1500 USD Gorilla Permits in Rwanda – Your Options

Posted by on December 12, 2017

1500 USD Gorilla Permits in Rwanda – means that you have to make a Choice

Remarkable Rwanda becomes Africa’s Upmarket Gorilla Trekking Destination with 1,500 USD Permits

Africa’s 1500 USD Gorilla Permits in RwandaDestination, that goes along with the building of more exclusive Lodges and Word Class Hotels in Kigali.  Other Lodges are under construction in Nyungwe Forest.  Not only has Rwanda gone to 1,500 USD Gorilla Permits (that is for all including Rwandan) it is the only Mountain Gorilla Country for the Exclusive and Private “Book a Gorilla Family for 15,000 USD.

The Rwanda Development Board believes that they are on the right marketing track and that their upmarket marketing Strategy will attract more Visitors with deeper pockets and that there will be no reduction in permits or income to the country.  2018 will prove if they are on the right path.

1500 USD Gorilla Permits in Rwanda will also support increased conservation efforts and support to the local communities in regards to the building of infrastructure.

Gorilla Trekking has been and definitely now is the most expensive Tourist Attraction in all of Africa and yet Trekkers do now complain once that they have had their hour of an incredible up-close encounter with a Mountain Gorilla Family.  Those who have not tracked the Mountain Gorillas may well ask “Is Gorilla Trekking really worth it?”

1500 USD Gorilla Permits in Rwanda – Here are you Options

Those wanting to trek the Mountain at a lower permit price are looking at the options and when it comes to Mountain Gorilla option there are only two other countries where you can see them in the Wild besides Rwanda.

Our Take:  We give you the options that you have.  We like for our Client to experience that incredible Close-Up Encounter with a Gorilla Family knowing the options that are available.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

If you are an Adventurer, a risk-taker in the Spirit of Indiana Jones then Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo might be for you.  The region is not seen as safe and secure by many nations who have issued Travel Advisories such as the US and the UK to name just two. There is the added Travel Insurance Problem since most carriers will not sell you Travel Insurance if you enter the DRC Virunga National Park Region

Tour Operators from the Congo, from Rwanda and Uganda, will sell you a Gorilla Trekking Safari at a low price in the Congo.

Virunga National Park, the first National Park in Africa has done a great job in spite of under the leadership of Emmanuel de Merode who has valiantly led the band of faithful rangers in defending the park. However, if one is traveling there one has to look at the various dangers.

We do not go into the Congo because the welfare and safety of our clients is more important to us than a profit.  The Gorilla Trekker has to choose between 400 USD Permits and Safety.

Uganda with the most Mountain Gorillas and 2 Gorilla Parks – 15 Gorilla Families to Trek:

Just 3 hours from Kigali is Mgahinga Gorilla Park where you can trek Gorillas on the other side of the Virunga Volcanoes from Rwanda and save 900 USD just on permit Cost alone.

4-Hours from Kigali is the south end of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where you can trek Mountain Gorillas with a 600 USD Permits and stay at Affordable Lodges.

Avoid Long Drive Times – Fly into Kigali Rwanda and Trek Gorillas in Uganda

1,500 USD Gorilla Permits exist in Uganda – they do however give you 4 hours with a Gorilla Family on the one-of-a-kind Gorilla Habituation Experience which comes to an all-day Trek. When it comes to Value – the 1500 USD in Rwanda gives you 4 hours with a gorilla family, 4 hours in Rwanda amounts to 1500 USD permit cost alone –

The Choice is yours to Make:

1500 USD Gorilla Permits in Rwanda – Rwanda is great for Gorilla Trekking, but it is not the only Choice that you have. Rwanda has been the darling of the International Travel Community, some of those are now using Uganda.  Rwanda when it comes to Gorilla Trekking was immortalized by the movie “Gorillas in the Mist” about Dian Fossey’s life, now there is a Mini-Series about Dian Fossey.  Uganda on the other hand when it comes to movies had “The Last King of Scotland” and “Raid on Entebbe.” Not Travel promoting movies.

Do the Reseach, we offer many pages that can be of help to you in this. Yes, There are other options and the choice is yours – You know what you can afford and where you like to trek the Mountain Gorillas.