimming pool, stunning views and good food.

Please Note:  We only create a full – all-inclusive Honeymoon Tours with transportation, park activities, or other activities, transportation and sensitive, customer service orientated driver guide.

Honeymoon Safari – Information – Tips and Advice

If you would like to include any of the lodges above for your Africa Honeymoon – please let us know