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Chameleon Hill Lodge – no other Lodge like it

Posted by on May 11, 2017

Chameleon Hill Lodge- no other lodge like it in all of Africa

Chameleon Hill Lodge – Fantastic Views of scenic Lake Mutanda and the Virunga Volcanoes in Uganda

Chameleon Hill Lodge – there is no other lodge like it – It is Colorful, Delightful, a view to live for overlookingChameleon Hill Lodge one of Africa’s most scenic Lakes – Lake Mutanda. This Up-Market Lodge provides you with comfort beyond the Norm and an added touch of the owner’s eccentricity – which means the owner is uniquely themselves and the Lodge reflects just that. Clients of ours, who come here, simply love it.

They love the  “Hobbit” like scenes of Lake Mutanda framed by the Virunga Volcanoes – they love the island-studded Lake and the many activities that be done here.i

From the Lodge, you have easy access to Mgahinga Gorilla Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – in both parks, you can track Gorillas and in Mgahinga Gorilla Park you can climb volcanoes, hike and track the Golden Monkeys.  There are the  Mutanda activities, the hikes through villages, hills, and lakes, dugout Canoe outings to the Islands, birding activities just to mention a few.

Chameleon Hill Lodge, there no other lodge like it in all of Africa – a unique – one of a kind Luxury Lodge sitting on Chameleon Hill.

We live in a sea of sameness, of similarities, where even lodges follow certain styles and patterns and then there is the one of a kind Chameleon Hill Lodge, unlike any other lodge in Uganda.

Just driving up the Ridge and seeing the  Lodge for the first time with of its varied hues of colors that seem to twinkle in the sun like Joseph’s multicolored coat is an experience in itself.

Chameleon Hill Lodge is the creation of someone  who walks to their own drumbeat, someone who is uniquely themselves and brought to fruition an inner dream of a castle on a hill overlooking Lake Mutanda and like the bright array of colors you will find in the Chameleons of this area so Chameleon Hill with its array of brilliant colors lives up to is name “Chameleon Hill Lodge.”

Step through the castle doors into the main lodge and you are entering a world of utmost comfort – a dining area where you can enjoy a superb breakfast, a great lunch, and a most memorable three-course dinner – if you have special dietary needs of one kind or another the capable chef can accommodate you to your satisfaction.

There is a comfortable sitting area here and in the evening a crackling fire will warm you – it does get a bit cold in this part of Uganda but you will be delighted by the fine selection of wines the lodge has to offer – simply all around class and style.

Enjoy the sunset from here – take in the majestic – almost mystical Lake Mutanda below you and the majestic Mufumbiro Mountains – Mountains that cook – the Virunga Volcanoes.  It all is an amazing array of sights, colors – one of Uganda’s most amazing, comfortable and luxurious locations along Lake Mutanda.

Your room is an individual cottage, and of course, it is en-suite with bath and the water is heated with propane which means a super hot shower, something that on safari at times can be lacking.

The room of your cottage is colorful in and out, very functional and practical with quality furniture throughout as in the main lodge. There is also excellent bedding with another out of the normal things and needed in this colder part of Uganda…a duvet on your bed and if that is not enough, extra blankets are there for your comfort.  There is also a safe for each cottage to keep your things safe and secure during your stay here.  It seems almost everything seems to be thought of.

Activities – there are  many – some such as canoeing in a dugout canoe on Lake Mutanda, hikes through villages and forest, birding and of course activities that we have you scheduled for such as Volcano Climbing, Golden Monkey Tracking, an interactive walk with the first people of the forest, the Batwa people all in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, There are also the activities in the Southern end of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to do and see while staying at Chameleon Hill Lodge- no other lodge like it and the added plus is the view.

TripAdvisor regarding Chameleon Hill Lodge – mostly give the verdict of excellent and the reviews were a delight to read and there was only praise about every aspect of this unique Lodge in the Pearl of Africa, one of the reviewers was the well-known Travel, Tourism, Conservation writer Dr. Wolfgang E. Thome who one can be sure has stayed in a number of lodges in his time, but even he wrote high praises about Chameleon Hill Lodge

Chameleon Hill Lodge is an area that is a bit off of the beaten path for tourists to Uganda – however the Lake Mutanda is the gateway to the discovery of an area that holds many pearls in the Pearl of Africa –Lake Mutanda, Mgahinga Gorilla Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the Batwa Pygmies, Nature Trails and Hikes, even visits to nearby Rwanda.

If you would like to include Chameleon Hill Lodge – no other lodge like it, on your safari with us – please let us know.

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