Experiential Adventure Safaris in Uganda- Authentic Experiential Encounters

Posted by on June 18, 2017

Experiential African Safari Adventures in Uganda

Adventure Safaris in Uganda -Authentic Experiential Encounters in Uganda

Adventure Safaris in Uganda –   All of us have an urge, a wish we could get away from the treadmillAdventure Safaris in Uganda of sameness and pursue what is inside of many of  us – the urge for the adventurous.  Whether that spirit was fed by watching the Indiana Jones movies, or reading the many Adventure Novels by Karl May, that adventure urge is in many of us.  It just might be time to write a new Epic authored by you and entitled “In Search of the hidden Pearl of Africa.”

Uganda is the perfect setting for adventure with its thick, lush jungles, inhabited by Primates, exotic Birds, mammals from leopards to forest elephants. The Rwenzori Mountains of Moon and the Mountains that cook -the Virunga Volcanoes. 

Lost, forgotten tribes such as the Ik People in the remote Morungole Mountains.  Ancient Rainforests, the Western Rift Valley, Explosion Crater Lakes, hidden tropical Islands in Africa’s largest Lake, and through it all runs the ancient River Nile, quietly at other times violently challenging the adventure seeker.

Let your personalized Adventure Safari begin by planning it. We love to give you our help in creating it.

Experiential Adventure Safari in Uganda –  Here are the Possibilities of Things to and see

The Mountain Gorilla Habituation Experience  is where you Track the gorillas on paths that have to be made by machetes through the thick bush until you meet a Gorilla Family. The habituation experience is different from a normal Gorilla Trek.  You are with a gorilla family for 4 hours, learn of their way from the researchers and there are only 4 visitors allowed.  The permits are 1500 usd instead of 600 usd.

I you add the time for the trek in and out of the forest, you have a full day’s experience.

This unique and one of a kind experience can be part of your adventure safari in Uganda – a beyond the normal adventure which cannot be replicated elsewhere in Africa.

Experiential Chimpanzee  Adventures:

The Chimpanzee Habituation Experience is another one of those unique adventures that you can make part of you safari in Uganda in Kibale Forest.

The chimpanzee Habituation Experience is an all day activity in the park, unlike the normal chimpanzee trek, you are in the forest for the whole day with researchers and will learn a a lot about chimpanzees and their ways and habits.

The Habituation Experience is one of the favorite activities for our client since it is much more personal than normal Chimpanzee Trekking.

Experiential Hiking Adventures:

Uganda is heaven for hikers – there are so many options that you have here in the Pearl of Africa.

You can hike inside of every park in Uganda such as hiking in, near and through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mhaginga Gorilla National Park, hike anywhere in the Lake Mburo Park, we also have those unique and special places

When it comes to hiking, the opportunities in Uganda are limitless ranging from hikes on the savannah, teeming with wildlife to following the River Nile or Lake Albert, encountering crocodiles, hippos, monitor lizards along the way.

Uganda, there is much to discover on your Adventure Safari

Experiential Climbing  Adventures:

Climb the volcanoes found in Uganda, there are 3 found in Mgahinga Gorilla Park and the other volcano that can be climbed is Mount Elgon in the East.

Beyond the Volcanoes you can discover the tallest mountain range in Africa, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon either by hiking and climbing in its foothills or take the 8 to 10 route to its peaks.

Climbing experiences abound in Uganda and most of them are off of the beaten tourist path – an added reason to visit Uganda.

Experiential White Water Adventures:

Uganda, which is Africa condensed into a small country, you have the River Nile that flows through it from Lake Victoria to Lake Albert.

Jinja, is the adrenaline capital of East Africa.  Here you can discover some of the best white water rafting on the African Continent.  Shoot down the rapids from mild to wild and experience thrills that would make Indiana Jones jealous.

You can go on a Kayaking outing, Bungee Jump into the River Nile, shoot up the rapids in a powerful jet- boat, or enjoy the sunset at the end of the day with a sunset cruise on the River Nile, home of some great Adventures.

Experiential Wildlife Adventures:

Experiential Wildlife Adventures with researchers in Queen Elizabeth Park.  Go on an early morning outing with carnivore researchers and track and monitor lions who are electronically collared.  This is an amazing adventure to most.

Go on a hike on the Mweya Peninsula with researchers who are monitoring the Banded Mongoose population there. Another out of the ordinary experiences on your safari in Uganda.

There are other experiences such as going on a hippo count or bird count with park rangers.

Experiential Africa as it used to be Safari:

There is still an Africa beyond the crowds of tourists. A place where you will find the Africa of yesteryear, there is what has been called “the lost Eden” and that place can be discovered by you as you journey on a Safari with us to Kidepo Valley Park which CNN calls one of the best park destinations in Africa.

There are only about 10 visitors that venture here each day. Wildlife in abundance, cultural encounters with the warrior herders – the Karamojong who hold on to their traditions and ways. Hike up to the Ik People on Mount Morungole which is one of the most scenic hikes in all of Uganda.

This is an Africa that is still waiting to be discovered – Africa as it used to be.

Experiential Cultural Encounters:

Hands on experiences such as learning a new craft, planting and harvesting with Africans, visiting a home and cooking a meal.

Learn a new craft, a new skill and make new friends. These are beyond tourist like stops but meeting everyday people in Uganda and learn their world view, family life and more.

Drumming lessons, dancing lessons, hands on craft making. Or simply conversing with Ugandans over a cup of coffee or tea.  Moments to be treasured.

We can incorporate various genuine encounters into your safari with us.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris:

Experiential Adventure Safaris in Uganda.  It is time to plan now your Adventure Safari in Uganda.  Experience Uganda beyond the canned tours – off of the beaten track with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – your Experiential Adventure Safari Specialists.

Uganda is Africa condensed into a small country.  In the 1960’s Uganda was the foremost Safari Destinations, then came the turbulent years of Idi Amin, Milton Obote and Joseph Kony and the LRA.

Today Uganda is a country of peace and stability. More people have put the country on the map for a place that they want to visit.  Lonely Planet made it the best country to visit in 2012, in 2013 National Geopgraphic put it as one of their best destinations to visit.  Uganda is receiving more visitors each year, we continue however to provide those off the beaten path specialized Experiential Safari Adventures.

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