5 Day Family Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls Park

Posted by on January 10, 2017

Big 5 – 5 Day Family Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls Park

A 5 Day Big 5 – Upmarket Family Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls Park

This 5-Day Family Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls Park takes Rhino Trekking,  Wildlife Game Drives, Boat Launch Safari on the River Nile and is one of the favorite parks for Families looking for a “Kid-Friendly” Wildlife Safari, and on this Safari you just might see the Big-5 – Rhinos-Elephants-Lions-Leopards and Buffaloes. 

Everything is taken care of on this Family Safari from Family Friendly Lodges to expert “Kid-Friendly” Driver Guides.

This Family Safari can be modified into a moderately priced Safari but it will include lodges without swimming pools, however, that does not take away from the Wildlife experience that  you will have with your Family.

Day 1 – Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – Amuka Lodge:

The 5 Day Family Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls Park begins. We leave your Hotel at 7 am with your expert driver-guide who will be able to give you background information about your route, travel times, country information and wildlife and birding information, most importantly he knows how to deal with the children and concerns of Parents.

This morning it is a relatively short three-hour-plus drive through the evergreen country of Africa – Uganda – to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

We check in to Amuka Lodge which is an up-market lodge, the rooms being made from a combination of tented material, reclaimed wood left at a former nearby sawmill and natural stone.

There is a small swimming pool, restaurant and bar area and you are in one of the most amazing places in Uganda, Amuka Lodge at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

The choice of rooms are standard tented cottage or deluxe ones which are somewhat larger and we have accommodated a family of four in one.

Not only will you enjoy the Lodge itself, but the food is simply fabulous both in serving tasty dishes and their presentation to you.  They will go out of their way to prepare dishes for your children that they will enjoy.

 Enjoy Lunch –  your first meal in the African Wild of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

After lunch you are off to meet the Rhinos, not just from a vehicle but up close – great opportunities of these fabulous animals – there is other wildlife to be found here, so keep your eyes open so you do not miss any and your guide will also point any other animals.

You are accompanied by Rangers who take you within 10 meters of the Rhinos and your children will see their first African Animal in the Wild and not a zoo.  You will most likely see other wildlife as you trek the Rhinos such as antelopes, warthogs and more.

Birders will find this afascinating place and best to keep the binoculars handy since an abundance of bird species is found here.

Dinner is another delightful culinary treat prepared for you by the Chef of Amuka Lodge and one of our clients stated that the meals at Amuka Lodge where the best they had in Uganda (they stayed in some very nice places while on a Family Safari with us in Uganda).

Sunset is at 6:45 pm here and it gets dark at around 7:15.  Sit with your children on the deck of your tented cottage and look at the star-filled African sky not obstructed by light all-around.y

Lodging: Amuka Lodge – upmarket

Meal Plan: Lunch – Dinner

Day 2 – Murchison Falls Park – Chobe Safari Lodge:

Breakfast at Amuka Lodge and take a morning canoe ride where you can see a variety of birds including the elusive Shoebill Stork or take a guided nature walk or birding walk, with a guide, through the area surrounding Amuka Lodge – either will be a most rewarding time for you on your second day on safari. (Please let us know if you prefer the boat ride or would like a nature walk or simply take in your surroundings.

Afterward, you have time to freshen up before we take the short 1 1/2 hour drive to the award winning Chobe Safari  Lodge along the River Nile. Chobe Safari Lodge is one of the most family-friendly lodges in all of Uganda.

At the five-star Chobe Safari Lodge, we check into either one of their luxury tents or rooms. There is a variety of choices for you including suites, deluxe and super-deluxe tents, there is even a Presidential Cottage for you to choose from.  There is also the Josephine Baker Cottage that is perfect and rather economical for a family of 4.  There is no view of the Nile from that cottage.

Chobe Safari Lodge at Murchison Falls is a 5 Star Resort that is simply exceptional and almost all rooms, suites, luxury Tents overlook the historic River Nile.  Chobe Safari Lodge discounts children under the age of 11.

Enjoy lunch at Chobe Safari Lodge – they will make special meals for your children.

Take a dip into the fabulous swimming pool or relax at the type of room that you picked, all have a deck or balcony where you can relax in the shade while reading an enjoyable book.

Late afternoon game drive with Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger where you can see various wildlife such as  elephants giraffes, and birds on foot – another enjoyable activity of your Murchison Falls Park Big 5 Safari.

Dinner at Chobe Safari Lodge

Lodging: Chobe Safari Lodge- upmarket

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 3 – Murchison Falls Park – Paraa Safari Lodge:

 There is nothing like a Breakfast at Chobe Safari Lodge with the huge selection that is set before you.

Enjoy another day in the African Wild of Uganda.

After a leisurely breakfast, we take the journey to Paraa Lodge. This 2 1/2 hour drive is like a game drive since you will see much wildlife along the way and your driver-guide will stop for you to get the best view and take pictures.

There is a pop-up roof in the vehicle so that you can stand and maximize the enjoyment of what you see before you.  The children if old enough can stand on the seats of the vehicle.

We check into Paraa Lodge which is a sister lodge of Chobe Safari Lodge.  Paraa Lodge is another family-friendly lodge in Uganda that we use a lot for family safaris.

You have a choice here of the standard rooms, rooms with air-conditioning, suites, or the fabulous Queen’s Cottage which is like a private retreat down by the Nile River.

Lunch on the veranda of Paraa Lodge

Paraa Lodge is the best lodge at Murchison Falls Park when it comes to location – it is conveniently near all major  activities in the park such as game drives, boat rides up or down the River Nile and fishing for Nile Perch.

Lunch at Paraa Lodge which is a delight – sit and overlook the pool and the River Nile in the distance – it does not get any better than this.

Late Afternoon Game Drive with Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger on in the vehicle to point out wildlife and birds that you might otherwise miss.

See large herds of Elephants and Rothschild Giraffes and Cape Buffaloes here, antelopes of various kind in great numbers, Lions, the occasional Leopard, Savanna Birds, Warthogs, Hyenas and much more.

A game drive is about 3 hours long, Children do not get bored since there is something new to see just around the next bend of the game track.

Dinner at Paraa Lodge

Lodging: Paraa Safari Lodge – upmarket

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 4 – Murchison Falls Park:

Choose to have breakfast or go on a sunrise game drive in the African Wild of Murchison Falls Park which is simply an awesome experience.

Optional – Bush Breakfast: A bush breakfast experience can be added here at Paraa Lodge of Chobe Safari Lodge at an extra cost. Bush breakfast take place if enough participants are signed up for it since there are a lot of logistics,  cooks, servers all must be figured into the event in the Bus. The Bush – Breakfast is most often scheduled at the end of a game drive. Please remember that a bush breakfast adds to the cost.

Game Drives begin at dawn at about 6:30 am and you can see the sun rise over the Borassus Palm Tree studded Savannah taking in the various wildlife before you such as the predators returning from the hunt.

Lunch at Paraa Lodge – relax by the pool, sit on your balcony or veranda with a good book like the Abyssinian Chronicles (about life in Uganda through the eyes of a boy growing up) and enjoy the day.

Late Afternoon Game Drive – each game drive is a different experience and we do not hurry you along, since this is a private safari, you are in control of the vehicle and the game drive.

Dinner at Paraa Lodge

Lodging: Paraa Safari Lodge – upmarket

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 5 – Budongo Forest – Village Visit:

Breakfast and we take the morning boat Safari up the River Nile where you will see countless of hippos, crocodiles, elephant herds, buffaloes, antelopes, monitor lizards and water birds.

There are lots of animals, reptiles – water birds to see and you have some great photo – opportunities.

This is one of the highlights of the 4 day Murchison Falls Park Safari. At the bottom of the falls we disembark and take a guided climb up, besides the falls with guide being cooled down by the mist from the falls.

At the top of the falls we are met by the driver guide and take the short drive to the Boomu Women’s Group where you and your children will learn what life is like for rural Ugandans.  They live without electricity, running water and that is just the beginning.  Life is simply hard living in a Village and your garden being your only means of support.

 Option:  you can stay at Boomu for a night in an African cottage .  The cottage is clean and has beds.  Oil Lamps light up the room at night and there are mosquito nets. For bathing hot water is brought to you in a washing area outside of your African Cottage – the toilet is also outside of the cottage.

Here if you want to eat, you help prepare the meal by going into the garden and harvesting the vegetables.  Fruit is also readily available for your meals.

A chicken may be slaughtered and we will keep in mind that such an event might upset your children.  African children watch the event as American Children would watched cookies being made ready to be baked.

There is a village tour that you will take and see African crafts being made by hand, blankets being woven, a school, village elder, and other ordinary Ugandans practicing their skills.

You can join for lunch here and taste Ugandan food such Matooke which are plantain bananas that are boiled and mashed, often topped with a sauce made of chicken, beef or even ground nut sauce.  Vegetables, Rice, potatoes and other choices.

Afterwards we drive back to Kampala arriving after 8 pm in the city at your lodging, longer if we drive you to Entebbe Airport or Kampala – lodging arrangements can be made for you either in Kampala or Entebbe.

 Family Safaris – Tips and Advice:

Parents taking their Children have lots of questions about preparing of a most memorable trip to Africa.

Our Family Safaris – Tips and Advice will cover most topics of a family safari from what to wear to health advice.

If we do not cover a question you might have – please contact and we will get back to you with an answer.

It is good to know what a Family Safari entails and we have done our best to inform you.  Be sure to check out Family Safaris tips and advice page to prepare you for your African Family Safari Trip.

Safari includes: All activities listed except it notes – optional. All Lodgings listed and it is full board. Bottled water is in the vehicle. It includes – 4 -wheel drive vehicle with Pop-Up roof for best game viewing. English-speaking Driver – Guide with extensive knowledge about Uganda, Wildlife, Culture and is customer service orientated. It does not include Drinks at lodges such as alcohol or sodas, laundry, tips.

If you are interested in this  5 Day Family Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls Park – please contact us