8 Day Gorilla Trekking – Volcano Climbing – Lake Bunyonyi Safari

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Your Luxury Experiential 8 Day Gorilla Trekking – Volcano Climbing – Lake Bunyonyi Safari plus Wildlife

8 Day Private Luxury experiential Adventure Safari in Uganda – Horseback Wildlife Safari, Gorillas, Volcanoes and  Magical Lake Bunyonyi

Discover the Savanna Wildlife on Horseback at Lake Mburo Park, meet the Mountain Gorillas at 8 Day Gorilla Trekking - Volcano Climbing - Lake Bunyonyi Safariscenic Nkuringo, Climbing the Mountains that Cook – the Virunga Volcanoes and interact with the “first people of the forest” the Batwa People and a Dugout Safari on Lake Bunyonyi.

8 Day Gorilla Trekking – Volcano Climbing – Lake Bunyonyi Safari – Eight days of adventure are featured in this rather unusual safari that give you a safari that is truly different – off of the beaten and track and focuses on the unusual with a dash of adventure, seasoned with African Culture all in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. 

This is a private luxury Experiential adventure safari for the young at heart and with reasonable level of fitness. 

This is a one of a kind adventure safari that you will long remember after being back home.

Day 1 – Lake Mburo National Park:

Your experiential 8 Day Gorilla Trekking – Volcano Climbing – Lake Bunyonyi Safari begins. We depart Entebbe of Kampala going west toward Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – a nine-hour drive, we however 8 Day Gorilla Trekking - Volcano Climbing - Lake Bunyoni Safaribreak the journey halfway stopping at Lake Mburo Park where we check into the simply fabulous Mihingo Safari Lodge .

Mihingo Safari Lodge is an intimate tented camp, each permanent tented cottage  has a sense of privacy and at the same time a fabulous view of the park, even the bathrooms have a great view.  Each tented cottage is perched in a very special spot, some on rock outcroppings, the views, the tented cottage itself, the furnishings, the deck on which you can sit and let it soak all in are simply fantastic.  Mihingo Lodge is a great place for the first day in the African Wilderness of Uganda.


Late afternoon Horseback safari across the savanna which consists here of rolling savannah with lakes and swamps in between – Zebras, Giraffes, Buffaloes, Warthogs, Antelopes including the large Eland Antelope.  This is a guided Horseback safari of two hours in length and a most interesting and very different way to look at the African Wild in Uganda.

Those who are not into horseback riding can take a  guided – traditional vehicle game drive is also an option as is a guided nature walk with Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger, even a Mountain Bike Safari.


Nocturnal Game Drive:  See Leopards on the hunt as you go out on a nocturnal game drive in Lake Mburo.

Lodging:  Mihingo Lodge other lodges.

Meal Plan:  Lunch – Dinner

Day 2 – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Nkuringo – Rushaga : 

Clouds-Mountain-Gorilla-Safari-Lodge1Early Breakfast and our second day of the Adventure in Uganda begins-at 7 am we continue the trip to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and to the scenic Nkuringo area of the park in the southern area of the park – where you can see Bwindi Impenetrable Forest below you and the Virunga Volcanoes – the views are worth the trip.

We arrive in the Nkuringo Area and the luxurious Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge will be your home for the next two nights.  Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is a luxury lodge that has won accolades far and wide for its comfortable and luxurious suites – its fabulous food and exemplary service including your personal Butler 24 who tends to your every need while at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge.

Check into your cottage which comes with a sitting area with fireplace and a separate bedroom with a beautiful veranda to sit and take in your fabulous and scenic surroundings.  Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is one of the most fabulous lodges in Uganda and has been written up in publications such as Condé Nast and once here you will know why.  Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is more than a lodge but an experience.

Lunch at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge and a meal that you will remember

In the afternoon it is the Nkuringo Village Walk – an interactive guided walk through Nkuringo and is a memorable cultural experience and the plus is that you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery.Nkuringo-Village

During this Village Walk at Nkuringo there is the visit to Nicholas – a traditional blacksmith who beats knives and machetes using the ancient methods of a wood fire and a sheepskin bellow.  There is the home of Sesillia where you will be most welcomed and shown traditional huts that are used for grinding millet, cooking over an open wood-fire, and producing the Ugandan Gin called Waragi.  As you are guided through the village – the villagers and especially the children will greet you and during the school-year there will be a visit to a local school.  You will also meet Pena which is the traditional healer in the village and will show you how bark, leaves, roots, berries, are used to treat headaches, pneumonia, polio, colds and flu by using plants from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest by making teas, ointments, powders and all from plants, trees, from the forest.  At the end of the village walk climb up a hill called “Top of the World” here and look into the vastness of the Congo – see the active Virunga Volcanoes – the large forests and jungles – a most breathtaking sight.


In the evening at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge there is often cultural dance and music for the guests to enjoy and hopefully you will be able to enjoy a time of that.

Lodging:  Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodgeother lodges

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 3 Gorilla Trekking:

Breakfast at Clouds Mountain Lodge and afterwards it is off for Gorilla Tracking and your visit with your Gorilla Family for the day. There are four different Gorilla Groups that can be visited from the Nkuringo area.

Here is a list of what you will need for today:

  • Packed lunch supplied by Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodgenkuringo-cldge.jpg
  • A daypack for you for your things you will need on the Gorilla Trek
  • 2 Liters of bottled Water
  • Long trousers such as jeans – no shorts since your legs will get scratched by bushes
  • Long-sleeved Shirt
  • light rain-jacket
  • Light Hiking boots
  • Hat – wide brimmed is best
  • Garden Gloves made of cotton to pull yourself up vines, branches to get closer to your gorilla group.
  • Insect repellent – mostly for flies here – due to elevation there are not many mosquitoes in the area.
  • Walking Stick – you can purchase a carved one that is decorated to remember this day by.
  • A porter is included in the safari to carry your things and to lighten your load

The Gorilla Trek itself can be 5-hours or longer in length – you are with guides, trackers and porters – the toughest group to track is the Nkrungo Group – the journey begins going 600 metevirungas-from-nkuringors down and 600 meters up at the end of the Trek.

Visiting the Mountain Gorillas is the experience of a lifetime and certainly worth the effort and even the cost of doing it.  Some people look forward to it so much that they schedule a gorilla trek for two days with two different groups.

Return to Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge for some rest and relaxation and a cold drink.

Another late afternoon to take in the fabulous scenery of your surroundings.

Dinner at CLouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Option:  Gorilla Habituation Experience – all-day

Lodging:  Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodgeother lodges

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 4 – Lake Mutanda – Buniga Forest Walk with Batwa Pygmies:

Breakfast and we are off for the Buniga Forest for a guided forest walk, but not just a normal nature walk, but an The-Buniga-Forest-Walk-with-the-Batwa-People.jpginteractive cultural walk with the first people of the forest the Batwa People – a pygmy tribe that knows the forest better than any other people, a people who were evicted from various forests in the area and now have the opportunity to return to the forest and keep their cultures and ways alive and pass on the traditions to the next generation.

Buniga Forest has a lot of flora and fauna for you to see including Afro-Montane Vegetation as giant Tree-Ferns. You will learn of the ancient hunting and gathering ways of the Batwa people – it is a time of cultural interaction, learning new and old ways of the Batwa People

After the walk we continue to the Batwa Village is which is nearby and there we see a dance performance by the Batwa people, the making of crafts, including bee-hives – you can buy some souvenirs and simply learn the culture and lifestyle of the Batwa people.

Chameleon-Hill-Lodge-Main-Building.jpgAfter the walk and village visit we continue a short drive to Mgahinga Gorilla Park area where we check into the up-market Chameleon Hill Lodge – a luxury eco-lodge overlooking Lake Mutanda and the Virunga Volcanoes.

Check into your cottage and once again a stunning view before you

Enjoy your lunch

In the afternoon relax a bit – take a break getting ready for tomorrows hike or take a nature walk in this most scenic area of Uganda.

Dinner at Chameleon Hill Lodge

Lodging:  Chameleon Hill Lodge

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 5 – Volcano Hiking:

Breakfast – a packed lunch and bottled water – you have the choice of three volcanoes to hike – climb – it is from 5 hours to an 8 hour round trip.  Pick one of the volcanoes for your day-hike-climb.

Equipment needed for the day-hike-climb – daypack, packed lunch, 2 liters of water, light-hiking boot, rain-jacket, sweater in pack, jeans or long trousers.  Porters can help you with your load and be glad to do so.

Lodging:  Cameleon Hill Lodge

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

  • Mount Gahinga (3,474 meters):  Gahinga means pile of stones and you will find piles of stones in the Mfumbiro-Mountains-that-CookUganda-Virunga-Volcanoes.jpggardens and farms below Mount Gahinga that the people clear from their fields and put into piles at the edge of their fields.  Mount Gahinga is not a little stone but being a neighbor to Mount Muhavura it is a little brother.  To climb Mount Gahinga takes about 6 hours round trip and that is the beautiful thing about all the volcanoes located in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.  All three of the volcanoes are a day hike, it might take 5 to 8 hours but you do not have the added cost of tents, porters, food, pots and pans, you simply go on a day hike-climb and in the process you pass through all kinds of vegetation including bamboo forests – the summit used to be a lake, now a swamp but you are surrounded by Afro-Montane Vegetation that is simply beautiful and the size of these plants are overwhelming.

  • Mount Muhavura (4,127 meters):Mount Muhavura also called Mount Muhabura which means the guide because it is seen from far and wide and stands like a beacon, a point of reference, simply the Guide. This cone shaped Volcano rising above the other two in Uganda gives those who take the 8 our climb – hike up and back some of the best views around – taking in the Virunga Volcanoes, Lake Edward and Lake George in Queen Elizabeth Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the Rwenzori Mountains – simply amazing views for the tallest of the Mufumbiro Mountains, the Virunga Volcanoes. All well worth the effort oh hiking up 6 kilometers and some of it is climbing. Once again it is a day trip and that makes it much more affordable.  Add to all of that the Afro Montane vegetation that will both delight and amaze you.

  • Mount Sabinyo (3,669 meters):  Mount Sabinyo also called “Old Man’s Teeth” since like an old man might lose teeth, so the top of Mount Sabinyo’s top has become jagged, eroded by time and elements.  There are three most challenging peaks – the views are well worth it – simply amazing – you need to be in reasonable shape, there is some ladder climbing as you venture upward and are able to step into the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and back into Uganda all without your passport being stamped.  This journey once again takes about 8 hour round-trip.  The views of both Rwanda and Uganda are beyond the imagination – you pass through various vegetation zones , climb three peaks and when you return down to the base of the mountain – you do deserve a break – dinner and a cold Drink.

Mgahinga Gorilla park – is a small park with many activities and you can choose to go Golden Monkey tracking here, also long nature and guided birding walks instead of Volcano Climbing.

Dinner at Chameleon Hill Safari Lodge and a well deserved rest

Day 6 – Lake Bunyonyi:

birdnest-bunyonyi-resort-large.jpgBreakfast and we depart for Lake Bunyonyi – that magical, mystical Lake that is like a scene from Lord of the Rings according to Lonely Planet.  It is a short drive to here and it will not be long before we check into the up-market Birdnest Resort located along the Lake.

Your room will have a fabulous view of Lake Bunyonyi with its 29 Emerald Isles and that will certainly will help you relax after yesterday’s intensive hike-climb up a volcano.  Enjoy sitting on your veranda or balcony and enjoy.

Lunch  at Birdnest resort is no ordinary lunch but a culinary delight.  If you like crayfish, there is plenty of it here at Lake Bunyonyi and Birdnest has countless of ways of serving them.  Birdnest Resort is also one of the best places in Uganda to have a whole tilapia, here the most popular fish dish is served with Lemon Mashed Potatoes and other trimmings.  If you have a craving for French Fries – Birdnest serves the best Belgian Pommes Frites in Uganda and that certainly is a nice comfort food for many of us.

Relax and enjoy the lake, the setting, the many birds and butterflies found here.  Take a swim in the pool or inlake-bunyonyi.jpg the lake.  The lake is safe for swimming, no crocodiles, no hippos, no bilharzia to contract here.

Late afternoon a sunset cruise on Lake Bunyonyi – there will be a guide to give you background and history of the lake and islands

Dinner – another fabulous meal at Birdnest Resort

Lodging:  Birdnest Resort

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 7 Lake Bunyonyi: 

Breakfast and today it is island hopping in a dugout canoe safari – take a packed lunch with you, be sure you have plenty of sun-protection on you and with you and it is off for a morning of paddling in a dugout canoe across this pristine lake, ringed by terraced hills with gardens and small farms, birds abound and soon you are amazed by the many other dugout canoes with produce, wood, charcoal, people – all moving across the lake to the islands supplying the people that live there while taking other things to the mainland.

You have a capable guide with you as you visit various islands on your dugout canoe safari.  You can choose between a half day or full-day dugout safari, you can paddle, or be paddled – the choice is yours.

Depending on whether you choose the half or full-day dugout canoe safari you will have lunch either with you or at Birdnest Resort.


Lodging:  Birdnest Resort

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 8:  Breakfast at Birdnest Resort and it is back to Kampala or Entebbe for your flight back home.

Lunch along the way for you

We stop at the Equator for picture-taking and a break in the journey

Arrive in Kampala or Entebbe in the late afternoon – hotel arrangements can be made for you for your last night in Uganda.

Alternative:  from here you can fly out of Kigali for your homeward journey – 2 1/2 hour journey.

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch

Safari includes all activities, permits, lodging, food except sodas, beer, alcohol at lodges, bottled water in the vehicle for your comfort.

Eight day of adventure in Uganda on this most unusual safari in Uganda that just might fit your likes and tastes for an African Adventure in the Pearl of Africa – Enjoy Uganda…

8 Day Gorilla Trekking – Volcano Climbing – Lake Bunyonyi Safari – if you are interested in the Safari – please contact us.