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Heritage Safari Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park

Posted by on October 21, 2016

Heritage Safari Lodge – combines Wildlife – the River Nile – Murchison Falls Park

Heritage  Safari Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park – where the Acholi Cultural Heritage is kept alive

Heritage Safari Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park – where Acholi Cultural Heritage is keptacholi-culture alive. There is an Acholi saysing “Wang Kac”  – it is the open gate to a tradidtional Acholi homestead.  It signifiees, welcome, protection and hospitality, all that is Heritage Safari Lodge.

Here, at Heritage Safari Lodge you will enjoy the traditional hospitality of the Acholi People, proud warriors, scholars, a people who lived in harmony with their natural surroundings.

Heritage Safari Lodge is the place, off the beaten path, to enjoy the Acoli traditional hospitality and to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste the Acholi culture – and most of all be among its people in the African wild near Murchison Falls Park along the Historic River Nile.

Even the Elephants of the area along the Nile think that Heritage Safari Lodge is a great place to visit – Heritage  Safari Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park combines Murchison Falls Park Wildlife – Acholi Culture, boat cruises on the River Nile, hikes, nature walks, birding, and one of our favorite – camp fires at night where the story of its people is told.

Heritage Safari Lodge is more than a lodge with nice rooms,but a cultural and wildlife experience for its guests who Heritage Safari Lodge on the Nile - Murchison Falls Parkcome here and receive a lot more than the bed and food that they expect.

When you enter Heritage Safari Lodge it is like entering through the gates of welcome to an Acholi Home and when you hear the Greeting of “Wankac,” it means that you are not just a visitor but a friend.

You will not just greeted with words and a smile but a refreshing, cool drink of juice.

This very area is the birthplace of the Acholi when two brothers parted ways and became two tribes.  Heritage Safari Lodge is dedicated to preserving the Cultural Heritage of the Acholi People, but also the preservation of wildlife, and the environment.

Heritage Safari Lodge on the Nile - Murchison Falls ParkThe surrounding Acholi Community also receives direct benefits by you staying at Heritage Safari lodge in both jobs and profits that are passed on by the Lodge.  This is a labor of love and a win-win situation for all.

The Lodge is eco-friendly, built in traditional style but not laid out in the normal circular manner of Acholi villages in order to facilitate you viewing the River and the wildlife that are your neighbors while you are here.

The cottages are either en-suite or with shared bath, they are build in circular fashion and use the traditional convection method to cool them, you have a 180 degree view and can see the morning sunrise  with a cup of coffee or tea.

When it comes to meals, you can have traditional Acholi Food or choose from many familiar Heritage Safari Lodge on the Nile - Murchison Falls Parkoptions in the restaurant,  Fish no matter if you eat it Acholi Style or Western Style is fresh from the Nile, both Tilapia or Nile Perch can be prepared for you.

Vegetarians and Vegans can readily be accommodated and all can enjoy a Bush Breakfast in the Garden.

Those that want to stay in touch with back home  the Internet and WiFi is available.

Activities you can do or see at Heritage Safari Lodge:

  • Bird-watching or see
  • Bike Riding
  • Nature & Village Walks
  • Sport Fishing for Nile Perch
  • Sundowner Boat Ride or Canoe on the Nile
  • Craft Shop & Museum
  • Acholi Tribal Music – Dance & Drama
  • Story Telling around a Campfire

We would love to include the Heritage Safari Lodge Experience in your safari with us that includes Murchinson Falls National Park, just let us know.

TripAdvisor Review

5 of 5 stars Heritage-safari-lodge-sunset-over-nileA lot has been said about the River Nile but non of the beauty it exudes when at the Heritage Safari lodge in Pakwach. I came across this lovely, ethnic safari lodge that sought to bring the Luo culture to life whilst viewing the River-Nile and i must say, the blend is heavenly.

Just what i needed, the African round thatched hut with a finishing of the typical African floors. Kind of wild, but rich with tradition. You know a homestead of some sort, yet private and romantic at the same time. Business-like yet also family-like. Very interesting context that ensures you enjoy the Ugandan experience with a touch of international culture.This part of the country is supposed to be hot but the Nile constantly thrusts a breeze into the lodge and one can sit out watching Elephants strolling around. You know kind of like you are in the wild but with everything you need and a room of ambiance to go with it! Don’t get me started on the food. All i could ask was, “why didn’t somebody tell me about this?” Now all i know is that i cant wait to go back there soon….

If you like to include Heritage  Safari Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park in any safari with us – Please let us know.