3 Day Fly-In Wildlife Safari – Murchison Falls Park

Posted by on January 1, 2016

This Flying Wildlife Safari – Maximizes your time Murchison Falls Park

3 Day – Fly-In Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls Park – Paraa Safari Lodge

Enjoy 3 days of the African Wild on a Mini-Luxury Flying Safari in Murchison Falls Park – staying at the Up-Market Paraa Lodge

Murchison Falls Park in Uganda is the best all-around Wildlife Park in Uganda.  The reasons are accessibility and variety of wildlife, add on top of that the various species of birds, the scenery, the River Nile and the most powerful waterfall and you have the perfect location for a Fly-In Wildlife Safari

 A three-day fly-in Safari to Murchison Falls National Park – giving 3 relaxing and at the same time adventurous days in Murchison Falls National Park – maximizing your time by flying to the park instead of driving – instead you get to relax at Paraa Lodge.

Enjoy the Game Drives across the Borassus Palm Tree studded savanna with its wildlife – the boat safari up the river Nile with its abundant wildlife, birds and reptiles and hike up the side of the most powerful waterfall in the world – Murchison Falls.

Day 1 – Murchison Falls National Park:

Depart your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala for your flight from Entebbe to Murchison Falls National Park – a short pleasant flight where you see the the Pearl of Africa from above – simply a delight – saving you considerable wear and tear that would be incurred by driving to Murchison Falls National Park.  Enjoy your short flight to Murchison Falls Park and the world’s most powerful from above.

Arrival at Murchison Falls National Park – Pakuba Airfield where you are met by your Kabiza Wilderness Safaris Guide and take the short drive to Paraa Lodge – along the way you will get a taste of the wildlife found in Murchison Falls National Park

Check into Paraa Lodge – Paraa Lodge is one of the few lodges in National Parks in Uganda where you can have an air-conditioned room for your comfort  for an extra fee, we would appreciate your presence ahead of time this way we can reserve you a room that you would like.

When it comes to rooms, you can have a Standard Room, Suite, or even use the exclusive Queen’s Cottage along the River Nile where you can observe Elephant herds and Hippo Pods while having a refreshing drink.

Paraa Lodge is one of the bigger lodges in Uganda, but it has the advantage of being in the best location in Murchison Falls Park.  It is located near most of the Game Drive Tracks which are on the Paraa Lodge side of the Nile, the ferry crossing and where board the boat for your boat safari up the River Nile.

Paraa Lodge has a great swimming pool that even has a bar on one end so that you do not have to get out of the water when you order a drink.

In the afternoon we are off for the  first game drive where you will see lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, antelopes , warthogs, buffaloes. A Game drive is about 3 hours in length, you do not have to drive long distance before you come to the track into wilderness with abundant wildlife.

Lodging: Paraa Safari Lodge

Meal Plan:  Lunch – Dinner

 Day 2: Early morning breakfast (or game drive first) and off you are for another game drive across the savannah, along Lake Albert Delta, abundant wildlife as you move slowly as the sun rises.

Welcome to Africa.  What you are sensing and feeling, seeing around you cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, this is Murchison Falls with its birds, lions, leopards, elephants, hippos, buffaloes, warthogs, giraffes, humorous appearing warthogs. This is Africa and you are on safari in the heart of it – Uganda.

After lunch it is one of the highlights of your Murchison Falls Park Safari, the boat safari trip up the Nile River.  Slowly moving along the river bank viewing crocodiles, an abundance of hippos, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, lots of birds including the fish eagle, storks and so much more.

The boat moves gently up the river and stay on the left hand side so that you see most of the animals who come to the river.  Herds of Elephants cooling off, Hippopotamus frolicking, crocodiles just dozing in the African sun.

Then there are the Murchison Falls which are an awesome display of the power of nature.  The river is 50 meters above the falls, moves down through a 6 meter gorge and falls down 43 meters, the sound is deafening and the sight makes one realize how forceful nature can be.  The water at the bottom of the falls is churning, any vegetation is literally is munched by the force of the water resulting in large sheets of foam, not from pollution but from the power of the river.

Close by there is a bank on the river filled with Nile crocodiles basking in the afternoon sun, just down from there you c an see a group of hippos frolicking in the water of the Nile.  There are literally thousands of hippopotamus to be found here, birds in abundance.


Lodging: Paraa Safari Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 3: Morning and early breakfast and a last morning game drive with Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger and each game drive is uniquely different in nature after the game drive we continue to the Pakuba airfield for your flight back to Entebbe.

At Entebbe your Fly-In Wildlife Safari comes to a close you are met by your Kabiza Wilderness Safaris Driver-Guide and continue to your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala or assist you with transfers for your flight home.

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