At the River Lodge–Ishasha-Queen Elizabeth Park

Posted by on April 12, 2016

At the River Lodge – an affordable Lodge in the Ishasha Region of Queen Elizabeth Park

At the River Lodge–Ishasha-Queen Elizabeth Park – where you find the Tree-Climbing Lions


At the River Lodge–Ishasha-Queen Elizabeth Park – the affordable alternative in the Unvisited part of Queen Elizabeth Park – Ishasha Region – home of the Tree-Climbing Lions along the Ntungwe River with its teeming wildlife, the Ishasha Plains with large elephant and buffalo herds.

The Ishasha region of Queen Elizabeth Park is a place of wonders and one of the major ones is that Ishasha is the best place in East Africa to see tree-climbing lions.  Yet Ishasha is off of the beaten path and bypassed by many visitors to Uganda simply because they are unaware of what they could discover in Ishasha and yet Ishasha is along the route from Bwindi to the Mweya sector of Queen Elizabeth Park and the other way around.

Because the area is so off of the beaten tourist path it has lacked choice in lodging and quality at the affordability end of lodging.  Along comesAt the River Lodge–Ishasha-Queen Elizabeth Park that gives you an authentic wilderness experience that is affordable for most since it offers various options to guests.

@ the River Lodge is located along the Ntungwe River where you can often see wildlife such as elephants as you sit along the beach on the River, yes they have a private beach and this remote lodge even has a swimming pool for you to enjoy.

When it comes to location – you will find that the lodge is just in the right spot with close access to the Ishasha sector park sector and there is no problem heading out on your game drive in Ishasha and you can also enjoy nocturnal game drives in Ishasha which is a most  interesting experience to see the predators on the prowl at night.

@ the River Lodge gives you the choice of a cottage of furnished tents, two of the cottages are self-contained with bath – you can leave the sleeping bag at home, since comfortable and clean bedding is provided in this remote camp in the wilderness of Ishasha.

Delightful meals are available and you will be surprised what awaits you at breakfast, lunch and dinner – simply delightful meals that will leave you more than satisfied causing you to wonder how such a meal could be prepared in the middle of nowhere.

The sunsets are a delight here, especially down by the beach and cold drinks are available thanks to an amply stocked solar fridge – so here you in the African Wild and you go to sleep with the sounds of the African night all around you and you just might awaken to the sounds of a trumpeting elephant…the Ishasha area has just become more affordable thanks to the @ the River Lodge…check out what others have said about their time here on TripAdvisor and enjoy your time here – let us know if you like this lodge included in your safari itinerary with us…

 At the River Lodge–Ishasha-Queen Elizabeth Park-If you like to use this Lodge during your safari with us – please contact us.