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Best Time of the Year to Visit Uganda

Posted by on February 19, 2021

When is the Best Time of the Year to visit Uganda?

Anytime is the Right Time to Visit Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

When is the Best Time to Visit Uganda? An often-asked question by those that want to visit Uganda. The answer that Uganda, due to its elevation, Lake Victoria, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon the most pleasant year-round weather in all of East Africa. The year-round holiday-like weather is one of Uganda’s attractions.

The best time to visit Uganda is during its two dry seasons between Mid-December and March, between June and September, and even early October. The dry seasons are excellent times for trekking the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees.

Wildlife viewing on game drives or nature walks is also excellent during the two dry seasons. You will find large numbers of animals at watering holes in the Various park. 

Bird watching is awesome all year round but is best between November and April when migrant birds can be seen.

Temperatures hardly change throughout the year, ranging around 24-30°Celsius, or 75 – 86 °Fahrenheit. Though most tourists come to Uganda during the two dry seasons, increasingly visitors come to Uganda during the rainy season when fewer tourists and Gorilla permits are readily available.

When is the Best Time of the Year to visit Uganda?

Select the month that suits you best for your Safari

Visiting Uganda from January through FebruaryBest Time of the Year to Visit Uganda

January and February are part of the dry season.  It is one of the best times to visit Uganda, although rainfall can be expected here during any month.

Wildlife spotting is perfect at this time of year as there is less vegetation to obstruct your view, and a wide variety of wildlife can be seen during game drives in the Savannah Parks.

It is also one of the best times of the year when it comes to Gorilla, Chimpanzee, and Golden Monkey trekking. Bird watchers can enjoy the extra plus because many migratory birds can be spotted.

Visiting Uganda from March through May

This is the time referred to as the long rains, one of the country’s two wet seasons. During that time, visitors will find lush and green savannahs. Everything will be sprouting and growing, including many flowering plants and bushes. It is also a time when you can often spot newborn and young animals on game drives.

Birders will readily see migratory birds besides those that reside in the country all year long. It will often rain, fortunately, mostly at night and during the early morning hours. The sun will still come out on most days, with temperatures being on the cooler side.

Some enjoy the rainy seasons. Even Winston Churchill wrote about the rains in his 1908 Book “My African Journey.” Even the Rainy Seasons are not like you might imagine them to be.”

Another advantage for some is that there will be fewer visitors, and at times you will feel like you are the only person in the park or on the trail.

Visiting Uganda from June through August

June through August is the high and dry season and one of the best times to visit the Pearl of Africa. You might find that it rains here and there at night or during the early morning hours before sunrise with the sun coming out during the morning. It is a good time to see wildlife as there is less vegetation and the animals are more open.

On the negative side, gorilla-permits will be harder to obtain. You must book your safari well in advance to obtain them. The same can be said when it comes to the availability of lodging.

Visiting Uganda from September through October

September and October are great months to visit Uganda. There are fewer tourists, but the weather remains nice until the latter part of October when the short rains begin to arrive.

September and October are good months for primate trekking, with more permits being available. There are many opportunities to observe wildlife as vegetation growth remains low.

Visiting Uganda during November

November is a rainy season month with the so-called short rains arriving. November sees dry plains gradually turn green in the national parks as heavy rain showers fall across the landscape. It is another enjoyable time to see migratory birds.

Visiting Uganda during December, including the Holiday Season

You can expect some rainfall during December, but wildlife spotting opportunities are good. This is also a great time for trekking to see mountain gorillas and chimpanzees and spot various migratory birds.

From Mid-December on, there is an increase in tourists, and once again, gorilla permits become scarce. It is best to plan and book your safari well in advance to ensure both permit and lodging availability.

When is the Best Time of the Year to visit Uganda?

It is up to you; the choice is for you to make. The best Weather Months are also the busiest months of the year. There are more tourists on Safari in Uganda and fewer permits. You must plan well ahead of your safari dates.

The Shoulder months are gaining in popularity. People like those months and days of transition between Dry and Wet Seasons. The time between High and Low Seasons. They are an excellent choice for those that want nice weather, fewer tourists, and greater permit availability.

We like to point out Climate Change has affected the Weather Patterns in the Country. The Dry and Rainy Seasons are no longer as predictable as they once were. Rainstorms can happen during the dry Seasons.

Rain or Shine- We’ve got You Covered

When is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Uganda? No one can tell you whether you will have the perfect weather for your Safari in Uganda. We are not foretellers. We can only go by the past. By what we have seen and experienced in times past. Tell you about what you see as patterns that might affect your Safari in Uganda.

Rain or Shine, we’ve got you covered. We live and work here. We know what to do in case of bad roads due to heavy rain. We can come up with a Plan-B without ruining a Safari.

We know those special Sundowners on Safari Spots where you can take in a fabulous Sunset in the Ugandan Wilderness or overlooking scenic Lake Mutanda or the ancient River Nile.

The Best Time for you to visit Uganda is up to you. It is your choice, your call. Just let us know, and we will create the right Safari for you.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Uganda? Anytime is the Right Time…all year-long…

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