12-Day Highlights of Uganda Luxury Safari

Posted by on March 10, 2018

The Highlights of Uganda – Great Apes and Wildlife

Private 12-Day Highlights of Uganda Luxury Safari

The 12-Day Highlights of Uganda Luxury Safari gives you some of the Best the Pearl of Africa  – Uganda has to offer.   It is our Primates plus the Big-5 Safari which takes you to 5 of the best parks. It is only in Uganda where you can combine such Bio-Diversity plus the Scenic Wonders of the Western Rift Valley, the Explosion Craters, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and the Virunga Volcanoes.

Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. Africa Condensed into a Small Country, Africa without the crowds and on your safari, you visit 5 our of Uganda’s 10 National Parks, Stay in some of its best Luxury Lodges and get to know Uganda including its culture and people.

This  12-Day Highlights of Uganda Luxury Great Apes and Big-5 Wildlife Safari begins and in Entebbe. 

The Vehicle used for this Safaris is a Toyota Land-Cruiser with a pop-up roof for best game viewing – Porter Services and Walking Sticks for Gorilla Trek are included as is Bottled Water in the Vehicle for your Comfort.

Highlights of the  12-Day Highlights of Uganda Luxury Great Apes and Big-5 Wildlife Safari

  • Gorilla Trekking – Porter Services – Walking Sticks – Bottled Water are provided.
  • Chimpanzee Tre kking – Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary Jungle Swamp
  • Rhino Trekking on Foot – Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Top of the Falls Hike – Murchison Falls
  • Rare Rothschild Giraffes in Large Numbers – Murchison Falls Park
  • Optional Hot Air Balloon Safari – Murchison Falls Park
  • Lion Tracking Research- Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Explosion Crater Drive in Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha
  • Optional Guided Village Walk 
  • Optional Batwa Experience can be worked in on the day of Trekking 
  • Nocturnal Game Drive – Lake Mburo National Park
  • Horseback Riding Safari -Lake Mburo National Park – or Walking Safari – Bike Safari

Day 1 – Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary:

We pick you at your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala at 7 am and your 12-Day Highlights of Uganda Luxury Safari begins.  The drive to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is through Kampala and then the Ugandan countryside which includes the Luweero area with its many farms and villages – the journey will take us about 3 1/2 hours.

Check into Amuka Lodge – Lunch

Rhino Trek on Foot:  During the afternoon it is your up-close meet with the Rhinos – you have guides with and you get as close as thirty feet of the Rhinos which is a thrilling Adventure for you.  There are some great photo opportunities during the Rhino Trek and of course personal enjoyment.


Meal Plan:   Lunch – Dinner


 Amuka Lodge – Upmarket:

The Amuka Lodge is the only upmarket lodge in the area.  They are well-known for their excellent food,  a fusion of South Africa and Uganda, its extensive South African wine list and the excellence of service.  The lodge has a small swimming pool where you can take a refreshing dip after your drive from Kampala.

The deluxe Cottages are comfortable and made from the local material found here – the wood comes from an abandoned saw-mill and the Tent material was locally made.

The Meals here are excellent according to our clients that have stayed here in the midst Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – this was a large ranch which has a similar landscape to Murchison Falls Park.  The Sanctuary is guarded around the clock and no poachers have entered it.

The perfect stay-over half way to Murchison Falls Park from Kampala.

Day 3 – Murchison Falls Park: 

Breakfast and a morning boat ride safari where you just might see Africa’s most sought-after bird – the elusive and  ancient looking Shoebill storks found in the swamps in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary along with many other water birds.

After the boat ride, it is off to Murchison Falls Park. This is a 3-hour drive to the Nile Ferry Crossing

There is an array of luxury lodges found here, however, there is only one upmarket lodge that is in the right location on the wildlife side of the River Nile and the Park and that is Paraa Lodge.  If you do not mind a longer trip to your game drives, there is Baker’s Lodge and Nile Safari Lodge.

Late Lunch

A midafternoon Game drive that takes in a 3-hour Game Drive Track.  The vehicle is equipped with a pop-up Roof for better game viewing.  The park is home to over 1000 Rothschild Giraffes, the largest number of this endangered Giraffe also called the Baringo and Uganda Giraffe. You can see them in herds of over 50, also large Buffalo herds and Elephant Herds, thousands of Ugandan Kob Antelopes and other. Lions and Leopards, Serval Cats on occasions, Savannah Birds, all on this Borassus Palm Tree Studded  Savannah.


Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

 Baker’s Lodge Along the River Nile –  exclusive Lodge:

Baker’s Lodge is one of the new lodging choices in Murchison Falls Park. For those who are looking for an out of the ordinary lodge experience in Uganda, in Murchison Falls Park, Baker’s Lodge is just right for you.

You will enjoy your time here along the River Nile with a splendid view of the River, wildlife, and birds that are all around you.

There are 8 tented cottages that await, enjoy a romantic Dinner along the Nile, a bush breakfast while here and the wildlife in one o Uganda’s best all-around parks.

Baker’s Lodge is one of the best luxury lodges in all of Uganda.

 Paraa Safari Lodge – Luxury $$$:

The thing that makes that makes Paraa Lodge appealing is its location.  There is no crossing the River Nile at 7 am in the morning – you can start a game drive at the crack of dawn – 6:30 am.

You have a  wide variety of Room Choices such as standard rooms, suites, the newer Tented Cottages as seen in a picture on the left or the Queen’s Cottage which has two bedrooms, sitting Room and sleeps 4.  The Tents and Queen’s cottage are closer to the Nile where you can readily see Elephants and hippos.

If you do not want the extra hassle of having to cross the Nile twice a day by ferry but spend that extra time o game drives Paraa Lodge is the logical choice for you – though it is a larger lodge, the tented Cottages just might be right for you.

The lodge requires that you cross the Nile by Ferry for Game Drives.

Day 4 – Murchison Falls Park:

 Breakfast – you can have it before or after the morning game drive – there is nothing like a sunrise game drive over the savanna – at times as the sun rises it burns off the morning mist and things become clear once again. Hopefully, we will run into a pride of lions, leopards, elephant herds, giraffes, antelopes, savannah birds.  The vehicle has a pop-up roof for you to look out from and enjoy the scenery, view the wildlife and take better pictures.  A Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger is on board of vehicle during game drives to point out the wildlife we otherwise might miss.  Between your Safari Guide and Ranger, you will not miss much.

A game drive is about 3 hours in length – and each game drive a different game track is followed for the variety of wildlife and birds.

Lunch at Paraa Lodge and some relaxation.

Afternoon Boat Safari up the River Nile, moving closer to the bank of the river in order to get some up-close shots of elephant herds, buffaloes, antelopes, the huge Nile Crocodiles found here, pods, of hippos, water birds, monitor lizards and much more.

At the bottom of the falls disembark and enjoy the guided walk along the most powerful waterfall in the world – Murchison Falls – you will be cooled off by the spray that comes across the path at times from the waterfall.

This path was taken by Winston Churchill in 1907 on his visit to Uganda.

At the top of the falls be greeted by your driver guide and after a walk around it is back to your lodge for the evening and dinner after an enjoyable day in the savannah and on the River Nile.

Option while at Murchison Falls Park:  You can go on a Hot Air Balloon Safari with Champagne Bush Breakfast following.  This is the only park where you can do a Hot Air Balloon Safari.  Cost is 380 USD a person.


Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 5 – Kibale Forest Park:

An early breakfast and the longest drive on our safari (journey) thus far.  We cross the Nile by ferry at 7 am and head for the Kibale Rainforest where the West African Rainforest meets East Africa and the Primate Capital of East Africa.

Fortunately, this is a scenic drive and we will break it up with lunch along wn*-**———– ay and our today’s destination is well worth the unfortunate long drive.

 Note:  This is the one long drive time during the Safari – we can add one day to your safari and reduce the drive time by doing the following.  Taking the scenic drive from Murchison Falls to the town of Hoima – This drive is along Lake Albert and the Western Rift Escarpment with many photo Opportunities along the way.

There are also cultural encounter stops on that road.  You can add a hike down the escarpment to the remote Kibiro Fishing Village which is famous for its Salt Gardens where high-quality Salt has been produced for hundreds of years and where all supplies are brought in via boat or footpath.

Stay overnight in Hoima at better moderately priced Lodge with swimming pool, in the town of Hoima.  The next day you arrive in Kibale Forest at lunchtime.


Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner


 Papaya Lake Lodge -the Jewel near Kibale Forest – Exclusive $$$$:

Papaya Lodge is an upmarket fusion of Africa with  Europe, one could call it Afro-European, it goes from the fabulous, spacious cottages to the meals served, prepared with fresh vegetables and fruit from their gardens.  The Lodge is the creation of a Polish Couple, who have poured into creating what in many ways is unparalleled in Uganda.

The decor is unique, the food is superb and the view of two crater lakes from the lodge, and one from the rooms are simply stunning.

Original Creativity, a one of a kind lodge from the rooms to the meals…in terms of Classification, one can easily put it into the Exclusive Lodge Category.

 Crater Lake Safari Lodge – Luxury -$$$:

This is the newest lodge along Uganda’s Crater Trail and a wonderful job has been done in preparing a lodge for guests from around the world.

The closest Luxury Lodge to Kibale Forest, it is only a 7-kilometer drive to Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary and Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale Forest.

Superb views, cottages with WiFi, elegant furnishings and elegantly decorated, solar-powered lights in the cottages 24 hours a day, all added plus items while on Safari in Uganda.

Crater Lake Safari Lodge is a lovely addition to the area and already has become a favorite among visitors to Kibale Forest.

Day 6 – Kibale Forest-Chimpanzee Trekking:

Breakfast and it is off for an encounter with our closest relatives the chimpanzees.  It is best to take a light  daypack, one liter of water, your camera equipment and a good set of binoculars, wear some jeans or long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, light hiking boots, a hat.

Chimpanzee Tracking is normally about 3 1/2 hours in length and a most memorable time for you.

You do have the choice here to either track chimpanzees or to participate in all day chimpanzee habituation experience where you are with researchers and others who are in the process of habituating the chimpanzees.  Both chimpanzee habituation or chimpanzee tracking must be well planned in advance. (if you co the all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience, then we will eliminate the Bigodi Wetlands Walk-Hike.

There are many other primates that you might see during chimp tracking, normally between 5 to 7 other species, plus a wide variety – one thing you will find quite striking is the vegetation of the park, striking different from other areas of Uganda and East Africa.


and then an afternoon guided walk at Bigodi Wetlands which is a most fascinating place for birders where you can see the large blue Turaco and Brown Parrots.

It is also home to the semi-aquatic Sitatunga Antelope, it is a most interesting place, a jungle swamp where you can see primates scurrying through the trees, hundreds of different species of colorful butterflies and more.


Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 7-Queen Elizabeth Park

Breakfast and we are off for Queen Elizabeth Park and its tapestry of Natural wonders – a short drive of 2 1/2 hours and before checking in we take the scenic 27 kilometer Explosion Crater Drive where you will see various explosion craters, some as lakes, others covered by Savanna Grass or woodland.  It is the highest point of the park from where you have expansive views of the Western Rift Escarpment – Lake George and Lake Edwards and the savanna.  One of the craters was recently featured by National Geographic online.

For the drive, we have a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger on board to give you detailed background information that will enhance this drive.  In regards to wildlife, often elephants and buffaloes are seen along this route, but one takes it primarily for the scenery and the scenery is simply stunning.

Check into the Lodge that you have chosen in the Mweya Area of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Relax for a while and we take the game drive here where instead of Borassus Palm Trees you will find Candelabra Euphoria Trees that were planted by the pastoralists many years ago to fence in their cattle.

 Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Warthogs, Bush pigs, Giant Forest Hogs, Buffaloes, antelopes are seen here on game drives – the vehicle allows you to stand and take great photos, you can even use a bean bag for better support of your camera.

A game drive is normally about three hours in length – however, it all depends on you and your wishes – some like to stay longer and take in more, others like to take their time when they are watching a pride of lions for example – you are in charge.


Options you have while at Queen Elizabeth Park: 

The most popular option is the Lion Tracking Research with the Uganda Carnivore Project which studies the carnivores here and you would be tracking collared lions and leopards.  They also work with local communities and teaches them as to how to live in harmony with the Lions and Leopards.

The Banded Mongoose Research Project is another option you have here.  The Research project takes place on the Mweya Peninsula and involves a guided hike where you will see the Kazinga Channel, wildlife, and water-birds along the hike in and out.

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner


 Kyambura Gorge Lodge – Luxury – $$$$:

Kyambura Game Lodge took an old coffee plantation and gave it new life in the form of a luxury Lodge bringing another level of service to the area.

The Cottages have their own style and design, something that is unique to the Volcanoes Lodges in Uganda and Rwanda.

View-wise you overlook the Kyambura Gorge, that gash in the Savannah with its underground forest, its River of the Blind and the Chimpanzees that are at home here.

The lodge has a nice swimming pool where you can take a break from the Equatorial Sun – have a great view and a cool drink.  The lodge is also near some villages that you can visit while staying at Kyambura Gorge Lodge.

 Mweya Safari Lodge – Luxury:

Mweya Safari Lodge has been called a Sheraton Hotel in the African Bush – Up-market Luxury overlooking the beautiful Kazinga Channel – Mweya Safari Lodge offers consistent up-market comfort with a delightful African Touch in the African Wild of Queen Elizabeth Lodge.

Location is one of its best features – Mweya Safari Lodge is located in one of the best areas of Queen Elizabeth Park, near the game drives and also just above where the boat launches begin their journey on the Kazinga Channel on the Mweya Peninsula.

You have the choice of Rooms, Suites, Luxury Tents and Cottages that sleep 4.

For food –ambiance, Mweya Safari Lodge is simply one of the best in Queen Elizabeth Park

Day 8 – Queen Elizabeth Park:

Breakfast or morning game drive first – the choice is yours.  Eac h game drive is quite different and a different track is taken for each one.

Alternative choice:  Chimpanzee Tracking in the Kyambura Gorge.  This would be the second time that you track Chimpanzees and Kyambura Gorge is an amazing valley to do so in.

There is time to relax and be – to journal, bask in the sun or swim in the pool.

3 pm:  Boat Safari on the Kazinga Channel – the boat moves rather slowly from the Mweya area toward Lake Edward and you can see Elephant, Buffalo Herds, Antelopes, Monitor Lizards, Crocodiles,

There are also hundreds of water birds from Pelicans to Cormorants.  It is simply an amazing boat safari and one of the highlights of any visit to Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda.


Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 9 – Ishasha – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest: 

 Breakfast and at 7 am we move to the unvisited part of Queen Elizabeth Park called Ishasha – it is a 2 1/2 hour drive.

At Ishasha we take a game drive and our focus are the tree climbing lions of Ishasha.  Ishasha is the best place in East African lions to watch the lions sleep the day way up in the fig trees.  Whether this is a cultural habit or an avoidance the insect has never been shown, the main thing remains that Ishasha is the best place for the tree – climbing lions in East Africa.

Not only will we see tree-climbing lions but leopards, elephant herds, buffalo herds, Topi antelopes along with other species and often you will not find many other vehicles in the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth Park.


The drive is a short 1 1/2 hours to Buhoma where tomorrow you will trek Gorillas and you check into the lodge that you have chosen for your time here.

Optional this afternoon:  Take a guided village walk, or village bike ride and see life in a village in Africa, craft making such as baskets, food harvesting and preparation, beer brewing, gin making (waragi), a visit with a traditional healer explaining his ways of gathering herbs, roots, barks, leaves, berries from the forest and what ailments are cured or alleviated by them.


Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

 Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp – Exclusive Luxury $$$$-1000 USD plus for two;

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is a Small,  Intimate, Exclusive Lodge with 8 Permanent Tented Cottage inside of the park itself.

Even Gorillas choose to visit Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, and they must know which is a preferred lodge. The camp is one of the high-end luxury lodges within Bwindi.  Often Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is booked months ahead of time due to its popularity with visitors to Buhoma.

The Buhoma Area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest has many choices for the visitors and tourists.  There is however only one Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Lodge in the Buhoma area.

The furnishing, the decor, the service, the meals all show the great luxury lodge that it is for Gorilla Trekking.

 Buhoma Lodge exclusive Luxury $$$$:

Buhoma Lodge in Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest – simply Luxury Comfort and it is located inside of park itself meaning a short walk to the Park Headquarters for your gorilla trek.

A most restful place before and after Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Buhoma Lodge –is an up-market luxury lodge with eight comfortable and luxurious cottages which were constructed with local materials including tent fabrics – providing you with up-market comfort at its best. People who stay here simply love staying at Buhoma Community Lodge.

 Bwindi Lodge in Buhoma-Exclusive Luxury Lodge – $$$:

Bwindi Lodge in the Buhoma area comes with a pleasant twist, an upmarket price for an exclusive luxury Lodge.  Among Luxury Lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest this lodge per night full-board and all the extras beyond what upmarket lodge offer.

This Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge is synonymous with World Class Service, Cuisine, a reserved luxury style, thoughtful planning that puts this lodge into harmony with its surrounding.

From here walk to and from the Gorilla Trekking, visit with the Batwa People, the first people of the forest, and its unique give back to the local Community the Bwindi Bar where disadvantaged youth get training in the hospitality industry and you an Espresso that is on par with the best of Coffee Restaurants in Coffee loving Seattle, WA in the US.

 Mahogany Springs Lodge – Luxury $$$:

Mahogany Springs Lodge your affordable up-market Lodge in the Buhoma Area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Enjoy your Stay at Mahogany Springs Lodge in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Mahogany Springs Lodge is a relative newcomer to the Buhoma Lodging scene and if you read the reviews on TripAdvisor you find that Mahogany Lodge stands as one of the best places to stay in the eyes of many.

The Lodge is known for spacious, well-furnished cabins, a great main lodge, treat service and views of the forest and surrounding countryside. On top of that great meals are served here.


Day 10 – Gorilla Trekking: 

 Breakfast and your long-awaited day of the gorilla visit begins.  You will need a day-pack, take the packed lunch provided by the lodge, 2 liters of bottled water, for clothing you will need jeans, long-sleeved shirt, rain-jacket, light hiking boots, hat, gardening gloves to pull yourself up on vines or branches, hat.  We give you a porter to make your load lighter on the trek and we suggest you purchase a walking stick – buy a carved one and keep it as a memory of this day.

The trek takes about 5 hours and you spend one hour with the gorillas – certainly an amazing experience that you will never forget.

Do you always see the gorillas?  The answer is 99% yes, there is a lot that takes place behind the scenes to make the gorilla trek a success and that is a team of early trackers that goes ahead and finds the group.

After the trek, you just might want to relax, a cold drink, and reflect on your adventure today in the ancient forest of Bwindi.

An option instead of Gorilla Trekking:  Gorilla Habituation Experience in Southern Bwindi Impenetrable Forest you have the option of spending 4-hours with a Gorilla Family on an All-Day Trek on the where the permit cost is 1,500 USD.  Ite means different lodging in either Nkuringo or Rushaga and a longer drive to there from Queen Elizabeth Park, it is an experience that is well worth it.


Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 11 – Lake Mburo Park:

 Breakfast and we head to Lake Mburo Park at 7:30 am which is half-way to Kampala and Entebbe.  There is only one upmarket Lodge found in this the smallest of the Savannah Parks in Uganda.  Here you have rolling hills, 5 lakes within the park and you can hike anywhere in the park guided by rangers.

Lake Mburo National Park is home to Zebras, Giraffes, the large Eland Antelopes and other antelopes.  There are quite a few leopards in the park and a few lions whose roar you might hear at night but not often see.e

We check into Mihingo Safari Lodge and enjoy your tented cottage where even the bathroom has a splendid view- your cottage is a tasteful blend of the things one enjoys with an African touch.  The views before you are simply incredible and this tent is a far cry from going camping in the days of your youth, it is luxury, class and ultimate comfort.

Lunch at Mihingo Lodge where you can see wildlife below at the watering hole.

Mihingo Lodge is simply a classy place in the African Wild of Uganda, from your tented cottage in a private setting to the swimming pool overlooking the park below – you will enjoy your last day in the African Wild.

During the afternoon we take a boat safari on Lake Mburo where we might see some otters, crocodiles, hippos, mammals such as Zebras, Giraffes, Antelopes, Buffaloes coming to water.

We Continue on a Game drive to see more wildlife before returning to the lodge


Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 12 Kampala -Entebbe: 

Breakfast and three-hour horseback safari that is guided across the rolling savannah, zebras, buffaloes, antelopes including the large Eland Antelope.

Lunch at Mihingo Lodge

Depart for Entebbe – but we first stop at the equator – we reach Entebbe in the late afternoon as your 12-Day Luxury-Gorilla-Chimpanzee-Trekking Wildlife Safari comes to an end

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch

Lodging depending on your departure time can be arranged such as a day-room, also at the beginning of the Safari lodging can be arranged at Entebbe if you arrive in the evening or night.

Lodging can be changed to fit your wishes during this 1 12-Day Highlights of Uganda Luxury Great Apes and Big-5 Wildlife Safari.

Cost for this 12-Day Highlights of Uganda Luxury Great Apes and Big-5 Wildlife Safari includes All Activities and permits listed except where it states optional.  It is full-board and includes all food – bottled water in the vehicle at all times, Toyota Land-Cruiser Safari equipped, full-time experienced Tour Guide – Safari does not include drinks soft as soft-drinks, alcohol at lodges, personal insurance, laundry.

If you are interested in this 12-Day Highlights of Uganda Luxury Great Apes and Big-5 Wildlife Safari – please contact us: