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Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda

Posted by on April 25, 2021

Hakuna Matata- No-Worries on Safari – An African Safari Attitude

We Know your Concerns-That is why we Create Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in Uganda.

Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris

Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa: Tell someone you are going on a Safari in Uganda. The response that you might get is raised eyebrows and a questioning look. Often accompanied by, ” the place where Idi Amin is from?”

We know and understand the concerns, fears, worries that you might have about Uganda. Much of the country’s information is based on anecdotal myths, ancient fables often related to the best known African besides Nelson Mandela, Idi Amin.

Many of those considering visiting Uganda are held back by fears. Fears about Safety and Security in Uganda. Concerns about their health and wellbeing.

African Travelers’ expectations for things to go wrong are higher for Africa, for Uganda, than they are for other parts of the world. We understand those worries, doubts, and concerns. It is the very reason that we create personalized, private mid-range and luxury Hakuna Matata – No Worries Safaris in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

Long before Disney made Hakuna Matata household words, it was part of the Swahili culture and way of life. Disney may haveHakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda the erroneously issued trademark for Hakuna Matata, but the words themselves have been used for centuries wherever Swahili is spoken.

Hakuna Matata is a combination of Swahili words meaning “there are no troubles.” Hakuna means “there is not here.” Matata means “problems or troubles.” Hakuna Matata depicts that everything is okay, and all is well. Hakuna Matata means stop worrying, and everything will fall into its place.

The reality is that a safari does not fall into place. We are, not you, are the ones who make sure that everything is in place.

We handle the logistical details such as gorilla and chimpanzee permits and arrange the lodging, driver, vehicle, and activities you want. The result is a Hakuna Matata – No Worries Safari for you. 

You can relax and focus on the safari itself Hakuna Matata style. Leave all the worries to us. We will handle the details so that you can enjoy the safari. We live and work here. Yours is not our first safari. We have been doing this as a tour operator for well over a decade.   Enjoy your time with us on a Safari in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in the Pearl of Africa-UgandaThe Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris Concept

Our Hakuna Matata- no worry, Safaris are rooted in the long tradition of African Hospitality. The African Tradition of Hospitality is not just a “my casa – your casa” concept. African Hospitality goes much further. It means that the host takes on the responsibility for your wellbeing, safety, and security. Things that the guest does not have to worry about while enjoying the hospitality of the host.

When you are on a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, you are our guest. We are like an umbrella for you, 

We act like an umbrella shielding you, meaning that we’ve got you covered on a Safari and the basis for Hakuna Matata – Worries Free Safari. 

Safaris are our business, and 99% plus of the time, things go better than expected. Hakuna Matata- No Worry Safaris are the norm and not the exception. Your Encounters with Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Wildlife are unpredictable since they are not staged performances in a Zoo but take place in the African Wild. In most cases, the wilderness encounters far exceed your expectations.

We use the just right midrange and luxury lodges with quality rooms. Accommodations where you will enjoy the meals and the levels of service offered. Lodges and Hotels where you can have an enjoyable sunrise coffee and a sundowner drink as the day ends.

Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in Uganda means you can focus on what you came for. Your attention is on the Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, the Wildness, and Scenic Wonders because we’ve got you covered on your Safari in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

We invite you to visit Uganda on a Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safari with us:

Hakuna Matata-No Worries Safaris in the Pearl of Africa-UgandaWe know Uganda. We live here and work here. We know all about creating memorable Hakuna Matata No Worries Safaris in the Pearl of Africa.

Life on Safari is adventurous, enriching. It is also relational. When most East African speak of going on Safari, it is a journey to see family, village, and friends.

Visitors from the West are often obsessed with the Destination. They will curse the bad roads, the dust, the heat, and miss the African journey and all that entails.

You are in Africa, in its Pearl Uganda. Home of Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Wildlife before you. Wherever you go, you are met by friendly and welcoming people. Enjoy the fabulous scenery such as the crater lakes, the western rift, vast savannahs, jungles, rainforest, the sunrise and sunset, and the star-filled sky.

You will catch Hakuna Matata – Don’t worry, Spirit, that inner attitude on Safari. We will take care of everything else, from Permits to lodging. Enjoy your Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, and remember we’ve got you covered Hakuna Matata Style.