The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda

Posted by on September 7, 2019

The Best Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda

Top Gifts and Souvenirs to pick up on a Safari in the Pearl of Africa

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in UgandaThe 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda. Souvenirs, arts, crafts, Ugandan made products that can be given as a gift to family or friends or kept by you as reminders, memories of your time on Safari in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda. Here are ten ways that you can do so. There many more that we could list here, we have picked the best, items that our clients often buy here and take home as a gift or safari memory.

You can readily purchase typical souvenirs such as T-Shirts with something about Uganda. We have gone beyond the common ones, the norm to some tasty, others reflecting culture and art, and some decorative or practical things you can display in your home.

We encourage you to buy gifts and souvenirs made in Uganda since they often will empower a family, enhance a conservation effort, provide income for a Ugandan family. We go further and encourage clients to learn the art of making things like basket, jewelry, paint a batik since such times are authentic and cross-cultural.

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda

1. Ugandan CoffeeThe 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda

Uganda is a significant producer and exporter of coffee. Coffee was born in Uganda. The Robusta is indigenous to Uganda. The tasty Arabica varieties are grown in Eastern Uganda in the mountainous regions of Mount Elgon. In the West and Southwest of Uganda, Coffee is produced in the Gorilla (Kigezi)Highlands near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Coffee is also grown in the foothills of Africa’s tallest Mountain Range, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon. Uganda produces some of the best coffee in Africa. You can purchase some during your time on Safari with us. We recommend the Gorilla Conservation Coffee brand. It is the coffee with a dual cause behind it. When you are drinking it, you are saving Gorillas, one sip at a time. Gorilla Conservation Coffee is a social enterprise of Conservation Through Public Health, an award-winning NGO and non-profit organization. Gorilla Conservation Coffee pays a premium price to help coffee farmers living next door to the gorillas around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. Supporting local farmers helps to protect the critically endangered gorillas and their fragile habitat. You can buy the coffee at lodges and hotels throughout Uganda, including at the duty-free shops at Entebbe International Airport.

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda2. Uganda Waragi

Uganda Waragi is the drink of choice of many Ugandans who are known to celebrate the slightest occasion in life.  Uganda Waragi is a part of Ugandan identity and is tied to its history. Waragi comes from the words War Gin. It was given to Ugandan Soldiers before going into battle to provide the soldiers with what is sometimes called Dutch Courage.

Locally made Waragi, that is not recommended since often methanol impurities are contained in the Ugandan Moonshine that goes by names such Enguli, Lira Lira and Kasese.

Ugandan Waragi, or the Leading Brand, is triple distilled. You can purchase a bottle of Waragi most anywhere for about five to seven dollars in local currency. You can also buy it at the Duty-Free Shops at the Entebbe International Airport as you depart for home.

Buy it as a gift for a friend or yourself it will keep those Sundowner moments on your Safari in the Pearl of Africa alive.

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda3. Spices from the Pearl of Africa:

Spices, as a souvenir, as a gift. Something you might not think about. Spices, flavorings such as Vanilla can be an excellent gift item that would be appreciated by most.

Vanilla has become the new gold. It is grown locally under armed guard to protect the crop from thieves. Buying it right from Vanilla Farm will save you a lot of money. Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream purchase their vanilla from Uganda. You can too.

Other spices can be bought at local markets in bulk such as paprika, pepper including chili pepper, paprika, cardamom, saffron, and others. You will save a lot of money, and your gifts of spice will be appreciated.

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda4. Tea from the Pearl of Africa

Uganda is a significant producer of Tea in Africa. Its Tea is shipped all over the world. The Mideast, Egypt, Sudan are big consumers of tea from the pearl of Africa. In Uganda, tea is the beverage of choice for most Ugandans. Chai, African Tea with cinnamon, ginger, sugar, and milk is a favorite. Visitors often have to get used to the pungent ginger flavor.

Black Tea, Green Tea, or tea with lemongrass can be bought anywhere. You can even buy it directly from tea plantations that you pass on your safari in Uganda.

We will throw in an African Tea recipe if you ask. Enjoy Uganda long after your safari as you sip the tea from the Pearl of Africa.

The price is right, and tea is a gift many would enjoy back in your home country.

5. Gorilla Souvenirs & Gifts:
The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda

Reminders of your encounter with the gentle giants of the forest in Uganda. An excellent souvenir is a carved gorilla walking stick that you can buy while staying in Mgahinga Gorilla Park or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. O

Other Gorilla Trekking Souvenirs can be Gorilla carvings that can be found here. The quality varies, but you can see quickly what is right and what is not. There are Gorilla Batiks, Gorilla Bracelets, and earrings, Gorilla T-Shirts. There is also the Gorilla Conservation Coffee that we mentioned already.

You will also find items that are art and stuff that is pure touristic junk. The beauty of the various items offered is in the eye of the beholder. Whatever you purchase helps a Ugandan Family have a better day.

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda6. African Decor for your Home:

Accent your home with some touches from Uganda. Reminders of your time on Safari in the Pearl of Africa. Create that African room in your home and accent it with items you pick along your tour of Uganda.

Batiks, even larger paintings can be rolled up and taken home. Mats that were woven in Uganda become colorful pieces on the floor or wall. Bark Cloth, unique to Uganda, was used in decorating the European Parliament, why not use it in your home.

The things you find, look at them through creative eyes and place them in your home. You will discover Pillow Covers, Place Mats, Baskets, and one can even use a drum as a lampstand in the corner of your African Room decorated with items found on your African Journey in Uganda.

7. African Fabrics -The Kitenge ClothThe 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda:

The Kitenge Fabric has been called ‘the communicating textile’ because of the various colors, patterns, writings, and symbols which represent moods, feelings, cultures, and traditions of African people including Uganda

The beauty that is kitenge is that it comes in a host of colors and patterns with each telling its own story. A traditional batik technique is used to print these patterns with each holding its uniqueness and story.

It brings me great pleasure to see the streets of Kampala brightly colored with all these fabrics in different styles and prints. With people of all ages beautifully clad in these clothes.

The Kitenge fabric depicts the African heritage in every sense and has become gained in worldwide popularity. Fashion Designers and Decorators alike use it. You can do almost anything, with it, a dress, shirts, decor in your home and you can buy some original ones in Uganda on your Safari. Let us know, and we will assist you.

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda8. African Carvings discovered on you Safari:

Were it not for Baggage Restrictions and expensive excess charges a lot more Ugandan carved items would find their way into the homes of Tourists from around the world.

You can find some excellent carved items such as tables with carved elephant trunks as legs and an intricately carved top. There are also superb carved chairs with wildlife or village carvings.

African Masks abound, from crudely carved ones to the ones created by top-notch artists.

Carved Wall Hangings of all kind would be conversational pieces in your home for many years. We can assist you in arranging reasonably priced shipping of heavier items to your country, ask.

9. Drums made in Uganda:The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda

Drums, drums are found everywhere. Uganda is known for its excellent drums that are made in the Pearl of Africa.

In Mpambire you find the Baganda Royal Drum makers.  They and their forefathers have been creating drums for over 500 years in the same location.

Drums are a part of African Culture and life. Not only can you buy a drum to take home. Lessons can be arranged for you to use the drum by skilled, Ugandan Musicians.

The drums in Uganda are all hand-made from natural materials. The drum makers even grow their trees because of ecology reasons.

You will find a wide variety of musical instruments for sale in Uganda. Take a few home with you.

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda10. Ugandan Tribal Jewelry:

You will come across all kinds of jewelry made in Uganda during your safari in the Pearl of Africa. It ranges from the inexpensive to jewelry made of precious metals.

Most purchased the inexpensive jewelry made by mostly women for sale to tourists and sold abroad, providing a decent income for a Ugandan family.

Hands-on lessons can be arranged for you where you learn the art of making jewelry, Ugandan style.

It also allows you to get to know some Ugandans. Such times often result in lasting friendships over the Internet.

If you like to purchase bulk-beads, we can also arrange that for you.

11. Snare-Ware Sculptures:

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in UgandaSnares to Wares is a community-based conservation initiative started by Michigan State University that is dedicated to improving human livelihood and protecting wildlife in East Africa. We remove wire snare traps from Murchison Falls National Park to keep wildlife safe from being poached. Those wires are then given to local artisans in the village of Pakwach, Uganda who train community members (especially youth vulnerable to being recruited by poachers) to make a living in craftsmanship rather than poaching. By transforming wire snares into pieces of art, these young artists gain the skills and experience they need to provide for themselves and their families without ever resorting to poaching.

Each piece of art is crafted out of snare wire retrieved from the landscape in and around Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda, which would have otherwise captured wildlife such as lions, giraffes, and elephants. Proceeds from the sale of these sculptures flow directly into the community to sustain these transformations.

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in UgandaThe 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda

We could add many more. If you come with open eyes, you will find them. Gifts beyond the norm. We know Uganda, we live and work here.  Tourism is our passion and business.

We love to assist you in bringing Home a bit of Uganda as a reminder of your Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda has all the expected tourist items that you expect on an African Safari. We can take you to such places in Kampala or better to the Friday Craft Market where you deal directly with the artist.

We will help you locate what you would like on your safari. Uganda is filled with very talented people that would love to create what you would like.

Take home a bit of Africa from Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, and remember your time here on a safari.

The 11 Perfect Souvenirs to Bring back from a Safari in Uganda