A Taste of Uganda on Safari in the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on May 20, 2018

Get a Taste of Uganda on  Safari

Tastes of the Pearl of Africa on your Safari in Uganda

Get a Taste of Uganda on Safari – The Pearl of Africa is filled with flavorful Foodie Surprises that delight those  on Safari.  Visitors flock to Uganda to encounter the Mountain Gorillas, the Chimpanzees, Wildlife, and scenery and get that extra Plus as they taste Uganda and its delightful gastronomical Surprises.

Wherelse in Africa can you eat a Rolex, have a taste of some of the best Beef in Africa, munch some crunchy Grasshoppers, try Chicken Luwombo, or have a roasted Gonja Banana Snack. Pineapples, Mangoes, Bananas, Papayas, Jackfruit bursting with Tropical Flavors that make you want more.  Get a second sunrise from a rich cup of coffee, enjoy a sundowner with a Waragi and with a Bitter Lemon Soda.

Get a Taste of Uganda on Safari, not a  reason you come to visit the Pearl of Africa but that tasty plus hat will have you wanting a Ugandan Foodie Delight long after you have left the country for Home.  Uganda is not only Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Wildlife Adventures but a Foodie Delight for even the most discerning Africa Traveler.

What to Eat – The Tastes of Uganda on Your Safari in the Pearl of Africa

 Tropical Fruit Delights:

Uganda is the Tropical Fruit Basket of Africa.  Ugandans consume more Bananas than anyone else in the world.  There are 50 plus varieties grown here from the small dessert Bananas to Gonja – which you roast and eat as a snack.  A perfect Banana for stir-fried dishes and one cannot forget Matooke, the daily bread of Ugandans eaten mostly mashed.

Pineapple, such as you have never tasted before, Uganda’s are simply the best.   Papaya, fresh from the odd looking but sweet tasting Jackfruit.

One cannot leave out Oranges and Tangerines, Lemos, Watermelon, Guava, Starfruit, and Avacadse.

When it comes to fruit on Safari, you can have more than you imagined.  Winston Churchill called Uganda Paradise, Visitors simply enjoy the favors of Uganda’s fruit.

On Safari in Uganda – you will be delighted by the Fruit in the Pearl of Africa.

 Rolex- something we do not wear but eat in Uganda:

The Tasty Rolex that comes anyway that you would like it, a Chapati with rolled eggs, vegetables, the most popular street-food, fast-food in Uganda, eaten from one of the end of Uganda to the other.  Even Hotel, Restaurants and Lodges have gote Lodges have gotten in on the act and serve them.

In the USA.  the closest thing would be a breakfast Burrito.  This inexpensive dish has become a National Institution and even extended across its borders into Kenya and Rwanda.  Visitors to Uganda love them and have taken the idea and recipe home with them.

There is even an Annual Rolex Festival that takes place in Uganda.  CNN, Al Jareeza, Newspapers near and far have spread the message of the Rolex, Uganda’s favorite Fast Food and certainly worth including it as a Taste of Uganda.

Rolex- A Favorite Taste of Uganda

 Ugandan – Great Beef for Meat Lovers:

If you like a Steak, enjoy Beef, then Uganda should be your Safari Destination, its Ankole Cattle produces some of the best tasting Beef around.  Ankole Beef – has the lowest Cholesterol Content but is not tough.  Ugandans love their Muchomo -roasted beef on skewers, there is even a Muchomo Festival each year in Kampala where you have all the Beef, Pork, Chicken you want on a skewer.

Ugandans like their beef, but Pork, they consume more pork per capita each year than any other country in Africa.  Pulled-Pork Joints as they are called are found everywhere.

You will even find Muchomo offered by Roadside vendors, we do not recommend it since we want you to enjoy your Safari without having a case of Idi Amin’s Revenge.

You will not go hungry in Uganda – try a stick of Muchomo Beef

 Vegetarians and Vegans will Thrive:

Winston Churchill called Uganda like a Garden filled with Fruits and Vegetables.  Vegetarians and Vegans find the zesty Fruits and Vegetables tasty and they sustain them on hikes and treks on Safari.

The 600 Pound plus Mountain Gorilla does quite well on a plant-based diet in Uganda.  Many Ugandans eat primarily vegetables and fruits, not because of choice but due to financial reasons.

A vegetarian or vegan will eat just right as they get their Taste of Uganda.  We simply instruct the lodge or hotels on your itinerary and with upmarket or mid-range lodges there are normally no problems.

Most vegetables you are used are grown organically in Uganda. Many lodges have their own gardens where they grow vegetables, herbs for you.  Avacadoes in Uganda are especially a delight, though you might have to ask for Ovacadoes.

 Traditional Favorites in Uganda:

Luwombo with Matooke is a must if you want to taste traditional Uganda.  Beef or Chicken stewed in wrapped Banana Leaves with mashed Plantain Bananas called Matooke here.  Hopefully, there is some G-Nut Sauce for flavor.  G-Nut Sauce is a ground Peanut Sauce that adds rich flavor to any dish when properly prepared.

Chicken Luwombo is a traditional Christmas Meal in Central Uganda – a dish that is truly a Taste of Uganda.  Lodges and Hotel Restaurants do not normally serve traditional dishes but offer a Fusion Dish instead.  We, with your input, can arrange for you to eat some traditional Ugandan Meals that will delight you on your Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

Traditional Food is served in restaurants in the towns that we drive through and a traditional lunch just might be the right thing for you.

There are many more Delightful Traditional Ugandan Dishes that we can acquaint you with on Safari.

 Fish- Ugandan Style:

Uganda is a landlocked country, however, 26% of the country is made up of Lakes and Rivers.  Uganda is in the Great Lakes Region of Africa and fish are plentiful and prepared in ways that you will enjoy.  Tilapia and Nile Perch are served most often, but one can also find Catfish and TigerFish in different parts of the country.

There is is even the tiny Silverfish, called Mukene here that is dried and served as part of a fish stew eyes and all.

Tilapia is the most common Fish and a whole Tilapia is a favorite with Ugandans and normally eaten with Fries.

The Nile Perch is also served in areas where it can be freshly caught.  That would most often be along the Nile and Lake Victoria.

Not many visitors leave the Pearl of Africa without having eaten one of its tasty fish treats.

Unusual Tastes of Uganda on Your Safari in the Pearl of Africa

 Nsenene – Grasshopper – A Crunchy Critter Treat:

Don’t snub your nose at the Rainy Season Treat of Nsenene – insects, according to scientists may just become part of our normal diet in the future, but you can try them along with White Ants in Uganda now.

Nsenene is eaten mostly as a snack, they have eaten appeared in tin cans and packages in Supermarkets.  They are very popular in Uganda and many visitors take a liking to them.

Local Pubs will serve them, roadside vendors with large plastic covered buckets will sell them by the cup, but is one Ugandan Food that is not served in mid-range or upmarket lodges.

If you are here in Uganda during the Nsenene Seasons of the year, our driver-guide can arrange for you to have a taste of them.  They are normally consumed with a drink such as a beer or Waragi Gin.  You might do the same when you try eating them.

Lake Bunyonyi Crayfish – not native to Africa :

Crayfish, that came all the way from Louisiana in the US via Lake Nakuru in Kenya courtesy of Idi Amin.  They have thrived here and become a delicacy that visitors to the Pearl of Africa simply love.

Crayfish, if you enjoy them, then Lake Bunyonyi in Southwestern Uganda has to be on your itinerary.  A perfect spot to relax and Chill Out after Gorilla Trekking.

While there try the various ways Crayfish is served here, in ways that they have never thought of in Louisiana.

One thing you will know that the crayfish came fresh from the Lake that day as you eat your Crayfish Curry, Omelete, Pizza, Stew, Pasta or Rice Dish.

Lake Bunyonyi, Africa’poor man/s lobster Destination, beside it is one of the most beautiful Lakes in Africa with that added Culinary Surprise.

 Drinks in Uganda:

You are not going to miss out having a drink in Uganda from Bottled Water to Beer with Sodas in between and the now famous Uganda Waragi added on Top and surrounded by freshly squeezed Fruit Juices that will delight the senses.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi Products that you are familiar with are readily available, Diet Sodas will not always be there.  Added Sodas that many are not familiar with are Stoney Tangawizi and Krest Bitter Lemon, the latter is perfect with a shot of Uganda Waragi Gin.

Beer is in abundance including Moonberg Lager that adheres to the German Purity Laws, others use various ingredients and additives.

Unusual, not commonly available in Lodges will be Coffee Spirit, a local Coffee Flavored Gin, and Coconut Uganda Waragi.  Most Lodges prepare freshly squeezed juices for their guests for meals such as Breakfast.

 Coffee – The Best – except Ugandans don’t know it:

Coffee was born in Africa, Uganda is the birthplace of Robusta Coffee.  The more flavorful Arabica Beans are also grown here.

Uganda is a major exporter of Coffee, few drink it, yet some of the best Coffee in Africa comes from Uganda.

It is not uncommon to be served instant Coffee in a land that grows some of Africa’s best.

Most mid-range and upmarket Hotels and Lodges serve the better coffee and it like a second sunrise.  To satisfy the cravings of Coffee-Lovers we have provided Coffee-Survival Instructions that ensure that your Safari goes smoothly.

A cup of Coffee is like a second sunrise and we know the importance of a rich cup of morning coffee as they sit on their porch and greet the African morning on Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

 Time to Plan your Gorilla – Wildlife Adventures in Uganda:

A Taste of Uganda on Safari – It is one thing to read about Tasty Adventures, about Trekking Gorillas and Chimpanzees, seeing African Wildlife up-close.

It is another thing to actually experience it on a Safari in Uganda. We have touched only on a few of the Foodie Adventure, as we can only portray in part with words what you would experience on a Gorilla Trek.

The real Adventure begins when you actually do it, when you are here in the Pearl of Africa and experience the things portrayed on our web pages.

We know Uganda – we live and work here, we know how to combine the Primates, Wildlife, Scenery with a Foodie Adventure African Style  We love to assist you in creating the ideal Safar with added Foodie Adventures if you so wish.