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COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda

Posted by on February 26, 2021

What you need to know about the COVID-19 Tourist Rules and Guidelines

Must read – COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda on a Gorilla-Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari

Uganda Tourism Standard Operating Procedures for Tourists on Safari in Uganda

COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting UgandaUganda is welcoming tourists and visitors from around the world. Travel and Tourism, the way safaris are conducted has changed. Here you find the COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda during Post-Coronavirus times. They are the Standard Operating Procedures or protocols that keep Safari-Goers healthy, safe, and secure.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is ready to welcome you back for a private, mid-range, or luxury Safari as soon as travel bans, restrictions, and lockdowns are lifted in your country as countries vaccinate their citizens.

Your Well-Being on Safari is our top priority. We follow and go beyond the COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda.

The Ugandan Ministry of Health issued the Corona Virus Protocols or Standard Operating Procedure with input from the World Health Organization, the Uganda Tourism Board, the Uganda Wildlife Authority, and other Tourism related organizations.  

Our Coronavirus Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists to Uganda address the concerns travelers may have surrounding COVID-19 Safaris. They are also in line with the latest recommendations from leading authorities such as the World Health Organization, the Ugandan Ministry of Health, the Uganda Ministry of Health.

Our Company COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda ensure safe environments and experiences COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Ugandathroughout your time on Safari with us. We meet and exceed Uganda’s Ministry of Health COVID-19 Protocols to keep you and our staff healthy.

Our one-of-a-kind luxury & midrange safaris give you the distance, privacy, comfort that you need during these post-COVID 19 times.

We have incorporated all the post-COVID-19 operational procedures intended to keep you safe, well, and secure while you are on a safari.

We are sure that, like us, that you are suffering from a case of cabin fever after months of lockdowns and travel restrictions. 

Thank goodness for the vaccine you might have received and even the new cOVID-19 Health Passport being considered by many countries.

“We look forward to welcoming you back to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, for a Private Safari where your safety, wellbeing, and enjoyment is our focus and is always on our minds.” There is only one thing that we do, create memorable Hakuna Matata-Worry-Free Safaris.

How has Uganda fared during the COVID-19 Pandemic? 

COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting UgandaWhat are the current COVID-19 conditions in the county? Africa and Uganda have survived the COVID-19 pandemic far better than countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. That does not mean that Uganda will lower preventative standards, directives, and measures. Everyone’s Wellbeing is the focus of the newly implemented rules and guidelines to guide Tourism in the Pearl of Africa during these precarious times.

Uganda is a country of about 42 million people.  As of February 6, 202, there were 39,789 reported cases in Uganda since March of last year, 327 people have died in Uganda from COVID-19. As you can see, the figures are low. The last time there were any reported deaths was three days ago, when three people died.

Nine Million doses of the AstraZeneca Vaccine are supposed to arrive in Uganda made in India under license from AstraZeneca. They will be administered to health workers, other vital at-risk personnel, and the elderly. An additional supply of the vaccine is due to arrive from China.

In cooperation with the World Health Organization, local Scientists at the Makerere University School of Medicine are developing remedies created from natural things found in Uganda. The latest developments reported have been encouraging and promising.

For Post-Coronavirus Pandemic Travelers: The COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda

Here are the Uganda Tourism Standard Operating Procedures for Safari Visitors 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought many changes to our lives no matter where we live. Travel has been dramatically impacted, as has been the way Safaris are being implemented. There are new requirements in Uganda on Safari as there are elsewhere in the world. Conditions for the Wellbeing of the Safari-Participants, Tour Company, Lodge, and Wildlife Park employees. Beyond that, the health of the animals, especially the Great Apes, is everyone’s focus.

The use of Face Masks and Hand-Sanitizer is required:COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way we live. Masks and Hand-Sanitizers have become part of our everyday lives. Even on a Safari in Uganda, masks are necessary, as is the frequent use of Hand-Sanitizers.

If properly worn, a three-layer mask will give you the protection that you need to remain safe and healthy during Coronavirus Times. Not only will a mask protect you on a Safari, but it will also protect the primates such as gorillas and Chimpanzees that you have come to visit.

Many of us find masks cumbersome. They are, however, the best protection for you, others, and the closely related primates. A three-layer mask is made up of the outer layer that repels body-fluids.

The center layer that filters out pathogens. The inner, closest to your skin, absorbs the moisture and sweat from exhaled air providing three-fold protection. Please do not use the cloth type without the other layers.

COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting UgandaThe use of a hand-sanitizer goes hand in hand with the use of a face mask. You need both to protect yourself and others.

That is especially true while traveling. Things we did not do a year ago have become the new norm. That includes frequent handwashing or the use of a hand-sanitizer.

We suggest that you have a small spray bottle of sanitizer with you on a Safari in Uganda. We supply both masks and sanitizer for clients on safari with us.

Whether you are arriving or departing Uganda, whether you are Gorilla Tracking or entering a hotel or even a supermarket, you will be asked to wash your hands or use a Hand-Sanitizer.

Hand-Sanitizer containing 60% alcohol will also disinfect surfaces where the Coronavirus may be hiding. The safari vehicle and rooms at lodges and hotels are sanitized to prevent the spread of the virus. The hand sanitizer, along with a throwaway paper towel or tissue, can be used on door handles of all types.

COVID-19 Arrival and Departure at Entebbe International Airport Protocols:COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda

Entebbe International Airport is open for business during COVID-19 Times. Arrivals and Departures are taking place with the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures in place. Your safety and well-being are the focus. The COVID Protocols have been put into place for just that purpose.

The wearing of Facial Masks and the use of hand-sanitizer, social distancing is required by all. Arriving and departing passengers must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within seventy-two hours of departure and 120 hours of arrival.

The certificates must indicate that you took your test for travel-related purposes. The certificates for both arrival and departure are necessary and required.

There are other things that you need to know about arrival and departures. For that reason, we suggest that you read in detail all that is required and expected of you on our Entebbe International Airport Page.

Hotel and Lodge COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures:COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda

The health of Hotel and Lodge guests is a priority in Uganda. Protocols have been put into place that addresses and go beyond all concerns travelers have during the present post-COVID-19 realities. Normalcy? That is the distant future, if ever.

Lodges and Hotels in Uganda adhere to protocols that they have implemented following the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization Guidelines. That includes non-intrusive temperature checks, handwash stations, the availability of hand-sanitizers, and social distancing in public areas such as reception, dining, lounge area, swimming pool and surrounding, and gym facilities.

Extra cleaning protocol for rooms, including sanitizing remotes, coffee machines, and other frequently used items.  Fitness & wellness areas are to be cleaned more regularly, with particular attention to high-contact areas.

Kitchens are guided by the hygienic standards now in place. Nothing is left out when you stay in a hotel or lodge in Uganda.

A particular emphasis has been given to dining areas. The distancing of tables, chairs are done according to protocols in place.  We suggest eating outside. It is safer and.

Hotels and Lodges have been and are now being inspected for compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures that are in place.  With all these COVID-19 measures in place, staying safe on a Safari in Uganda has become more comfortable.

Uganda Wildlife Authority COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines in Parks Wildlife ReservesCOVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has implemented guidelines for visitors to parks and wildlife reserves. The Ministry of Health may add or change the protocols as new information becomes available or as the need arises.

The Standard Operating Procedures have been implemented to protect tourists, rangers, staff, and others. That also includes wildlife, including primates.

Vehicles inside of parks must operate at fifty percent capacity to facilitate social distancing. There mandatory temperature screening using non-contact infra-red thermometers at the tourism activity centers and trailheads in the different protected areas.

There are Mandatory handwashing Stations or sanitizing at the entrances of all UWA premises and protected areas. There is also the mandatory Wearing of Face Masks. No saloon cars are allowed.

Please read the Park and Wildlife Reserve Standard Operating Procedures to familiarize yourself with them before you arrive for your safari. Know before you go is best for you.

COVID-19 Primate Trekking Standard Operating ProceduresCOVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda

Gorillas and Chimpanzees are remarkably like us in their DNA makeup.  Gorillas are 98.4 percent like humans, while Chimpanzees 98.9% like us. Humans can transmit diseases such as COVID to the great apes in Uganda. They can also transmit diseases to us.

Everyone must take exceptional care to protect the endangered Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees. The Uganda Wildlife Authority has done just that by implementing strict Trekking Rules for tourists.

To protect the Primates, the best advice is in the now ten-meter distance rule.  Before COVID-19, the distance rule was seven-meters. The distance rule was not followed or ignored. Today, the Uganda Wildlife Rangers enforce it.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself by reading the Rules for Gorilla Tracking and Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda.

COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting UgandaPrivate Safaris are the best and safest Choice during Post-COVID-19 Times.

“If you are surrounded. by Tourists-You are in the wrong place.”  During post-COVID-19, travel is down all over the world, including in Uganda.

We have never done scheduled group safaris. For over a decade, we have only done private mid-range and luxury safaris that cater to our clients’ wishes.

Because of health, social distancing, and service quality, we do not recommend that you join a scheduled group safari to save a few dollars. Stick to a private safari in the Pearl of Africa with select lodges that abide by the COVID-19 Protocols in place and go beyond.

We suggest that you read why you should take a private Safari in Uganda. You will be glad you did. A private safari gives you greater protection from potential Coronavirus infection.

We’ve got you covered during COVID-19 Times:COVID-19 Safari Rules and Guidelines for Tourists visiting Uganda

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is committed to keeping you well and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We abide by the rules set by the Ministry of Health, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda Tourism Board, and beyond.

We only do private safaris.  There is not mingling with other guests in a safari vehicle since there are only your party and your driver-guide.  Our Driver-Guides are tested for COVID before each Safari.  The cars and our drivers meet and exceed all COVID-19 requirements and standards.

We are taking preventative actions by sanitizing our vehicles daily. We have a hand-sanitizer onboard and a supply of facial masks. Your driver is tested for COVID-19 just before your safari.

No one can guarantee that you will not contract COVID-19 wherever you are. /we will do our best to ensure that you are not exposed to the virus while on Safari with us in Uganda.

You will receive a complimentary personal protection kit while on Safari with us. Washable masks, sanitizers, disinfectant hand soap, and a copy of current guidelines since they change as the Ministry of health updates them.

We love to answer any questions about a safari in Uganda during the COVID-19 times.