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How SAFE is it to visit Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda in 2019?

Posted by on April 15, 2019

Is Queen Elizabeth Park Safe for Tourists?

In 2019 the Question is – How SAFE is it to visit Queen Elizabeth Park?

How SAFE is it to visit Queen Elizabeth Park one of Uganda’s most popular National Parks? That questionHow SAFE is it to visit Queen Elizabeth Park comes up time and time again in the light of the kidnapping that made headlines all over the world of Kimberly Sue Endicott and her driver (set free 5-days later) in the southern Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth Park on April 2, 2019 as they were on a late afternoon Game Drive without a Ranger Escort (not required but recommended at that time)

Tourists to Uganda, Visitors to Queen Elizabeth Park are looking for a safe and secure experience and are not Indiana Jones kind of Adventurist and that is certainly everyone involved in Ugandan Tourism would agree with and that is what you find presently.

How SAFE is it to visit Queen Elizabeth Park? – Safe and Secure Visits to Queen Elizabeth Park are the norm and not the exception. The security level in Queen Elizabeth has been enhanced beyond what visitors see as they are on a Game Drive in Ishasha or the  Kasenyi Plains, on a Boat Ride on the Kazinga Channel, or hiking down into the Kyambura Gorge or in Maramagambo Forest.  It is that behind the scenes level of Security, security beyond what Rangers offer to visitors such as Patrols by the Ugandan Military, the added level of Security at the Border with Democratic Republic of Congo and even overhead as Drones are employed. 

How SAFE is it to visit Queen Elizabeth Park?- even President Yoweri K. Museveni visits Queen Elizabeth Park on Safari.  He enjoys the Wilderness, the outdoors and though in his 70’s enjoys the park on foot, on a fame drive or a boat ride on Kazinga Channel, you can be sure he doe none of them without an armed escort.  The armed escort is not just to protect one from Criminals but from wild animals such as a charging Elephant, or even a carnivore such as a Lion or Leopard.

Your Safety and Security is on everyone’s mind, President Trump of the U.S. Tweeted that Uganda has to bring the kidnappers to Justice, a tweet that ruffled a few feathers. We have invited him to join us on a Safari in Uganda.  President Museveni, on the other hand, has stated that Uganda’s Parks were safe for visitors and Ugandans alike.

Queen Elizabeth at the present is one of the safest parks in Africa, if it changes, we will post it here. Always check on our Facebook Page for the latest Safety and Security updates.

General Ugandan National Parks Security Information:

National Park Security:

On every game drive, an armed ranger is with you for your protection. The same is true on every hike or nature walk.

Security in the National Parks is taken seriously, Uganda has even added a Tourism Police for added security for visitors to the various parks, hotels, and various places where tourists flock too

Your well-being is on everyone’s mind and security in parks is practiced in the most diligent way in both Uganda and Rwanda.

Tourism is a top-income earner for Uganda and no one wants to jeopardize the goose that lays the golden egg.

Community awareness programs take place about the importance of Wildlife and coexistence with them.  A portion of the entrance fees is also shared with surrounding communities.

Follow the Rules in Uganda’s National Parks and Preserves:

Parks are under the jurisdiction of Uganda Wildlife Authority and parks are well regulated and the rules are strictly enforced.  Besides the rules that Uganda Wildlife Authority has, we have added some of our own that will keep you safe and secure on your Safari in Uganda.

  1. No movement on foot without an armed Ranger escort-outside of park stay with your driver-guide
  2. No Driving in parks from 7:30 pm until 6:30 am.
  3. No wandering away from Lodge that is located in the park or at the edge of it.  There are wild animals plus it avoids contacting poachers.
  4. No Game Drives without an armed ranger on board vehicle
  5. On all activities have at least a copy of passport in a daypack
  6. Boat Safaris we encourage the use of a life vest.
  7. On a Family Safari never let children be unattended.
  8. Dress for the occasion – gorilla, chimpanzee trek, hike, volcano climb – follow our suggestion, they are for your wellbeing.
  9. Use a porter whenever available such as for Gorilla Trekking
  10. Do not wear Camouflage clothing – it gets you unnecessary attention and is not suggested.
  11. Sitting on top of vehicles during Game Drives is not allowed for your safety.
  12. Nocturnal Game Drives are only conducted with Uganda Wildlife Vehicles except where a lodge is authorized by UWA to do so

Our Take as a Tour Operator:

How SAFE is it to visit Queen Elizabeth Park? Safety and Security on a memorable Safari in the Pearl of Africa is our aim.  No one would take clients to an area that is deemed as dangerous, that would be utterly ridiculous, to say the least.  We live here and work here and know the situation in every park when it comes to safety and Security.

Queen Elizabeth Park at this time is one of the safest parks in Africa.  Not only Queen Elizabeth Park, but security have been beefed up in all Ugandan Parks.

Uganda Wildlife Authority is working on adding a few things to Park Rules and that is under Review.

\uganda is serious about Safety and Security beyond the headlines but in day-to-day practical steps that will keep Queen Elizabeth Park one of the best parks in Uganda to visit.



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