2021-Early Bird Safari Booking in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on March 14, 2020

Book your 2021 Gorilla-Chimpanzee-Wildlife now

Discounted Safaris with a 2021-Early Bird Safari Booking

Your Uganda 2021-Early Bird Safari Booking. Why book now for 2021? One does not have to have psychic powers to know when it comes to travel that 2020 so far, has been a heck of a ride. The harsh winds of the Coronavirus pandemic have caused havoc from MainStreet to Wallstreet. 

The coronavirus pandemic has left a trail of tears and sowed fear into the hearts of millions around the world. Travel and Holiday Plans, including Safari Plans, had to rescheduled to hopefully a time when the coronavirus has been contained. 

2021 seems to be the year of Jubilee, a year when traveling plans to Africa, to Uganda can be made once again. Travel Plans, without flight cancelations, or travel bans, or travel restrictions. Moving without masks and an abundance of sanitizers. What a joy it will be.

2021-Early Bird Safari Booking: We predict that 2021 is going to be a record year for travel. 2020 was a year where people around suffered a severe case of what Americans call “Cabin Fever.” Stuck at home due to fear of Coronavirus, travel restrictions, and flight cancellations.

2021-Early Bird Safari Booking: Why book your Gorilla, Chimpanzee, and Wildlife Safari now? The answer is simple and happens to be a logistical one. The Pressure on Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits is going to unprecedented. 

The months of the year where permits for 2021 will be sold out first are January to March, June through September, and December.

It is not too early to book your 2021 Safari in Uganda. Lock in your Gorilla Permits, including the Gorilla Habituation, Permits now.

Secure the best Lodges for your safari now. At present, you have choices when it comes to lodges for your safari. That will change as we get closer to 2021. Another reason to book your 2021 Safari in Uganda now.

2021-Early Bird Safari Booking

2021 is the year to Discover Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is Africa’s Premier Primate Destination with more Gorillas and Chimpanzees than any other East African Country.  That, however, is only the beginning of what awaits. Uganda is Home to the ancient River Nile that has its source at Lake Victoria and flows to the North of the country. The fabled snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, the tallest Mountain Range in all of Africa, Lake Victoria, and its hidden tropical islands on Africa’s largest Lake.

Most Tourists visit Uganda because they want to trek Mountain Gorillas at an affordable price. Most never discover what is beyond the Gorilla Highlands. They never see Uganda’s Best Kept Secret – the remote Karamoja Region, which provides for Kidepo Valley Park, a lost Eden. Africa, as it used to be 50 years ago, a region where time seems to have stood still. You can still discover Africa without the Crowds.

Uganda, Africa condensed into a small country that has received more Tourism and Travel Awards than other countries that make up East Africa.  Lonely Planet, National Geographic in 2013 and 2019, Rough Guides, CNN, the New York Times, the Wanderlust Movement, all have recognized Uganda as a Travel Destination to be considered in 2020.

Visit Uganda in 2021 – it is time to plan to Discover Uganda, which is still the Pearl of Africa. A country unlike any other in all of Africa. Uganda, Africa’s Best English Speaking Country, one of Africa’s Friendliest and most welcoming countries.  Africa’s Most Biodiverse Country with pleasant Holiday Weather all-year-long and the River Nile Runs though it.

2021 seems to be in the distant future. When it comes to Safari Planning, it is just around the corner. Act now and secure your encounter with the Gentle Giants of the Forest in Uganda.

Luxury Safaris in Uganda  with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – Our Specialty:

Experience Africa with that added touch of subdued elegance. A Luxury Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife Safari staying at some of Uganda’s best Luxury and Exclusive Lodges.

A luxury Safari in Uganda gives you that added plus. Comfort, Elegance, Style. Lodges that cater to your wishes and needs with welcoming staff. Lodges where you will experience culinary Delights. Your experienced driver-guide will take you around in a secure Toyota Land-Cruiser Vehicle with Pop-Up Roof.

Luxury Fly-in Safaris give you more time in the parks and less time on the road. The remote Kidepo Valley Park is a favorite fly-in Safari destination.

A Luxury Safari in Uganda – not something that we also offer; it is our Focus and Specialty.

Value+ Moderately Priced Safaris with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris

For over a decade, our Focus has been Value+ Safaris in Uganda. A shoestring or budget may look appealing on paper. Still, it lacks what most expect on a once-in-a-lifetime African Safari.  The reason we offer Value+Plus moderately priced safaris using quality and proven mid-

A Value+ Private reasonably priced gives you that added comfort without compromising the experience of the safari.

We offer private Hakuna-Matata No-Worry Safaris in the Pearl of Africa that put you into the best mid-range lodges found in Uganda. Your experience is what is always on our minds, and our Value+ Safaris give you just that.

2021-Early Bird Safari Booking with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris:

We Know Uganda, we live here and work here. We know what it takes to create a successful safari for you based on your wishes and input.  We also know how to implement it.  We know the roads, bridges, the latest conditions. We know permit availability, and most importantly, we are flexible. We know how to rescue a safari if your plane is delayed, or a flight is changed.

We are a tour operator, yet before that, we are a people passionate about Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. We want you to discover our Uganda, the Uganda we love and know so well.

Your Advantage in dealing with us is this. We know what we are talking about, we live here, and you have a lower cost, you are dealing directly with a Ugandan Tour Operator.

For over a Decade -Memorable Hakuna Matata-Worry-Free Safaris in the Pearl of Africa.