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Booking your Lodges – Hotels for your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on August 16, 2017

Avoid the Pitfalls of Online Booking your own Lodges – Hotels for your Safari

Avoid the Mistakes in Booking your Lodges – Hotels for your Safari Online – Hotels for your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Booking your Lodges - Hotels for your SafariBooking your Lodges – Hotels for your Safari – The Right Way of Choosing without the pitfalls of online Booking.

Most Tourists to Uganda come from places where booking a room at a hotel, lodge, Bed & Breakfast means that you go online and book either directly with a Hotel, or use an online service such as Expedia, TripAdvisor, Travelocity just to name a few.  

Africa has them with versions that are continent, region or country based.  You are looking for the Best Deal for your Safari.  You think that you can get a lower price than going with a Tour-Operator only to be disappointed when you arrive and the pictures online do not match the reality on the ground.

You cannot go on the internet or to a lodge website and really know what you are getting when it comes to quality, service, cleanliness, food, right location for you and the activities you have chosen

We know Uganda, Rwanda, we live here, we know the lodges beyond the images on a Web or Booking Site. We actually visit the lodges, we know staff changes for good or bad, we know the new chef that has come on staff.  We go into the Rooms and we negotiate prices with meals with different lodges giving special rates to our clients that represent real value and not a come-on where disappointment awaits you upon arrival.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Online Booking your own Lodges – Hotels for your Safari

Booking your Lodges – Hotels for your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda. Lodges and Hotels are the Major Source of4all complaints from Safari Goers.  Lodges spring up like mushrooms in the wild expecting to cash in on the Tourism Boom in Uganda and Rwanda. Their primary motivation is based on a cash return.  Often lodges are built in a location where there already is a saturation of lodges such as in the Buhoma area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the owner has no Hospitality Experience, Staff is ill-trained- common things such as a nightstand, Bedside Lamps are missing, the showers do not work, the toilets do not flush.

On top of that, the Food Quality is dismal and the view from your room or cottage is a far cry from what you saw online all resulting in Safari Disappointments.

Avoiding the Pitfalls in booking your Lodges – Hotels

  • Wrong Location for the  Activities that you like to do:  Recently a person told us that they had booked a lodge in the Ishasha Portion and wanted to do the Boat Safari on the Kazinga Channel.  Another person may book a lodge in the Buhoma area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and have permits in the Rushaga area of the Park, hours from the Lodge.  Booking now, Expedia is not going to tell you that you booked in the wrong location, even a lodge in Uganda or Rwanda will not tell you.
  • What you see Online may not be what you get:  This is a common complaint by travelers to Uganda and Rwanda.  We have some great and innovative photographers here.
  • When you look at that glowing review online it just might have been done by an employee at the lodge, a friend or acquaintance.  It happens, TripAdvisor tries to weed it out but is not always successful.
  • Online Bookings miss good Lodges and Hotels that have no Online Presence: The are quite a few lodges, especially smaller ones that have no Online Presence apart, not even a Facebook Pbookage, they often represent quality and affordability, yet you unable to book Online.  We know such lodges and use some of them.
  • The Price that you see is a stripped down in Value come-on:  Words such as …from – best price – guaranteed best price.  One has to ask for what.  In most cases it is bed and Breakfast only, If you add lunch and dinner it is higher than the Cost per day we charge, or it list the single room price.  We look for the best value for our clients and negotiate  Full-Board or Half-Board price for them.

We know Uganda and Rwanda – we know the lodges – we Live and Work here:

One thing we do in creating your memorable, Hakuna Matata Woffy-Free Safari is this.  We answer your questions about Lodges in detail, we can because we live here and not only know the country but the lodges.

we know how they heat their shower-water, if they have WiFi, if the Electricity works 24-7, if chargers are in your room and if they meet dietary needs.

We know which lodges are good for an added bed, or the lodges that are family friendly – things most often not found Online.

We also know the prices as we have negotiated the best price for you.  There is not a stripped down version of the quality or service at the lodge for you, we want your mind on the Safari experience all around you and not on a room that does not meet your needs.

Avoid the Pitfalls in Booking your Lodges – Hotels for your Safari- If you have any question about Lodging, hotels, please contact us.


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