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Gorilla Trekkers miss what Biodiverse Uganda has to offer

Posted by on February 17, 2018

Uganda is more than a Gorilla Trekking Stop-Over it is a Premier Destination

Most Gorilla Trekkers – miss what Uganda has to offer – Discover the Pearl of Africa

Gorilla Trekkers miss what Biodiverse Uganda has to offer because they only know Uganda as an African Gorilla or Primate add-onGorilla Trekkers miss what Biodiverse Uganda has to offer to their time in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa.

The reality is this – The Pearl of Africa is the Premier Primate, Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Golden Monkey Destination, but do not stop here, Uganda is much more than Primates, it has not been called the Pearl of Africa by Accident, it is Africa, concentrated in a small country, Africa’s most bio-diverse country, something most Gorilla Trekkers do not know.

The esteemed Travel Weekly Magazine featured Uganda with a Travel Report entitled “Consider  Uganda.”

Many have, Lonely Planet declaring in 2012 – Uganda as the Best Country to Visit.national Geographic National Geographic put it as one of the Best Travel Destination.

Lonely Planet put the Ssese Islands on their best Hidden Tropical Islands, CNN Travel  called the country a Top Emerging AfricanTravel Destination, named Kidepo Valley Park as the third best park in Africa, just to name a few,

Most importantly, it was Winston Churchill who after his African Travels in 1907 popularized the term in 1908 Book “My African Travels” – “The  Pearl of Africa.” That is The Uganda that is missed by many Gorilla Trekkers. 

Gorilla Trekkers miss what Biodiverse Uganda has to offer: Those who come to Uganda to do a 3-Day Gorilla Trekking Safari miss the plus of Uganda, a country with the most ChimpanzeesGorilla Trekkers miss what Biodiverse Uganda has to offer in East Africa with over 5,000 of them, not only are they in Uganda you will see them in Kibale Forest where not one of our clients has ever missed seeing them on a Trek there.

They miss the Plus of the Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha, considered to the be the best spot to see them in East Africa.  not only that but the ever-growing Elephant population of both Savannah and Forest Elephants.  Uganda has minimal poaching compared to other countries.

There are the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, the places such as Kibale Forest, Bigodi Wetlands Swamp and the Semiliki Valley, all places where the East and Central African Jungle meets East Africa. The Explosion Craters and Crater Lakes that today have become scenic Wonders.

Thee over 1,000 endangered Rothschild Giraffes (the lar in Murchison Falls Park where the River Nile Runs through it and where you can see the most powerful Waterfall in the world. The Ring of Fire Mountains in Eastern and Western Volcanoes such as the Virunga Volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park and Mount Elgon in the East along with a Chain of extinct Volcanoes running through the remote Gorilla Trekkers miss what Biodiverse Uganda has to offerKaramoja Region of the Country.

And one cannot leave out one of Africa’s Best Wildlife Park, Kidepo Valley Park which is Africa as it used to be, 50 years ago. Less than 10 visitors a day, it has been called “a lost Eden.” Thriving wildlife exists here, scenery fit for movie spectacular but missed by many.

When someone requests a 3-Day Gorilla Trekking Safari, we are glad to do so, but at the same wish we could ask “do you know what you are missing in Uganda?”

We know the answer, they do not know, part of that has to do with Uganda not promoting the Country, relying on what we call “Accidental Tourism.|  It is only in recent times that there has some reasonable increase in promoting the Pearl of Africa.

When Visiting Uganda, keep in mind, that the Pearl of Africa is more than Mountain Gorillas, it is Gorillas plus a lot more.

Gorilla Trekkers miss what Biodiverse Uganda has to offer.  We do find things changing, more are recognizing Uganda for what it is, a complete African Safari Destination, much more than Gorillas, Primates, home to a thriving Elephant and Rothschild Giraffe Population, home to the one of the Best Wildlife Parks, Kidepo Valley Park and more.

Gorilla Trekkers miss what Biodiverse Uganda has to offer – Watch the Video