3 Day Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Kibale Forest

Posted by on August 8, 2017

Quality 3 Day Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Kibale Forest

Choose Upmarket, Moderate or Budget Lodging for this 3-day Chimpanzee Trekking Safari

Kibale Forest – the Premier Chimpanzee Trekking Location in East Africa.  This is a Primate Lovers Dream come true.  Almost 1,500 Chimpanzees plus 12 other primates.

Choose a Chimpanzee Trek or All-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience for this three day Kibale Forest Safari where seeing the Chimpanzees are not hit or miss affair, but a reality.

Chimpanzees, Monkeys, Wildlife, Birds, Scenic Kibale Rainforest, Bigodi Wetlands with its birds and wildlife.  Top of the world guided nature walk through villages, along the crater lakes to a viewpoint where you see the Mountains of the Moon, into Queen Elizabeth Park and the crater lakes below.

3 Days in and around the Kibale Forest Jungle where the Central African Jungle meets East Africa.

Day 1 – Kibale Forest: 

Depart Kampala or Entebbe 7:00 am in the morning on your Chimpanzee Trekking Safari which is mostly out of the vehicle adventure.  This is a 4 hour plus drive through scenic Uganda.

Option:  Break the Journey and stop to see Traditional Culture that is still being practiced today, the Nakayima Witch’s Tree.  It is on a plateau and its traditions go back hundreds of years in the history of Uganda. Today traditional beliefs are actively practiced today.

Arrive at the budget, moderate or upmarket lodge you have chosen.


Afternoon guided walk in the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary where you are taken into the world of a jungle swamp, a unique experienc e.  Much of the walk is across walkways using wooden planks so that you are above the swamp.  Light hiking boots are fine for most, you can rent for a  nominal fee rubber boots in case you would like.

This is a  three-hour walk and is a must for bird lovers, those that want something totally out of the ordinary – a jungle swamp, those that enjoy monkeys and primates, some of them rare elsewhere.

There are primates such as Red Colobus Monkeys,  Gray Cheeked Mangabey’s, L’Hoest Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Baboons, Black and White Colobus, Red Colobus, and the occasional Chimpanzees.

Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is also home to many mammals including the rare and elusive, semi-aquatic Sitatunga Antelopes (they have webbed toes) who make their home here, there are also Bush Pigs, Bush Bucks, Otters, Mongooses.

138 plus species of birds have been spotted here and of course, Bigodi Wetlands is best known for being home to the Great Blue Turaco. Often you will spot many varieties of birds such as Papyrus Gonoleks, Hornbills, Waxbills, Weavers, Cuckoos, Kingfishers, Flycatchers to name just a few of the many species of birds found here.


Option that is not presently included in price:  A Nocturnal Forest Walk with Rangers and spotlights can be added to your

Lodging:  Kibale Forest Lodging- pick the lodge for this safari

Meal Plan:   Lunch – Dinner

Day 2 – Chimpanzee Tracking:

Breakfast – and it is time for your Chimpanzee Trek.  Recommended things for your comfort are – long trousers – jeans are great, long-sleeved shirts, light hiking boots, a day pack with a liter of bottled water, wide-brimmed hat is good, light rain-jacket.

Chimpanzee tracking is about 3 hours plus in length and Kibale Forest is the best place in East Africa for chimpanzee tracking.

Kibale forest is where the West African jungles meet East Africa – Kibale Forest is home to 13 species of primates, normally you will see about 5 or 6 species as you are tracking the chimpanzees.

Besides the Chimpanzees there is simply the fabulous rainforest, the other primates, the trees, the flowers, the abundance of birds, the sounds of the Rain Forest, butterflies floating through the air, the place to be, the chimpanzees grabbing your attention, and you are glad you came to Kibale Forest for Chimpanzee Tracking.

You are with the chimpanzees for one hour and get to observe them up close allowing you to take some close-up pictures.  The chimpanzees are habituated, a process that takes up to two years and gets the chimpanzees used to human presence so that they continue with their activities while you are present.

Option: The all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience – where you are with the Chimpanzee for the full day along with researchers, trackers, and guide.


In the afternoon we take a Village Walk at Bigodi – this is a guided cultural encounter with the people that live in the area surrounding Bigodi Wetlands and Kibale Forest.  A time where you learn the traditional customs and the lifestyle of the people by walking through the village, visiting homes, listening to village elders tell the stories of old and present.  See how food is harvested, prepared.  Visit a school, a church, simply a time of seeing life in Uganda beyond wildlife and primates, but learn of and about the people.


Lodging:  Kibale Forest Lodging- pick the lodge for this safari

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

 Day 3 – Top of World Hike – return to Kampala:

Breakfast at Kibale Forest Camp and we are off to the top of the world nature walk – hike that moves through villages, tea plantations, but crater lakes to the viewpoint where you see from above crater lakes, the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon, villages, in the distance Queen Elizabeth Park. It is best to have a daypack and a liter of water with you, a few granola bars and use light hiking boots during this hike.


Return to Kampala or  by early evening.

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch

This Safari includes all activities includes all activities listed, is full board, except sodas beer, wine, tips at lodge.  Bottled water is in the vehicle for your comfort.

Lodging for this Safari:  Lodging may vary due a lodge being booked – we will let you know any changes and alternate lodging similar in quality and price.  Such changes rarely occur, they can however during peak seasons.

This 3-day Chimpanzee Tracking Safari gets you in touch with our closest relatives – the chimpanzees.  Enjoy your time at Kibale Rainforest Jungle and the surrounding area…

Chimpanzee Permits are discounted in Kibale Forest in April – May – November

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